๐Ÿ’– Flash fiction time ๐Ÿ’–

So, I had a request for some more of Jason and Junelle…I’m sure Mistress Ann wanted a little more of Kyle too:)ย Right? Am I right?ย We can’t leave poor Kyle out. Lol.

Last week, Junelle and Kyle didn’t have such a happy reunion. I went back in time this week, to five years ago. I could really get excited about these wonderful characters and make a lovely novel out of it. *grins*

Prompt: There was nothing left.


Five years agoโ€ฆ

A hand slapped her fingers away.

“Don’t touch that.”

Junelle turned to her brother, raising a brow. “It’s my birthday. I think I can eat a piece of my own birthday cake.”

Jason wiggled a finger in her face. “The party hasn’t started yet. Birthday or not, I’ll break your little finger if you touch it. Mom worked hard on that cake.”

Chuckling, always loving a good challenge with her brother, she swiped her finger with quick precision across the side of the cake. The icing melted on her tongue, the sweetness filling her up.

“Mom did a very excellent job on the icing.”

Rolling his eyes and shaking his head, he swiveled the cake around so no one would be able to see the indentation. “You just had to do it.”

Her finger, now free of icing, waved mockingly in his face. “Gonna break it?”

“No. I’m gonna go find Kyle to settle you down. You never get antsy like this on your birthday. Why today?” He shook his head again and walked away before she could respond.


Her brother’s best friend.

The man who made her heart go pitter-patter anytime she saw him.

The man she would always love.

The man who had no clue she even held a spark of interest toward him.

Just turned twenty-two and she still pined over her brother’s best friend. Nothing she ever did gained his attention.

The tight little dresses she wore. Of course, nothing too revealing to say she was easy. She didn’t want to portray that to Kyle.

Sweet, simple smiles thrown his way. The kind that lit up his face any time another woman did it. No reaction when she did it, though.

Even the lingering hugs. The ones where she couldn’t bear to let go right away. He always chuckled softly, then pried her away like a little sister just acting annoying.

Ugh. That’s all he saw her as. An annoying little sister.

Now she was turning twenty-two, about to graduate from college, and the big wide world was waiting for her. Available men were waiting for her. Because honestly, how long could she wait for Kyle to finally notice her as a woman?

It’s her birthday.

It’s her cake.

A warm hand grabbed hers before she could take another dabble of icing. A hot, soothing breath trickled down her neck. “You’re not supposed to touch the cake.”

Wondering how long he’d hold her hand, she was almost afraid to look at him. “Says who?”

“Says me. You don’t want to hurt your mom’s feelings after she worked so hard, do you?”

Lifting her eyes gently, she grinned at Kyle. “Of course not.”

“What’s the matter, June Bug? You look sad.”

I love you and you don’t see me as anything but a little sister. “I’m not sad. Don’t listen to Jason or whatever he might’ve said.”

Why would her brother think Kyle could calm her down? Well, he could. Perhaps it was just obvious. Jason always ran to Kyle when he couldn’t calm her down himself. One simple touch and a smile from Kyle, and all her worries always washed away.

Did that mean her brother knew how she felt? Did Kyle?

Swiping a lock of hair behind her ear, Kyle tugged on her hand. “Come on. I have something to cheer you up.”

“I’m not sad.”

He raised a brow as if he knew that was a lie. “Just follow me, June Bug. A special girl like you deserves an early birthday present. You want it or not?”

A special girl? He still refused to see her as a woman. Perhaps she needed to just start stripping in front of him and offer her body. He most certainly wouldn’t mistake what that meant.

“I want it.” I want you.

Smiling, he pulled her away from the living room where her party was all set up. The guests wouldn’t be arriving for another half hour. For the next thirty minutes, all she wanted was to spend it with Kyle.

To her surprise, he walked into her bedroom, at the very end of the hallway, and shut the door. He’d never done that before.

Without warning, he dropped his hand and shifted away from her. “June Bugโ€ฆ”

The worry suddenly lining his face made her heart skip a beat. He said he wanted to give her a present. This didn’t look like that’s what he was about to do.

“Now I feel like I should ask you what’s the matter. Are you okay, Kyle?”

Like a light switch, his face bloomed with delight. “I’m perfect.” He hesitated. “You’re perfect.” Slipping a hand in his pocket, he withdrew a tiny box. “For you.”

Tiny tremors tickled her fingers as she reached out for the box. Their fingers grazed. It’s as if fireworks exploded. His smile never wavered as she opened the box.

A slow breath left her body as she stared at the beautiful necklace. A sparkling silver chain with two delicate hearts attached together. She had never seen anything so precious in her life.

What did it mean?

Kyle had never given her anything like this before.

His warm hand enclosed around her hand holding the box. “Do you like it?”

Raising her eyes, she nodded. “I love it. But why would you give me something soโ€ฆbeautiful?”

He cupped her cheeks, his eyes blazing with what she could only decipher as desire. “Because you’re beautiful. And I can’t seem to hide it anymore.”

“Hide what?”

This wasn’t happening. She had to be dreaming. Kyle saying things like this only happened in her dreams.

“June Bug, I want you. Your brother would probably kill me if he knew.”

There was nothing left. No fear. No chance of rejection. Nothing but his honesty. She couldn’t believe her ears.

“Then what are you waiting for? Kiss me, Kyle. Because I’ve wanted you since I was like ten.”

Chuckling, he pulled her closer. “I know. You made it very hard to resist you.”

His kiss silenced any other words.


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  1. Kyle and Janelle. Kyle and Janelle. Kyle and…

    Ooh! Squirrel!!

    Seriously, though, this was sooo sweet! Can’t wait to read more about Kyle and June Bug. Jason can come back too ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Mistress Ann

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