Exploding Love is live! Oh, and here’s my flash story!

Eek! Today is the day! Exploding Love is officially live. I’m so excited for this short story! It was fun to write about a psychic and try something new. Isabella and Bo are a dynamic duo, and her brother, Isaac, is completely fascinating! I love each and every one of them!

Get your copy HERE! For a limited time, it’s only $.99! It will go up to $2.99 by the end of the weekend.

Exploding Love (A Romantic Suspense/Psychic Short Story)


Bang. Boom.

Isabella Thorn has lived her life with vision after vision, trying to help save people when she can. Of course, not all can be saved. Her latest vision hits her so strong, she’s out for hours. Worse, she sees Detective Bo Chapman, the only man to ever capture her heart, shoot her to save other people from the bomb strapped to her chest. Now she must come face to face with Bo to tell him what’s coming. Something so vicious and brutal, she’s not sure she’ll survive. He’ll need to make a choice. Let the bomb blow, or kill her to save everyone else.

Note: This romantic suspense/psychic short story was born out of my weekly flash fiction I write. The first few chapters are from my flashes. I hope you enjoy this short thrilling story!


For this weeks flash fiction, I thought I’d do something fun and give you a sneak peak at Isaac, Isabella’s brother! This will be the start of his story! He’s so much fun! I can’t wait to finish his story!

Writing Prompt – Hehe, that tickles. (Provided by Jane Blythe)

His eyes narrowed as he watched the scene in front of him. In a coffee shop, no less. Why did people act so ridiculous like that in public? He wasn’t much for PDA, and to see it so blatantly made him cringe with disgust.

Isaac wanted to walk out of the coffee shop right then, but he was here for a reason. He was on a mission. Letting that asshole doctor that tortured him and his sister as children get away with trying to kill his sister was unacceptable. He’d make him pay. Show him just a small amount of torture he had displayed upon them, then kill him swiftly. It only seemed fair.

He watched as the annoying couple walked toward the exit with their bodies almost interlocked, their lips touching, not watching where they were going.

“Hehe, that tickles.”

“Just wait until I get you home. I’m going to do a lot more than tickle. I’m going to…”

Geez, he wasn’t about to listen to their whispered words. A little evil temptation made him want to slide a foot out as they glided past him just to see them trip up and fall flat on their faces.

Of course, he didn’t. He resisted the lure of something to occupy his mind rather than his mission at hand. He let the couple walk past him and turned his attention back to the woman sitting in the corner of the shop, alone, a book in her hand and a cup of coffee by her side.

She wore a simple suit, nice jacket with a black pencil skirt that outlined her figure very pleasingly. A little too pleasing, to his irritation. He had taken an extra long look when she ordered her coffee, then walked slowly to her table almost as if she knew he was watching her, her hips swaying with enticement.

Then he berated himself for such behavior.

Women were good for only one thing.


And he rarely indulged in it because he could never find a woman who actually enjoyed the simple act. Just sex. No emotions involved.

Sometimes being a psychic sucked. Hearing everyone’s thoughts, wishes, desires. He could pleasure a woman until they screamed his name in ecstasy. Then they always turned in the wrong direction. To the notion they could snag him, to change him, to make him settle down.

No. He only wanted the sex.

When he let them down gently, their thoughts always turned murderous and bitchy.

Sex was a messy business.

Which was why he rarely engaged in it.

Standing up, he decided he procrastinated enough. Sitting and staring at this woman was getting him nowhere but increasing his frustration. His sexual frustration.

Because, as much as he hated to admit it, he was attracted to her. To the simple way her hair lay upon her shoulder in soft golden waves. To the way her brown eyes glittered with delight as she read something amusing in her book. To the way her lips grazed the coffee cup with such delicacy, as if she were savoring each sip as if it would be her last. He could only imagine what those lips would feel like on him, grazing his skin with a tantalizing touch.

Gripping his coffee cup a little harder than he should’ve, he stalked to her table with his expression blank, when all he felt was pure rage. She may look innocent and sweet, but she was nothing but evil and sin.

Dragging a chair back on the opposite side of the table where she sat, he took a seat. Then he took a sip of his coffee as if he had no worries in the world.

Her brows rose in confusion. “Can I help you?”

“You can.”

Her puzzlement increased as she shifted in her chair away from him, as if that would protect her somehow. If he wanted to hurt her, make her do what he wanted, he could. He just assumed going the nice route first might be better. He could be nice when he tried.

He only wanted to kill one person.

Dr. Redburn.

But if he had to eliminate a few more to achieve his ultimate goal, then so be it. Anything to protect his sister.

Clearing her throat, she grabbed her coffee cup. To shield herself somehow? To throw it in his face? Calm her nerves? He wasn’t quite sure, and it unnerved him. Frankly, he hated to admit it, because nothing usually made him pause.

“How do you think I can help you?”

Leaning closer, he smiled. Not necessarily an overt friendly smile, but one that he hoped would ease her worries. The smile he always used on women right before he decided he wanted to sleep with them. They always fell for it.

“I want your help in getting access to Redburn Laboratories.” And she could. She was his personal assistant. Worked with him day in and day out. Probably was just as evil as the man himself. He hated her just for that reason alone.

Her expression stiffened, as did her posture.

“Why do you think I would do that for you? Who are you?”

“I’m Isaac Thorn.” His smiled deepened, yet veered more towards the dangerous territory that said he wasn’t playing around. “And I’m not really asking. I’m telling you what you’re going to do.”

Her eyes rounded with shock, but she didn’t utter a word. He stared intently into her eyes, trying to gage what she was thinking, or even feeling.

Because for the first time in his life, he ran into a stumbling block.

He couldn’t read this woman. He couldn’t hear her thoughts.

He had no clue what she was thinking.


Flash time!

Oh, boy, I love when my girls give me such challenging prompts that have absolutely nothing to do with my story! lol It’s so much fun to figure out how to use it in my storyline. I really enjoyed writing this weeks story, too. And because the lovely Jane Blythe insisted I end this story with a showdown between Gage and Taylor, I did! Hope you enjoy it!

Writing Prompt ~ I love unicorns.

Gage took a sip of scotch, then swirled the glass, listening to the ice cubes clink together as the darkness cloaked him.

The sound of the lock turning didn’t scare him or make him jump. He barely flinched as the door swung open. When the lights illuminated the room, he offered nothing but a smile as Taylor looked at him surprised.

“Gage? How did you get in here?”

He took another sip of scotch before setting the glass down to the small table next to the chair. “I bought that bottle for you on your thirtieth birthday. It’s some damn good scotch.”

Taylor eyed the bottle Gage had opened as soon as he broke in. “I hadn’t planned to open it yet.”

“Yes, I know. You were waiting for a very special occasion.” Gage stood up. “Tell me, what occasion is that? The day I die?”

Gage had to admit, Taylor played his shock well as he jerked back as if he punched him hard in the face.

“What does that mean? What are you talking about?”

“Don’t play me for a fool, Taylor. We’ve both been at this game a long time. I play hardball, and you play it right back. But this…this bullshit you’re playing right now is pathetic.”

Taylor’s jaw clenched, just slightly, but enough that Gage saw. Besides that, he still refused to give away his true nature. That he could be a cold-blooded killer. That he would gun down the woman he loved and have his best friend killed.

“Did something happen to Chelsea? Are you losing your damn mind right now? I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Don’t you dare talk about Chelsea. Say another word about her again, and I’ll kill you where you stand.”

Taylor’s eyes narrowed. “And why is my best friend threatening me like that?”

Gage shrugged. “Why does my best friend want me dead?”

A low chuckle rented the air. “You’re losing your mind, Gage. I have no idea what’s going on here.”

“And I love unicorns.”

Taylor’s right eyebrow started to twitch, a nervous tick he could never control. Gage could do this all night. Dish out accusations, sarcasm, hatred, until Taylor finally confessed his sins.

Then he’d take out the gun hiding behind his jacket and shoot his friend where he stood.

Or take the high road and have him taken into custody.

He still couldn’t decide what option he liked more. On one hand, this was his best friend. How could he kill him? On the other hand, this same man tried to kill Chelsea. That was unforgivable.

“I think you should leave.”

“And I think you should start talking before I really lose my temper.” Gage shoved his hands into his pockets to help keep the temptation to grab the gun at bay.

“Talk about what?”

“Are you going to keep playing this asshole who has no idea what I’m talking about?”

Taylor walked around the center table where a ceramic bowl sat in the middle and tossed his keys inside. Heading for the large oak cabinet against the wall across the room, he opened up the door and grabbed a glass. He stood silent, his back toward him. Without warning, he turned around and stalked to the small table where the scotch rested and picked it up, pouring a healthy amount into his glass.

“What’s the occasion?” Gage couldn’t help but ask.

Taylor smirked before taking a long swallow, then slammed the glass to the table. “Well, it’s already been opened. I should ask you why you opened it. What’s the occasion?”

Gage took a step back. The look simmering in Taylor’s eyes had him nervous. Not the kind of nerves where he worried he wouldn’t make it out of here alive. Because he would. He promised Chelsea he would be back by her side before the night ended. He would never break a promise to her again.

No, he worried because he feared this situation was about to turn into a scenario where he’d have no choice but to react in only one way.

He reached behind him, grabbing the gun tucked in his waistband at the same time Taylor produced a gun. He knew right away, that extra second he took near the cabinet had been to grab his weapon.

He had to give his friend credit. He searched the living room from top to bottom for any weapons and never found one. Yet, here he stood with a weapon in his hand.

“Care to confess now?” Gage asked as he held his gun firmly trained at Taylor, not one tremble visible in his hands. He was fully prepared to shoot.

“What can I say? I love you like a brother, man, but you’re standing in my way. You’re heading for the top position a lot faster than I anticipated. I can’t have that.”

“So you decide to threaten my girlfriend, and what? She left. She did as that asshole insisted. Were you still planning on killing me?”

A maniacal laugh echoed between them. “I don’t want to kill you. But, if I have to, I will. Losing Chelsea seemed like the better option. You loved her. You were starting to spiral out of control. Yeah, sure, you were working more hours, but you were slipping. That position would’ve been mine. Then, you had to go and get some balls. You just had to go see her. Wrong move.”

“You know that feeling right before the Judge is about to give the verdict, where you know you’re teetering on the edge of victory, just waiting to savor it and celebrate with a bottle of champagne?”

“Of course. We’ve both experienced it many times.”

“This isn’t one of them for you.” Gage squeezed the trigger.

Taylor screamed in pain as his gun dropped to the floor. Pressing his hand to his chest, he fell to his knees in agony. “Why didn’t you just kill me?”

Gage walked up to Taylor, kicking his gun clear across the room, thankful that his buddy in the police department loved to be so competitive when they went to the gun range. If not for that, he probably wouldn’t have been able to hit Taylor’s hand holding the gun with such precision.

“Because, when the Judge reads the verdict for you, I plan to savor that victory and celebrate with the rest of that scotch.” Gage smiled, his eyes twinkling like the devil. “I’m also not in the habit of killing my best friend. Even if he deserves it for hurting the woman I love.”

“You’ll regret this, Gage.”

Picking his glass back up, he took the last sip left. “I regret nothing.”


Flash Friday!

Happy Friday! This weeks flash is a little shorter than normal, but I hope you still enjoy it! This might be the last week of this story, unless you demand I keep going. lol Let me know!

Prompt ~ You really love me? I wasn’t sure. (Provided by Jane Blythe)

She stared into his sparkling green eyes, the conviction clear as day that he loved her.

But he let her walk away. It took him weeks to come find her.

Did he love her? Or did he suddenly feel obligated to keep her safe? She knew he cared about her. She knew he would never allow her to get hurt. How did he honestly feel about her?

“I have guards outside the door. Taylor won’t be allowed in here again.”

She nodded, relieved. “What are you going to tell him?

“For now, that you need your rest.” His expression turned fierce and determined. “I will find all the evidence I need and then I’ll confront the bastard. I’ll let him know who he’s dealing with.”

Leaning closer, he brushed his lips to hers. Each time he touched her, her heart soared to newer heights.

She missed this.

She missed him.

His kisses said he loved her.

His soft touches said he missed her.

And his tight hold on her said he needed to protect her.

That was the problem. He just wanted to protect her. Still putting his job before her. Would it ever stop?

“What’s with the look?”

Smiling, she erased the doubt. “It’s a lot to take in. I’m fine.”

His eyes narrowed. “I know you. I know every expression. I know when you smile and your eyes light up like the beautiful blue sky that you’re happy. I know when you frown, the left side of your mouth dipping that you’re upset and trying to figure out how to solve an issue.” His grip tightened on her hand, but it didn’t hurt. “I know when you blink repeatedly, your brows pleated together just so, that you’re thinking about something. Something important. So…”

“What’s going on here, Gage? You…” She blew out a breath to gather her strength. “You let me go. I know you care about me. I know you don’t want me to get hurt. But you don’t love me anymore. Why are you pretending?”

He swore viciously under his breath, the deep depth of his eyes crackling with anguish and rage. “That’s not true. I love you. I’m an idiot for letting you walk away. I regret the things I said to you when you left. I never stopped loving you. I never will.”

Hope started to swell. “You really love me? I wasn’t sure. I get your obligation to—”

His sweet, soft lips cut off her words. Instead of being tender and loving as the kisses before, this one was swift and rough. It said how much he truly loved her. How much he missed her. She never wanted the kiss to end.

The kiss eventually slowed. His lips left, but he remained close. “I need to get you to a safe place. I need to get you out of this hospital.”

“I don’t think I’m ready to move. It hurts, Gage.”

A tender kiss. “I know, baby. But I’m going to make all this pain go away.”

“You’re leaving, aren’t you?”

He swiped one more kiss before backing away. “Just for an hour or so to make arrangements. I’m going to make sure you’re safe before I take down Taylor.”

“He…he could kill you.”

His emerald green eyes could’ve cut down anyone within its path at the way they glittered with rage. “No, baby, I’ll kill him first.”


Flash Fiction Friday

Happy Friday! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy this weeks prompt. This storyline might be ending soon…maybe on a cliffhanger, so I can turn it into a book! *wink*

Writing Prompt ~ Paint a heart.

One word.


It circled his brain. Rang from ear to ear. Pounded in every corner of his mind.

It couldn’t be true. Not his best friend. His confidant. A man he considered like a brother.

Why would he want to kill him?

“Gage? Say something.”

He couldn’t let go of her. He couldn’t see the truth in her eyes, as he heard in her voice. He just couldn’t believe it.

“Maybe you hit your—”

“Stop.” She tried to wiggle out of his arms. “Get away from me.”

His arms around her tightened as he brushed a kiss to her neck. “Don’t ever push me away. I won’t allow it.”

“We broke up. You have no say anymore. Let me go.”

Tears touched his neck. Her tears. Her sorrow and pain that he put there.

“I can’t let you go. I should’ve never let you walk away. Please, Chelsea. Please,” his voice broke as he felt himself on the verge of tears, “tell me you’re wrong. That it’s a mistake. It can’t be true.”

Instead of pushing him away once again, her arms strengthened around him. “I wish I was wrong.”

The conviction in her tone couldn’t be mistaken. She believed every word she said. Leaning away, he grabbed her hand and squeezed it. “Start from the beginning.”

A muscle in her cheek twitched as silent tears rained down. “The night before I broke up with you, a man broke into the house. He threatened me. Shoved a gun in my face and…and said if I didn’t break up with you and leave immediately, he’d come back and kill you.”

“You believed him? I can protect myself. I can protect you. Who broke into the house?”

“I don’t know who he is.”

He stiffened, his jaw clenching, as he tried to control his rage from spilling out. “Then how do you know Taylor is involved? Did he say anything about Taylor?”



“A week before, I saw that same man talking to Taylor in front of the courthouse. They were arguing. Taylor definitely was telling him who was the boss. I meant to say something to you, but then…” Her eyes turned down. “You’ve been so busy working on your latest case and…and it slipped my mind. It didn’t seem as important as trying to get your attention did.”

His heart sank. He screwed up with her. In every possible way. He took a good woman and treated her like dirt, like she wasn’t his top priority when that wasn’t true. She was his everything. She was his heart and soul. Paint a heart full of love and that’s what he felt for her. Filled with so much love, he almost wanted to burst from the intense emotion. But instead of showing her that, he ignored her. He didn’t deserve her. But it didn’t mean he’d let her go.

“I’m sorry about that. I’m sorry I failed at being the kind of boyfriend you needed me to be. But there has to be a reasonable explanation. I can’t—I refuse—to believe my best friend wants me dead.”

Her eyes slowly lifted, connecting with his. “You’re free to believe whatever you like. I know what I believe. I think you should leave now.”

He tensed, his hand intensifying its grip. “I know we broke up. I know I screwed up. I know I have a lot to make up to you.” Leaning closer, his lips precariously close to hers, he whispered, “But I’m not leaving. You’re mine. You’ve always been mine.”


“I’ll protect us.”

Her eyes closed. Her tears had stopped, but the pain still echoed around the room. In her posture, in her loose hold on his hand.

The door opened.

He backed away and turned his head. His gaze connected with Taylor’s. What was he doing here?


“I thought you left to grab lunch.”

Gage felt Chelsea stiffen, her grip tightening, yet he knew she hadn’t opened her eyes by the calm expression on Taylor’s face.

“Yeah, I was going to, then changed my mind. I want to be by her side when she wakes up.” He grinned at the man he swore was his best friend. At the man he trusted with his life. “What are you doing here? I thought you were heading back to work.”

Taylor smiled. A smile he knew so well. Yet, now that Chelsea put the doubt in his head, he saw a smirk hidden. As if Taylor knew something he didn’t. “I thought I’d check on her one more time. I just hope she’s okay. Wakes up soon.”

“I’ll call you the minute she does. Go back to work.”

He found it difficult to hold a grin on his face, when all he wanted to do was charge at his best friend, slam a fist into his gut, and demand he tell him why he’d want him dead. No doubt lingered anymore. He should’ve never doubted Chelsea. Why would she lie? She loved him.

The moment Taylor stepped into the room, a room he assumed would be empty, his doubt floated away. Why would he come back when he said he was leaving? Why would he want to be alone with her? Gage would kill him before he ever let him hurt Chelsea again.

“Call me right away. The minute she wakes up. I’m worried about her. And you.” That damn smile wouldn’t disappear. Like he cared. “Make sure you tell her you’re sorry and you love her.”

Gage nodded, but said nothing else. He was teetering on the edge of losing his control. Thankfully, Taylor waved goodbye and left the room before he completely lost his senses and beat the living shit out of his friend.

“You do believe me.”

Turning his head, he smiled warmly at the one woman he would lay his life down for. “I don’t want to, but yes. Why would he do this?”

“Why does anyone hurt somebody? Jealousy is usually a good reason.”

Pressing a kiss to her lips, he vowed he’d make Taylor pay for hurting her. He’d make him feel the pain.

“I won’t let anything else happen to you. I will fix this. Nobody threatens me, threatens the woman I love.”


How to do a Facebook Takeover.

Eek! Have you ever wondered how to do a Facebook Takeover? *chuckles* Do you even know what I’m talking about? Well, sit back and let me explain.

When I first started out with this author business, I had no clue about anything. Nothing! I’ve been learning as I go. I’m still learning. I try new things all the time. Sometimes it works great. And sometimes, not so great. That’s how you learn. (Seriously, it’s hard to teach this to my kids! lol) Then I found out about this thing called a Takeover. A what? How do I do that? So I did what I always do. I googled it! haha And guess what? Not much popped up. I had to wing it and go based off of what others told me word of mouth. I was terrified! Now, I’ve been doing takeovers for a while, but it occurred to me, other people might be wondering the same thing. So I’m going to tell you what it is, how to do one, and even show you how I run mine.

Keep in mind, I’m a romance author. So the groups and places I do takeovers in are romance groups. But I’m pretty positive other genres have takeovers as well. You just gotta find the groups you want. Also, I’m no expert. I’m not going to say this will gain you sales and you’ll become famous in a day. But I will tell you, you will meet lots of great people. And those wonderful people could turn into readers, which is what you’d like to see. This is just another way to market and network and get your name out there. It never hurts to try something new. Keep that in mind.

What’s a Facebook Takeover?

Pretty simple. You are “taking over” a group, or a page, or an event and sharing all about you. You’re giving teasers of your books, perhaps of a new release. You’re sharing excerpts or blurbs. You’re playing games (connected with your books sometimes). You’re getting to know other people and they are getting to know you. You’re marketing yourself.

How do I find where to sign up for a Takeover?

Now, you might think this is hard, but it’s actually kind of easy. Most groups, when you join, have a pinned post at the top of their group with group rules and whatnot. Usually, but not all, will also mention about takeover sign ups. Sometimes it as simple as ‘click on this form’ or ‘PM so and so’ or ‘comment below to sign up’.

Here’s an example of what my pinned post looks like in my group:


(◍•ᴗ•◍)♡ ✧* Hello! Welcome to my lovely group! Please say hello (if you want, no pressure *chuckles*).

♡ Have you entered the monthly giveaway yet? Check it out here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/LoveandHappyEndings/permalink/1946345812283752/

Here’s a few little rules, or things you’ll typically see in here.

♡ Please be respectful. *Laughs* (This is about the only rule I have. It’s a big one for me, though.)

♡ Takeovers on occasion!

Complete Schedule here (all in EST):

J. Lynn Lombard: 1/23 @ 7:30 PM

Kristina Beck: 1/25 @ 4:00 PM

K.R. Reese: 2/17 @ 8:00 PM

Alyne Hart: 2/17 @ 9:00 PM

Joz Maxel: 3/18 @ 10:00 PM

Amali Rose: 4/15 @ 3:00 PM

If you want to sign up for a takeover, fill out this form: https://goo.gl/forms/7MSqvkBApFFiuLV32

♡ Merry Monday. When we share our links and connect with each other. Blogs, Author pages, Groups, anything goes!

♡ Every Wednesday is Words on Wednesdays. That’s where you can share where you are in your work in progress. (Remember, one word written is better than none!) It’s also where you can share your latest favorite book you’ve read!

♡ Every Thursday is Trivia Thursday. A new topic each week to get to know one another and have some fun!

♡ Every Friday is Flash Fiction Friday! I love writing flash fiction. It really gets the ideas flowing!

♡ Teaser and excerpts on my upcoming books I’m working on!

♡ I love helping other authors and spreading the word on giveaways, new releases, or anything special they have going on, so you’ll see that sometimes from me! (Please, if you know of a great deal or something you really wanna share book related, ask me first before posting!)

♡ I love wine, baseball, crafts, and baking besides my love for writing and reading! Oh, and Ryan Gosling and his wonderful ‘Hey Girl’ memes.

♡ That’s it! Have some fun with me!

ℒℴѵℯ ♡

Amanda Siegrist


You’ll see I highlighted my takeover area in Bold letters. That’s what you look for in a group. Honestly, I always think it’s important to look for a pinned post when you join a group. It’s good to know the rules because every group has them.

Sometimes, on the side where it describes what the groups about, they’ll also mention information about takeovers. If there is a special event going on, like a new release, you’ll also see posts floating around Facebook to sign up for a slot. But, be watchful, these slots fill up fast. When in doubt, you can always ask how to sign up for a takeover.

Like I said above, I’m a romance author. So here’s a small list of groups that I’m a part of that I know host takeovers all the time. Of course, this isn’t a full list that I’m in, but a handful that I adore. (Note: This information is subject to change. Just because a group offers takeovers now doesn’t mean they will in the future.)

♥  Sassy’s Book Lounge

♥  The Wit & Wonder Crazy House 

♥  BestSellers & BestStellars PARTY ROOM!

♥  Dirty Reds Boom Boom Room

♥  Book Addicts Get Down And Dirty

Check these groups out! They host fabulous takeovers all the time, plus super sweet people that admin the groups!

What does a Facebook Takeover look like?

Great question! It totally varies. *looks confused* I know, right!? That’s not very helpful, but each author/blogger (yeah, I’ve seen bloggers do takeovers, too) have their own unique way of doing a takeover. There is no wrong or right way. It’s just your way. Do what you want. Let people get to know you and your writing/books.

But, if you want/need an example, I’ll post below what my takeovers typically look like. I have quite a few books published already, so I can offer more giveaways rather than a person who only has one published. So keep that in mind. You can always just play games without offering a giveaway. It’s totally up to you.

Now, for the sake of the example, I’m going to say this takeover is a 30 minute takeover that starts at 9 PM EST. (It’s important you take note of the timezone when you sign up. Not all are scheduled in EST. You also have the option of doing one for 30 minutes or an hour. If you’re new to this, just try 30 minutes to start out and see how it goes. When you get comfortable, then try out an hour. Takeovers go fast, and before you know it, it’s over. Enjoy the entire time!) I also keep my takeover information in a Word doc all ready to go, so all I have to do is copy and paste. This way I’m not rushing and freaking out what to write. You can also have all your graphics in one folder so they are easy to find.


9:00 PM- Welcome post:

(◍•ᴗ•◍) ━☆゚.*・。゚  Hello! I just want to say thank you to Love & Happy Endings for letting me takeover for the next 30 minutes! If you don’t know me, I’m Amanda Siegrist, and I write contemporary and romantic suspense with heroes that’ll melt your heart. I love reading, writing, crafting, baseball, and wine! Say hi and tell me what you love to read!

( Note: Love & Happy Endings is my group. I have started to host takeovers. It’s always good to thank your host in the beginning. Tell us who you are, what you write. Have a pic/GIF to go with it. I make all of my teasers/games/pics.)

9:05 PM- Blurb/Teaser:

I have a new short story coming out February 16, 2018. It’s a romantic suspense/psychic story, and I’m so excited, I can’t contain it. I love romantic suspense, so of course, it has a sexy detective in it, but I’ve never written about a psychic before. It was so much fun to write. This story was created with my flash fiction I write every Friday.

You can preorder it today for only $.99! http://mybook.to/ExplodingLove

✰ Exploding Love: A Romantic Suspense/Psychic Short Story


Bang. Boom.

Isabella Thorn has lived her life with vision after vision, trying to help save people when she can. Of course, not all can be saved. Her latest vision hits her so strong, she’s out for hours. Worse, she sees Detective Bo Chapman, the only man to ever capture her heart, shoot her to save other people from the bomb strapped to her chest. Now she must come face to face with Bo to tell him what’s coming. Something so vicious and brutal, she’s not sure she’ll survive. He’ll need to make a choice. Let the bomb blow, or kill her to save everyone else.

Note: This romantic suspense/psychic short story was born out of my weekly flash fiction I write. The first few chapters are from my flashes. I hope you enjoy this short thrilling story!

(I usually start out with something about one of my books, usually a new release coming out. Or if I’m working on a new project, I share my latest release. People love to see teasers!)

9:10 PM- My First Giveaway:

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One of my favorite series I’ve written is the One Taste series. I just finished writing book 4 (on its editing stage now!) featuring Stitch, a sexy tattoo artist who gives Susan, his heroine, lots of trouble! Lol This series is romantic suspense with lots of love and a dose of humor. And these hotties below…well, I picture them as my heroes.

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Who loves weddings? I’ll be honest. I haven’t been to many, but the ones I have been to were beautiful and fun. My own wedding…Best. Party. Ever!! Lol The Danger With Love has a wedding and the mob and an undercover agent and just so much intrigue and romance you’ll love it! It was super fun to write, especially writing such a sexy hero, Dax, who has a hard time walking away from Sarafina when he knows he’s putting her in danger.

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9:20 PM- Another Blurb/Teaser:

My latest full length novel release was a Christmas novel. Of course! Because I love Christmas! Here’s a blurb…

✰ Mistletoe Magic (A Holiday Romance Novel – Book 2)


Theresa might not make the best pot of coffee in town, but people still flock to the diner for a cup, even Officer Crowl, who rarely displays a smile since his fiancé died. She’ll never be able to win his heart, but it’s hard to resist him, especially when he kisses her under the mistletoe. Well, on the cheek, but that has to count for something…right?

Staying busy keeps Officer Aiden Crowl sane. Because when he’s idle or alone, he thinks, and nothing good comes from that. Everyone thinks he was the perfect man. They think he’s broken because she’s gone. He is, just not for the reason they believe. Every time he walks into the diner, one sweet smile from Theresa erases some of the pain. He should stay away from her. Far away. But what is he supposed to do when they’re standing under a mistletoe? Kiss her, of course.

*Note: Each book in this series can be read as a standalone.*

The entire Holiday Romance series:

✰ Merry Me: Elliot & Lynn http://mybook.to/MerryMe

✰ Mistletoe Magic: Aiden & Theresa http://mybook.to/MistletoeMagicHoliday

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I love Christmas! I’m super sad it’s already over. It went so fast! It was really hard taking down the tree, but my husband insisted. Lol Just two days ago, I finally took down the wreath hanging on the door outside. My excuse has been it’s too cold out to go outside. haha There’s never a wrong time to read a Christmas novel. So let’s play a Christmas game.

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Flash Friday!

Happy Friday! I hope everyone has a beautiful weekend. Enjoy this weeks flash!

Writing Prompt ~ Milk is good for you.

Tense and wary, she tried to keep her body relaxed and her eyes closed as if she were still sleeping. For the last ten minutes, that’s all she’d been doing. Attempting to control her nerves so she didn’t give away she was awake.

Because what would she say to him? What would he say to her?

She heard the conversation between Gage and Taylor. Heard the disgust in Gage’s tone. She lied to me.

He hated her. He wouldn’t want an explanation, a reason for why she walked away.

The man who threatened her that night instilled in her so much fear, she knew she’d never be able to utter a word.

Now look what happened.

She got shot with a bullet meant for Gage.

And he hated her.

Footsteps trailed away from the bed. A door quietly shut.

Her eyes remained closed just in case. No noises echoed around the room.

Blowing out a deep breath, the tension in her body slowly drifted out as she relaxed. Her eyes opened to the bright sunlight pouring through the windows, her room filled with a vase of flowers and a balloon that read ‘Get Well Soon.’ Well, Gage certainly didn’t give her that. Must be from Marcy.

A throat cleared near the door. Whipping her head in that direction, she couldn’t stop the shock that exploded in her features. She didn’t hear the door open, or his footsteps entering the room.

“Still trying to deceive me, I see.”

Her eyes shifted down to the bed, unable to handle the pain and anger in the deep depths of his eyes. The rage in his tone was enough to know how much he hated her.

“You don’t have anything to say? Nothing at all, Chelsea.”

She felt him next to the bed rather than looking up to confirm. Seeing the look of hatred wasn’t high on her list, especially when the pain in her back was already unbearable. Right now wasn’t really a good time to argue.

Her eyes drifted close. “Milk is good for you, but sometimes you can’t drink it anymore because it’ll make you sick.”

A warm hand clasped hers. He squeezed tightly, then shocked her, as a soft kiss touched the back of her hand.

“Look at me, baby.”

Tentatively, her eyes opened and sought him out.

His grip tightened. “I almost lost you. I’m so upset right now. At whoever shot you.” His breath hitched. “At you. Because you’re keeping something from me.” The bed shifted as he sat down. “But I love you. I always will. You need to tell me what’s going on.”

“I think you—”

“No. I’m not leaving. You’re not pushing me away again.”

Tears gathered in the corner of her eyes.

“Talk to me. Tell me what’s going on.”

She couldn’t. If she said a word, he’d die. He needed to leave. Right now. Right this instant. The longer he stayed by her side, the better chance the man would come back and shoot him. Didn’t he see how she was trying to protect him? Save his life?

As long as she stayed away from Gage, he wouldn’t get hurt. So he needed to leave.

She tried to remove her hand away from his.

“I’m not letting you go.”

“You need to leave, Gage. I don’t want you here.”

His jaw tightened as his eyes narrowed. “What are you scared of?”

The pounding in her chest, the loud ringing in her head, the quiver in her hands, it all intensified as his eyes started to water.

“I can’t lose you, Chelsea. Not like this. Why don’t you trust me?”

How could she explain it wasn’t about not trusting him? She was trying to save him the only way she knew how. By listening, by knowing the threat was real.

Her hand started to ache by the strength of his grip. He wouldn’t be letting her go any time soon. Not that she wanted him to let her go.

“Do you know who tried to kill you?” His frown turned fierce. “To kill me?”

She nodded. She’d give him that much, but nothing else.

“Is that why you left?”

Another nod.

“Are you going to tell me who did this?”

Nothing. She couldn’t tell him.

Bending low, his unoccupied hand caressed her cheek as his lips brushed across hers. “Stop trying to protect me, if that’s what you’re doing. I’ll take care of this.”

Another tender kiss touched her lips. Something she had missed and ached for since walking away from him.

“You can’t.”

“I can. I will.”

She always admired his determination and strength. He could be a dangerous beast in the courtroom, having witnessed it multiple times. She had always been in awe at the power he wielded while he worked. The way people sat engaged and hooked on his every word.

I can. I will.

Hook. Line. Sinker. He was using his power on her right now, and she could feel herself wanting to cave.

A sweet, delicate kiss touched her lips again. A touch so powerful in its simplicity, she knew she would lose this battle.

“I’m sorry, Chelsea. I’m sorry for getting upset when I know you have to be hurting right now.” His eyes glittered with such passion she felt it down to her very core. “But don’t you know I’m hurting right along with you? I’ll protect you.”

“That’s all I’m doing for you. I’m protecting you.”

The fire lit up in his eyes. The rage. Swift and deadly. “From who? Stop this nonsense and tell me.”

The tears that had been gathering in her eyes started silently pouring down. She couldn’t. It would gut her. It would decimate him into a million pieces.

Capturing her in his arms, his warm breath against her neck soothed a small tiny portion of her nerves. His whispered words helped to calm her a bit more. “I can solve this on my own. You know I will.” A kiss to her neck. “Or you save me the time and tell me now.”

Her arms hugged him tightly as her eyes shut and her voice dropped down to barely a whisper.



Flash Fiction Friday

Happy Friday! I hope your week has been better than mine. My family caught a stomach bug and it’s been wiping us out, but hey, I’m starting to feel better and just in time to write some flash fiction. Yay! Enjoy:)

Writing prompt ~ Cats are the cutest thing in the whole entire world.

Gage cradled her warm hand in his, praying, hoping, and begging with everything inside him that Chelsea would wake up soon. Smile that big beautiful smile only she knew how to perfect and get him to do just about anything. Her soulful eyes to blink in happiness that he hadn’t left her side since they wheeled her out of surgery and into recovery.

One inch.

Just one inch to the left and she would’ve died. At least, that’s what the doctors claimed. They also said she was lucky the bullet didn’t hit her spine and paralyze her.

All he cared about was she made it out alive. She survived everything. Breathing and whole and right by his side.

Get down.

Those were the words she whispered right before she passed out.

It didn’t take a genius to figure out what she meant.

The damn bullet that nearly took her life had been meant for him. Someone tried to kill him and hit her instead.

Now, what he really wanted to know was how did she know this? What was she keeping from him? Could this be why she left him?

Or maybe he was grasping for straws when the answer was simple. He sucked at being a boyfriend.

“How is she?”

Gage barely glanced at Taylor as he breezed into the room and took a spot near the foot of the bed. He thought maybe he should be hyper-vigilant about who might walk through the door, but he hired the best security firm there was to stand guard outside the door. Until he could figure out who tried to kill him, or even worse, Chelsea, if the bullet was actually meant for her, they both would be surrounded by armed guards.

He refused to lose the woman he loved. In any way.

“Did you hear me?”

Focusing his attention on Taylor, he offered a pathetic smile. “Sorry. My mind is everywhere. I’m just…worried.” Caressing her hand with the tips of fingers, he then raised it slowly for a kiss.

“Is something wrong?”

Sharp, fierce eyes pinned Taylor hard. “Of course something’s wrong. Chelsea was shot and nearly died. Someone tried to kill her.”

“Or you.” Taylor shook his head as Gage turned his gaze away, unwilling to think about the implications if the bullet had been meant for him. “That’s not what I meant. I meant, is something wrong with her now?”

“No. But she hasn’t woken up yet. The doctors say it’s nothing to worry about. That rest is the best thing for her right now. She’ll probably be in immense pain when she wakes up. She will wake up.”

The bullet didn’t kill her. Paralyze her. It just made her lose copious amounts of blood, her bleeding steadily in his arms as he waited for paramedics to arrive, which felt like it had taken forever. Ages. Her breathing had become shallow and weak. Her skin as pale as snow.

He almost lost her. She almost died in his arms.

“Hey, so, cats are the cutest thing in the whole entire world. I think you should get her a cat to apologize.”

“What?” Jerking his gaze away from her, he pinned Taylor with confusion, and just a little bit of anger. Why was he talking about cats?

“I need you to stay with me here. Follow the conversation.”

“So now we’re talking about cats.”

Taylor grinned. “Well, no, that was to see if you were paying attention, and congratulations, I guess you were if you heard me. Although, she probably might forgive you for being a dick if you bought her cat. Just saying.”

“You’re an idiot.” But he wouldn’t say the idea didn’t linger. She did love animals.

“We need to talk about this.”

“About what?” He made a shooing motion with his free hand. “You need to go. That’s what I need right now.”

“You have armed guards outside. Not one, but two. Why?”

He remained silent. Taylor was his best friend. His confidante. His brother, so to speak. Yet, he didn’t want to have this conversation. Not now. Maybe never.

“Ignoring the problem doesn’t make it go away.” Taylor sighed. “You noticed Chelsea getting restless, irritated by how much you were working. Instead of talking about it, you ignored it. You started working even more. You’re the idiot. You’re the one who drove her away. Quit ignoring shit.”

Gage slowly moved his gaze away from the woman he loved with every breath in his body, to his best friend that he would lay his life down for. These were the only two people he trusted in the entire world.

“She told me to get down after she was shot. Get down. Two words, Taylor.” His breath hitched as the allegation he confirmed in his mind slithered down his spine. “She lied to me. She knew someone wanted to kill me.”

He trusted her.

But did he still?


Flash time, baby!

Happy Friday! It’s the new year, but I’m still on the same story from 2017! It’s a fun and exciting one to write. My daughter stumped me when she gave me the prompt yesterday. I was like, how in the world am I going to use that with the storyline I have right now? hahaha I made it work! Hope you enjoy it!

Writing prompt ~ Baseball is the best.

Her hand curled around the warm coffee cup as she attempted to listen to her best friend and fellow co-worker, Marcy, talk about something that happened over the weekend. Useless. She barely understood a word, her mind churning in every direction. Mostly, with questions about Gage. She saw no news reports that he was dead. Everything she did, walking out on him, worked.

Inhaling sharply at the intense pain that thought brought to her heart, she took a sip of coffee before tears decided to make an appearance. A nightly ritual she still couldn’t manage to stop.


If she were stronger, not so afraid of that man and his deadly words, she would give in and tell Gage what he said.

But the fear of losing him overrode that impulse.

“…and then he said…”

Marcy’s words just kept droning on and on. Her mind tried to catch every word she was saying, yet refused to focus as Gage always took front and center in her mind.

She needed to be at work. That was the only place where she was able to immerse herself into everything and forget about him.

But Marcy insisted she needed a break. Here they were, having a drink at the local coffee shop around the corner from the shop. Her shop.

Well, not her shop quite yet, but she knew Bernard, the owner and a grandfather figure to her, wanted to sign the flower shop over to her when he decided to retire. Which would be soon.

She couldn’t wait for the day. Then she’d be so busy, she wouldn’t have a moment to think about Gage.

“…I was like, you can’t…”

She blinked, trying to remember what Marcy was talking about. Stop being a terrible friend and listen. Focus!

Marcy finally stopped talking and smiled, as if waiting for her to make a comment like a normal person would do when two people were having a conversation.

“Yeah, wow, crazy. He’s so…funny. Baseball is the best.”

The wide-eyed look Marcy gave her told her she had gotten the conversation mixed up. She had started talking about her boyfriend and his aversion to baseball, when both of them loved it, and had obviously moved on to something else. Whoops. Still being a terrible friend.

Marcy’s shocked expression softened in understanding. “I thought this would help, getting you away from work, where you’re so focused you see nothing but what’s in front of you. Clearly, you’re still distracted.” She leaned forward, her features firm. “You broke it off, Chelsea. Stop acting like this. It was the best decision you ever made. He didn’t treat you good enough.”

Just one more reason she hated talking to Marcy about Gage. She always said that. She was always wrong. Gage had his faults, as did she. But he treated her just fine.

“I’m sorry, Marcy. I didn’t mean to zone out. You know I have no excuse, but I don’t want to talk about him.”

“Then quit thinking about him.”

Her true but harsh words, said in a tone that indicated she was upset, made her feel worse. She was an awful friend.

“I’m done. I’m ready to listen. Just give me a quick recap about what you were just saying.” She smiled brightly, hoping to ease her friend back into a good mood.

Marcy rolled her eyes before laughing. That’s the best friend she knew and loved. She never stayed irritated for long. “You’re buying me another coffee before we leave.” She checked her watch. “We have about ten more minutes before we should get back.”

“Deal. Now talk. I’m totally going to listen this time.”

A finger wagged in her face that said she better, then Marcy started talking once more about her boyfriend. Of course, her boyfriend. If she were truly honest with her friend, she’d tell her that’s part of the reason she zoned out. She didn’t want to hear about her friend’s boyfriend when her heart was split into two because of her ex-boyfriend.


Ugh. She hated that word. It sat like a pool of acid in the bottom of her stomach eating her insides away.

“Damn it. This is not happening.”

She blinked, trying to remember what Marcy just said. Horrible. She did it again. “I’m sorry—”

“Not you. Him.” Marcy pointed behind her.

Chelsea took her time to turn around in her chair, suddenly afraid to see who was behind her, yet knowing exactly who it was. Her body always tingled with anticipation and joy when he was around. She didn’t even need eyes on him for it to happen. A crazy sense of awareness when he was near always occurred. Since the first day she met him over eight months ago.

Her heart started to pound erratically when her eyes met his.


He was here. In the coffee shop she frequented regularly, but was nowhere near any place he needed to be.

He was heading directly to her table.

She knew this was inevitable. That he’d come looking for her.

Since she received that ridiculous text message from him earlier this morning, she knew he’d come for her. Her mind had been distracted all morning waiting for the moment.

Telling Marcy would’ve gotten her nowhere, except maybe smuggled out of town so he couldn’t find her. That’s how much Marcy hated him at the moment.

He stopped right in front of her, his eyes fierce with determination, his mouth in a thin line indicating how upset he was at her for leaving. Behind all of that, she saw his love. Even breaking his heart and walking out, he still loved her.

“Go away. She doesn’t want to talk to you,” Marcy said firmly.

Nobody responded.

He held his hand out. “We need to talk. Alone.” His eyes glittered with a demand she shouldn’t refuse. And desire. So much desire she knew she’d never resist him.

She placed her hand in his, shivering from the way his touch felt like home. Felt so right and perfect. His hand wrapped around hers tightly.

She stood up.

A shot rang out.

Both things happened simultaneously.

The pain that radiated around her back was intense. The look of shock in Gage’s eyes unmistakable.

She fell forward into his arms

She was just shot.

With a bullet meant for him.

“Get…down.” Those were her last words before she succumbed to the darkness.


Paint By Murder: Free today!

Who feels like a sale today? Yay! Then I have one for you! This lovely romantic suspense short story is FREE today (and tomorrow). ♥

Paint By Murder (A Romantic Suspense Short Story)

A chilling scene. A gruesome murder. Multiple stab wounds and blood drenched everywhere. It’s only a painting.

 Ginny Appleby doesn’t create works of art with beauty and happiness. She paints brutality, death, and the pain hidden inside. He’ll never understand that. He’ll never understand her and why she does what she does. Her life has always been filled with terror. And if he sticks around, he’ll die.

Detective Alex Brands can’t assume anything other than Ginny is a killer. Why else would she paint such disturbing images? Why was an innocent woman murdered and the crime scene replicated just as she painted it? None of it makes sense. And his gut is silent.Until it rips through him so sharply he almost falls to his knees. She’s innocent… and in need of his protection. He’ll do everything in his power to keep her safe from a killer, even if she wants nothing to do with him. He knows what he wants. And he wants her with every breath in his body.

*Note: This is a romantic suspense short story inspired by weekly flash fiction I write. There is insta-love. Like, insta-insta-love. When they fall, they fall hard! Doesn’t that sound thrilling? You know it does! Happy reading:)

Happy New Year!

♡🎉🍸 Happy New Year! 🍸🎉♡

I just wanted to say Happy New Year’s, and I hope you had a wonderful New Year’s Eve last night! I had a great time with my family just hanging out, watching football, and having fun being silly!

2017 was a very great year for me with writing. I released quite a few books, although, I did have most of them written so it was easy to release. This year will be a little slower in releasing since I don’t have any sitting to the side ready to go. Maybe I should’ve spaced them out some, but I’m so impatient! I wanted to share them with you lovelies right away. lol

So a bit of a recap of my 2017 releases…

Last January, I released One Taste of You (A One Taste Novel – Book 1). I was so proud of this novel. I entered this one in Harlequin’s So You Think You Can Write contest in 2015 and made the Top 55. I couldn’t have been happier. From there, I decided I needed to make it a series. I did try submitting it to publishers (at the same time writing book 2), and then decided to self publish it when I didn’t really receive the answer I wanted. *chuckles* So book 2 was ready to release fairly quickly since it had been sitting there with book 1. I released One Taste of Love (A One Taste Novel – Book 2) in February.

Next, came The Danger With Love, which released in April. This is my only full length novel that is not part of a series. Maybe eventually down the road I could if I run out of ideas on my other series.

I had a little break until July when One Taste of Crazy (A One Taste Novel – Book 3) released. This was a fun release. This was when I really started to utilize Facebook more and doing Takeovers in some amazing groups. I also created my own group, Love & Happy Endings, and have met so many amazing people. Love you lovelies to pieces! 💋❤

In the summer, the lovely Jane Blythe and I decided we wanted to release our Christmas novels together, so I got busy writing my Christmas story. Mind you, I was also editing and writing flash fiction and doing so many other author-y stuff at the time.

I released Paint By Murder (A Romantic Suspense Short Story) in September. This quick, but suspenseful short story was created out of my flash fictions I wrote over a course of a few months. I always get my prompts from my two beautiful little girls, and boy, they do challenge me with their prompts. I love it! I could’ve waited to release this, but I thought it’d be fun to release on my birthday!

During NaNoWriMo 2016 I wrote most of Deserving You (A McCord Family Novel – Book 3), and finished the rest at the end of the summer. I released that novel in October.

Of course, my latest release was Mistletoe Magic (A Holiday Romance Novel – Book 2) in December for Christmas. This, I have to say, has been my best release so far. Its ranks are still looking great! I want to say a huge thanks to everyone for your support!

And there you have it. My releases for 2017. A total of 6 full length novels, and 1 short story. Wow! That’s pretty amazing, but again, I had quite a few of these novels just sitting there waiting for me to do something with them. I can’t guarantee I will release that much in 2018.

So, my goals for 2018…

I’m in the editing stages for book 4 in my One Taste series, One Taste of Sin, featuring Stitch and Susan. They are quite the dynamic duo, and I can’t wait to share them with you! I’m thinking a February or March release! (I hope! *wink*)

I’ve started to write book 2 in my Lucky Town Novel series, and I am about 1/3 of the way done. It’s going super great. I’m going to keep myself motivated and write something every day, whether it be a few words, a few sentences, or a few scenes. I will write every day! Hopefully, this will release by the spring/summer. If you’re curious about book 1, check it out! Escaping Memories (A Lucky Town Novel – Book 1)

When I finish writing my Lucky Town series novel, I plan to start book 4 in my McCord Family Novel series. This series is always full of fun and family. They love fiercely and protect each other with everything they have. Love this family so much! Book 4 will feature Gabe and whoever his lucky lady is, I haven’t decided yet. lol I would like to have this release by the end of the summer or beginning of fall. I better keep my writing up!

Of course, I will release another novel for Christmas. Every year will feature a new character from the same town. I adore all of these characters, so it’s nice to see them return! Book 3 will probably feature Aiden’s best friend Bentley…and maybe Daphne. I haven’t officially decided that yet! You’ll be as surprised as me.

That’s 4 total full length novels I want to release this year, which is only 2 less than last year. Not too bad. If I can, I would like to take some of my flash stories, expand a bit, and release maybe one or two short stories, but we’ll see. I might be super busy with all these other novels.

Thanks for sticking with me on this long post and reading! You did, right?! Of course you did! *chuckles* It was kind of nice to look back and see all that I accomplished this past year. And whew! I can’t believe how much I did. Not only did I publish quite a few novels, but I’ve made so many new friends! That’s always so much fun!

If you haven’t seen my new banner yet, then here it is! Isn’t it so lovely?

With that, I just want to say again Happy New Year! I hope 2018 brings you much love, laughter, family, health, and books! Lots and lots of books!