Flash Fiction Friday

Happy Friday! I hope your week has been better than mine. My family caught a stomach bug and it’s been wiping us out, but hey, I’m starting to feel better and just in time to write some flash fiction. Yay! Enjoy:)

Writing prompt ~ Cats are the cutest thing in the whole entire world.

Gage cradled her warm hand in his, praying, hoping, and begging with everything inside him that Chelsea would wake up soon. Smile that big beautiful smile only she knew how to perfect and get him to do just about anything. Her soulful eyes to blink in happiness that he hadn’t left her side since they wheeled her out of surgery and into recovery.

One inch.

Just one inch to the left and she would’ve died. At least, that’s what the doctors claimed. They also said she was lucky the bullet didn’t hit her spine and paralyze her.

All he cared about was she made it out alive. She survived everything. Breathing and whole and right by his side.

Get down.

Those were the words she whispered right before she passed out.

It didn’t take a genius to figure out what she meant.

The damn bullet that nearly took her life had been meant for him. Someone tried to kill him and hit her instead.

Now, what he really wanted to know was how did she know this? What was she keeping from him? Could this be why she left him?

Or maybe he was grasping for straws when the answer was simple. He sucked at being a boyfriend.

“How is she?”

Gage barely glanced at Taylor as he breezed into the room and took a spot near the foot of the bed. He thought maybe he should be hyper-vigilant about who might walk through the door, but he hired the best security firm there was to stand guard outside the door. Until he could figure out who tried to kill him, or even worse, Chelsea, if the bullet was actually meant for her, they both would be surrounded by armed guards.

He refused to lose the woman he loved. In any way.

“Did you hear me?”

Focusing his attention on Taylor, he offered a pathetic smile. “Sorry. My mind is everywhere. I’m just…worried.” Caressing her hand with the tips of fingers, he then raised it slowly for a kiss.

“Is something wrong?”

Sharp, fierce eyes pinned Taylor hard. “Of course something’s wrong. Chelsea was shot and nearly died. Someone tried to kill her.”

“Or you.” Taylor shook his head as Gage turned his gaze away, unwilling to think about the implications if the bullet had been meant for him. “That’s not what I meant. I meant, is something wrong with her now?”

“No. But she hasn’t woken up yet. The doctors say it’s nothing to worry about. That rest is the best thing for her right now. She’ll probably be in immense pain when she wakes up. She will wake up.”

The bullet didn’t kill her. Paralyze her. It just made her lose copious amounts of blood, her bleeding steadily in his arms as he waited for paramedics to arrive, which felt like it had taken forever. Ages. Her breathing had become shallow and weak. Her skin as pale as snow.

He almost lost her. She almost died in his arms.

“Hey, so, cats are the cutest thing in the whole entire world. I think you should get her a cat to apologize.”

“What?” Jerking his gaze away from her, he pinned Taylor with confusion, and just a little bit of anger. Why was he talking about cats?

“I need you to stay with me here. Follow the conversation.”

“So now we’re talking about cats.”

Taylor grinned. “Well, no, that was to see if you were paying attention, and congratulations, I guess you were if you heard me. Although, she probably might forgive you for being a dick if you bought her cat. Just saying.”

“You’re an idiot.” But he wouldn’t say the idea didn’t linger. She did love animals.

“We need to talk about this.”

“About what?” He made a shooing motion with his free hand. “You need to go. That’s what I need right now.”

“You have armed guards outside. Not one, but two. Why?”

He remained silent. Taylor was his best friend. His confidante. His brother, so to speak. Yet, he didn’t want to have this conversation. Not now. Maybe never.

“Ignoring the problem doesn’t make it go away.” Taylor sighed. “You noticed Chelsea getting restless, irritated by how much you were working. Instead of talking about it, you ignored it. You started working even more. You’re the idiot. You’re the one who drove her away. Quit ignoring shit.”

Gage slowly moved his gaze away from the woman he loved with every breath in his body, to his best friend that he would lay his life down for. These were the only two people he trusted in the entire world.

“She told me to get down after she was shot. Get down. Two words, Taylor.” His breath hitched as the allegation he confirmed in his mind slithered down his spine. “She lied to me. She knew someone wanted to kill me.”

He trusted her.

But did he still?


Flash time, baby!

Happy Friday! It’s the new year, but I’m still on the same story from 2017! It’s a fun and exciting one to write. My daughter stumped me when she gave me the prompt yesterday. I was like, how in the world am I going to use that with the storyline I have right now? hahaha I made it work! Hope you enjoy it!

Writing prompt ~ Baseball is the best.

Her hand curled around the warm coffee cup as she attempted to listen to her best friend and fellow co-worker, Marcy, talk about something that happened over the weekend. Useless. She barely understood a word, her mind churning in every direction. Mostly, with questions about Gage. She saw no news reports that he was dead. Everything she did, walking out on him, worked.

Inhaling sharply at the intense pain that thought brought to her heart, she took a sip of coffee before tears decided to make an appearance. A nightly ritual she still couldn’t manage to stop.


If she were stronger, not so afraid of that man and his deadly words, she would give in and tell Gage what he said.

But the fear of losing him overrode that impulse.

“…and then he said…”

Marcy’s words just kept droning on and on. Her mind tried to catch every word she was saying, yet refused to focus as Gage always took front and center in her mind.

She needed to be at work. That was the only place where she was able to immerse herself into everything and forget about him.

But Marcy insisted she needed a break. Here they were, having a drink at the local coffee shop around the corner from the shop. Her shop.

Well, not her shop quite yet, but she knew Bernard, the owner and a grandfather figure to her, wanted to sign the flower shop over to her when he decided to retire. Which would be soon.

She couldn’t wait for the day. Then she’d be so busy, she wouldn’t have a moment to think about Gage.

“…I was like, you can’t…”

She blinked, trying to remember what Marcy was talking about. Stop being a terrible friend and listen. Focus!

Marcy finally stopped talking and smiled, as if waiting for her to make a comment like a normal person would do when two people were having a conversation.

“Yeah, wow, crazy. He’s so…funny. Baseball is the best.”

The wide-eyed look Marcy gave her told her she had gotten the conversation mixed up. She had started talking about her boyfriend and his aversion to baseball, when both of them loved it, and had obviously moved on to something else. Whoops. Still being a terrible friend.

Marcy’s shocked expression softened in understanding. “I thought this would help, getting you away from work, where you’re so focused you see nothing but what’s in front of you. Clearly, you’re still distracted.” She leaned forward, her features firm. “You broke it off, Chelsea. Stop acting like this. It was the best decision you ever made. He didn’t treat you good enough.”

Just one more reason she hated talking to Marcy about Gage. She always said that. She was always wrong. Gage had his faults, as did she. But he treated her just fine.

“I’m sorry, Marcy. I didn’t mean to zone out. You know I have no excuse, but I don’t want to talk about him.”

“Then quit thinking about him.”

Her true but harsh words, said in a tone that indicated she was upset, made her feel worse. She was an awful friend.

“I’m done. I’m ready to listen. Just give me a quick recap about what you were just saying.” She smiled brightly, hoping to ease her friend back into a good mood.

Marcy rolled her eyes before laughing. That’s the best friend she knew and loved. She never stayed irritated for long. “You’re buying me another coffee before we leave.” She checked her watch. “We have about ten more minutes before we should get back.”

“Deal. Now talk. I’m totally going to listen this time.”

A finger wagged in her face that said she better, then Marcy started talking once more about her boyfriend. Of course, her boyfriend. If she were truly honest with her friend, she’d tell her that’s part of the reason she zoned out. She didn’t want to hear about her friend’s boyfriend when her heart was split into two because of her ex-boyfriend.


Ugh. She hated that word. It sat like a pool of acid in the bottom of her stomach eating her insides away.

“Damn it. This is not happening.”

She blinked, trying to remember what Marcy just said. Horrible. She did it again. “I’m sorry—”

“Not you. Him.” Marcy pointed behind her.

Chelsea took her time to turn around in her chair, suddenly afraid to see who was behind her, yet knowing exactly who it was. Her body always tingled with anticipation and joy when he was around. She didn’t even need eyes on him for it to happen. A crazy sense of awareness when he was near always occurred. Since the first day she met him over eight months ago.

Her heart started to pound erratically when her eyes met his.


He was here. In the coffee shop she frequented regularly, but was nowhere near any place he needed to be.

He was heading directly to her table.

She knew this was inevitable. That he’d come looking for her.

Since she received that ridiculous text message from him earlier this morning, she knew he’d come for her. Her mind had been distracted all morning waiting for the moment.

Telling Marcy would’ve gotten her nowhere, except maybe smuggled out of town so he couldn’t find her. That’s how much Marcy hated him at the moment.

He stopped right in front of her, his eyes fierce with determination, his mouth in a thin line indicating how upset he was at her for leaving. Behind all of that, she saw his love. Even breaking his heart and walking out, he still loved her.

“Go away. She doesn’t want to talk to you,” Marcy said firmly.

Nobody responded.

He held his hand out. “We need to talk. Alone.” His eyes glittered with a demand she shouldn’t refuse. And desire. So much desire she knew she’d never resist him.

She placed her hand in his, shivering from the way his touch felt like home. Felt so right and perfect. His hand wrapped around hers tightly.

She stood up.

A shot rang out.

Both things happened simultaneously.

The pain that radiated around her back was intense. The look of shock in Gage’s eyes unmistakable.

She fell forward into his arms

She was just shot.

With a bullet meant for him.

“Get…down.” Those were her last words before she succumbed to the darkness.


Paint By Murder: Free today!

Who feels like a sale today? Yay! Then I have one for you! This lovely romantic suspense short story is FREE today (and tomorrow). ♥

Paint By Murder (A Romantic Suspense Short Story)

A chilling scene. A gruesome murder. Multiple stab wounds and blood drenched everywhere. It’s only a painting.

 Ginny Appleby doesn’t create works of art with beauty and happiness. She paints brutality, death, and the pain hidden inside. He’ll never understand that. He’ll never understand her and why she does what she does. Her life has always been filled with terror. And if he sticks around, he’ll die.

Detective Alex Brands can’t assume anything other than Ginny is a killer. Why else would she paint such disturbing images? Why was an innocent woman murdered and the crime scene replicated just as she painted it? None of it makes sense. And his gut is silent.Until it rips through him so sharply he almost falls to his knees. She’s innocent… and in need of his protection. He’ll do everything in his power to keep her safe from a killer, even if she wants nothing to do with him. He knows what he wants. And he wants her with every breath in his body.

*Note: This is a romantic suspense short story inspired by weekly flash fiction I write. There is insta-love. Like, insta-insta-love. When they fall, they fall hard! Doesn’t that sound thrilling? You know it does! Happy reading:)

Happy New Year!

♡🎉🍸 Happy New Year! 🍸🎉♡

I just wanted to say Happy New Year’s, and I hope you had a wonderful New Year’s Eve last night! I had a great time with my family just hanging out, watching football, and having fun being silly!

2017 was a very great year for me with writing. I released quite a few books, although, I did have most of them written so it was easy to release. This year will be a little slower in releasing since I don’t have any sitting to the side ready to go. Maybe I should’ve spaced them out some, but I’m so impatient! I wanted to share them with you lovelies right away. lol

So a bit of a recap of my 2017 releases…

Last January, I released One Taste of You (A One Taste Novel – Book 1). I was so proud of this novel. I entered this one in Harlequin’s So You Think You Can Write contest in 2015 and made the Top 55. I couldn’t have been happier. From there, I decided I needed to make it a series. I did try submitting it to publishers (at the same time writing book 2), and then decided to self publish it when I didn’t really receive the answer I wanted. *chuckles* So book 2 was ready to release fairly quickly since it had been sitting there with book 1. I released One Taste of Love (A One Taste Novel – Book 2) in February.

Next, came The Danger With Love, which released in April. This is my only full length novel that is not part of a series. Maybe eventually down the road I could if I run out of ideas on my other series.

I had a little break until July when One Taste of Crazy (A One Taste Novel – Book 3) released. This was a fun release. This was when I really started to utilize Facebook more and doing Takeovers in some amazing groups. I also created my own group, Love & Happy Endings, and have met so many amazing people. Love you lovelies to pieces! 💋❤

In the summer, the lovely Jane Blythe and I decided we wanted to release our Christmas novels together, so I got busy writing my Christmas story. Mind you, I was also editing and writing flash fiction and doing so many other author-y stuff at the time.

I released Paint By Murder (A Romantic Suspense Short Story) in September. This quick, but suspenseful short story was created out of my flash fictions I wrote over a course of a few months. I always get my prompts from my two beautiful little girls, and boy, they do challenge me with their prompts. I love it! I could’ve waited to release this, but I thought it’d be fun to release on my birthday!

During NaNoWriMo 2016 I wrote most of Deserving You (A McCord Family Novel – Book 3), and finished the rest at the end of the summer. I released that novel in October.

Of course, my latest release was Mistletoe Magic (A Holiday Romance Novel – Book 2) in December for Christmas. This, I have to say, has been my best release so far. Its ranks are still looking great! I want to say a huge thanks to everyone for your support!

And there you have it. My releases for 2017. A total of 6 full length novels, and 1 short story. Wow! That’s pretty amazing, but again, I had quite a few of these novels just sitting there waiting for me to do something with them. I can’t guarantee I will release that much in 2018.

So, my goals for 2018…

I’m in the editing stages for book 4 in my One Taste series, One Taste of Sin, featuring Stitch and Susan. They are quite the dynamic duo, and I can’t wait to share them with you! I’m thinking a February or March release! (I hope! *wink*)

I’ve started to write book 2 in my Lucky Town Novel series, and I am about 1/3 of the way done. It’s going super great. I’m going to keep myself motivated and write something every day, whether it be a few words, a few sentences, or a few scenes. I will write every day! Hopefully, this will release by the spring/summer. If you’re curious about book 1, check it out! Escaping Memories (A Lucky Town Novel – Book 1)

When I finish writing my Lucky Town series novel, I plan to start book 4 in my McCord Family Novel series. This series is always full of fun and family. They love fiercely and protect each other with everything they have. Love this family so much! Book 4 will feature Gabe and whoever his lucky lady is, I haven’t decided yet. lol I would like to have this release by the end of the summer or beginning of fall. I better keep my writing up!

Of course, I will release another novel for Christmas. Every year will feature a new character from the same town. I adore all of these characters, so it’s nice to see them return! Book 3 will probably feature Aiden’s best friend Bentley…and maybe Daphne. I haven’t officially decided that yet! You’ll be as surprised as me.

That’s 4 total full length novels I want to release this year, which is only 2 less than last year. Not too bad. If I can, I would like to take some of my flash stories, expand a bit, and release maybe one or two short stories, but we’ll see. I might be super busy with all these other novels.

Thanks for sticking with me on this long post and reading! You did, right?! Of course you did! *chuckles* It was kind of nice to look back and see all that I accomplished this past year. And whew! I can’t believe how much I did. Not only did I publish quite a few novels, but I’ve made so many new friends! That’s always so much fun!

If you haven’t seen my new banner yet, then here it is! Isn’t it so lovely?

With that, I just want to say again Happy New Year! I hope 2018 brings you much love, laughter, family, health, and books! Lots and lots of books!


Flash time!

Happy Friday! I hope you enjoy this weeks flash! It’s a bit long, but I couldn’t help myself. It’s also the first time I’ve written since coming back from vacation, so it felt super great to write again. Enjoy!

Writing Prompt ~ Emojis laugh

Thumbing through the case file with an eagle eye, he didn’t even look up when his office door opened and closed quietly.

“Get out.”

“Is that any way to talk to your best friend?”

Gage still didn’t bother to look up and meet his friend’s eyes. Because if he did, Taylor would see right away the pain and agony he suffered daily.

For two long weeks.

That’s how long it’d been since she walked out of his house and out of his life without a fight. Without a good reason why.

He couldn’t make sense of it. He tried to wrack his brain around everything. Going back a few months to see where he might’ve messed up. Problem was he found too many reasons he might’ve screwed up. His caseload was massive. Work, work, work. It consumed way too much of his time. He didn’t want to think that was the reason, but it was the only plausible one he could come up with.

He debated rearranging all of his cases to his colleagues and taking a vacation. Tracking her down and surprising her with tickets to the Bahamas or somewhere private and beautiful where they could talk this through. Work it out.

Losing her felt as if he had lost a part of himself.

But he didn’t do any of that. He stuck by his words. If she walked out of his house, his love for her would die.

Although, it wasn’t completely extinguished, but he was trying his damndest to stomp it out.

“Just call her.”

His head snapped up. “She walked out on me. Why would I do such a thing?”

“Your stubbornness is going to be the death of you. You love her. Show her. Tell her. Stop being a colossal idiot and get her back.”

“No.” His eyes glided back to the case in front of him. “Get out. I need to prepare the O’Connor case.”

“No, you don’t.”

Gage’s patience was starting to wear thin. Just because Taylor was his best friend didn’t mean he’d sit here and allow him to speak to him this way. His gaze slowly lifted, the malice firmly in his depths. One look normally did the trick with people, immediately doing his bidding. He’d never used it on his best friend before, but there was a first time for everything.

“Get. Out.”

Taylor’s jaw tightened as his eyes narrowed. “Don’t use that bullshit on me. It won’t work. I’m pretty sure we perfected that look together back in college.”

A muscle in his cheek twitched as his anger kept inching toward the surface at how right those words were. They met as freshmans in college, following and encouraging each other all the way through law school and then landed a job together in the courthouse. They were one of the two best prosecuting lawyers in the state. Something they were both damn proud of. They didn’t get where they were because they were meek and mild. They got there because they were fierce and unyielding.

Who would win this fight? This battle of wills?

Taylor leaned forward, his eyes softening with understanding. He hated the look immediately. He didn’t want his damn pity. “You’re probably going to hate me. I can live with that because it needs to be done. You’re a mess. Since she left, you’ve been a complete mess.”

“My work has been spot on.”

A harsh curse left Taylor’s mouth as he shifted back in his seat and shook his head. “That’s the problem. Instead of facing the issue, you’re ignoring it by burying yourself in your work. It has to stop. You’ve barely left the office. You need to go home.”

That was something he absolutely didn’t need to do. If he went home, all he’d see would be memories of her. Every time he walked into a room, he saw her. Laughing with a glass of wine in her hand, her hair tumbled down around her shoulders in soft waves. Bustling around the kitchen cooking a meal she always deemed fit for a king. Rummaging through the fridge in the middle of the night in just a pair of black lace panties because she had a sudden craving for a snack. Lounging on the sofa with a blanket wrapped around her legs because her feet always got cold right away. So many memories that tore his heart to shreds each and every time they pierced his mind.

He couldn’t go home. He was trying to stop loving her. Every time he went home, those brutal memories assaulted him, the love swamped his heart and made him explode from the loneliness.

He wanted her back. He just didn’t know how to do it.

“I’m sorry.”

Gage rolled his eyes. “For what?”

Taylor looked tense, his features rigid, but he didn’t remove his gaze from him. “You don’t have a caseload anymore.” Taylor’s eyes darted to the O’Connor case lying in front of him. “That crazy case you’re working on right now. It’s mine, along with every other case of yours.”

His nostrils started to flare as he attempted to control his temper. “What the hell are you talking about?”

“Basically, I went over your head, had all of your cases reassigned to me, and you’re taking a two week vacation. What you plan to do with that is up to you.” Taylor stood up, his expression firm. He wouldn’t be arguing his way out of this. “I suggest you take it to win your woman back. Or you can continue to wallow in self-pity and act like a jackass. The choice is yours.”

He watched in silence as his best friend walked out of his office, shutting the door just as quietly as when he entered.

Looking down at the case in front of him, he closed it. For the first time, he didn’t want to argue or resist. Everything in him said he should. That he should march out there and tell Taylor just who he was dealing with. But he knew the outcome. Taylor could be as fierce and relentless as him. He didn’t like it, but it was done. He was officially on a two-week vacation.

And maybe a part of him was relieved. Maybe this was the push he needed to get his ass in gear.

He loved her.

Snatching his phone from his desk, he clutched it tightly.

Decisions had to be made.

Every time he stepped out of the house, he tried to forget about her. It was a useless task. He’d never be able to forget about her.

After punching in his phone code, his finger hovered above the messages. He pressed down firmly.

Who did she think she was? Did she really think she could just walk away?

Two weeks.

Two long weeks he sat back, letting her think she could get away without a fight. No more. He’d fight like he never fought before, and he had been involved in some downright nasty, brutal fights of his life in court. He always came out the winner.

He would this time, too.

But what did he say? Should he even start with a text? Should he call her? Just show up to her sister’s house? Her work?

He tapped a few buttons and smiled. A wide smile for the first time in the last two weeks.

Emojis laugh. Three of them. With the tears running down their faces.

He hit send.

She’d understand that right away.

Because he found it laughable that she thought he’d let her walk away just like that.

She was his.

Only his.

It was about damn time he started showing it.


I just want to wish everyone a very happy New Year! May 2018 be wonderful for you! 🎉

Merry Christmas!

I want to wish everyone a very merry Christmas!


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♥ I hope your day and night is filled with holiday cheer! ♥

Flash Fiction with a little Merry Christmas!

Hello! I apologize for missing last week. I don’t know what happened there. I just plain forgot. lol I am currently enjoying Christmas vacation with my family, but I didn’t forget you lovelies this time. I scheduled this post and had so much fun writing this flash before we left! I have no idea where this story is going, but I can’t wait to find out! Let me know what you think!

Writing prompt ~ Why is the sky blue?

Her big black suitcase fell with a thunk to the floor. That was the last bag she had painstakingly packed. She didn’t want to meet his gaze, but she forced herself to.

“Really? You’re leaving me? Just like that? Without trying to work through this?”

Her heart broke from the pain in his tone. From the anguish in his words. Did she want to leave? Of course not. Was it for the best she left before he completely shattered her? Definitely. Her heart couldn’t handle any more torture than it had already been dealt.

“It’s…” Her voice cracked, unable to find the right words. It’s best sounded shallow. It’s time sounded cruel. It’s what she needed to do sounded too true. Yet, she couldn’t say any of that.

Gage’s face scrunched into anger. “It’s what? Tell me. Finish that Goddamn sentence.” He sucked in a harsh breath, his fists clenching and unclenching. “So that’s it? You can’t even talk to me. Did you even love me for a second?”

She stumbled back as if he smacked her hard across the face. How could he ask such a question? She loved him so much she was walking away before they tore each other apart.

“You have no idea. How dare you ask such a question? That’s like asking why is the sky blue. The answer is obvious.”

“Obvious?” He asked incredulously, stalking towards her. “It’s not obvious at all. Those bags by your feet tell me a different answer.”

She followed the path his hand jerked at, tears suddenly threatening to flow. Three suitcases full of her stuff she hadn’t even wanted to remove from their spot. Clothes. Pictures. Mementos. Honestly, she should’ve left that stuff alone. She would only be torturing herself when she reached her sister’s house and pulled out everything that would remind her of him. She should’ve just taken her clothes and that’s it.

A soft hand cupped her cheek, a warm finger brushing away a tear that slipped out.

“I’ve made mistakes. I admit that.” Gage gently forced her gaze to his, bringing his other hand to frame her face. “Just walking out like this isn’t right. Tell me what I need to do to fix this. To fix us. I can’t let you walk out of here like this.” His expression turned fierce. “I won’t.”

His tender touch soothed her rattled nerves. His soft tone enchanted her as it always did, reeling her in. That was the problem. He always gave her pretty words, insisting things would change, and they never did. She couldn’t take the ups and downs anymore. When it was just them, focused on one another, their relationship was wonderful. When he crawled into his cave, solely focused on his work, almost forgetting she even existed, she knew the relationship had a leak that probably couldn’t be mended.

He loved his job. The exciting thrill of prosecuting criminals, his eloquent words flying around the courtroom as he nailed the defendant to the post and won his case with ease. It all came natural to him. She understood that. She knew he needed that excitement in life.

But she needed him, too. She needed more than he was willing to give her. Part of her felt selfish for wanting more of his attention. Part of her felt like she deserved it. Without his job, he’d feel meaningless.

That’s why she knew she’d never give him an ultimatum. She wouldn’t be one of those women that made a man choose. That tried to change a man into someone he’d hate.

Her or his job?

It wasn’t fair to ask him that.

So it was best she left. Made the decision for him.

His grip tightened as his lips fell delicately upon hers. It was like fresh rain on a hot summer day. Sweet and soothing. A way to calm down the heat building.

As soon as his lips left hers, she wanted to cry out in agony.

“I love you. Stay. Don’t leave like this. I beg you.”

She wanted to cave. She wanted to wrap her arms tightly around him and never let go.

I beg you.

That wasn’t something he freely said. She could see the way his jaw tensed at uttering those three simple words. Begging did not come easily to a man who never pleaded for a thing in his life. Things just fell at his feet with ease. A look. A word. A gesture. He didn’t have to do much for things to go his way. People just listened.

Well, not this time.

She couldn’t listen even as much as her heart demanded she should.

Slowly, as if to savor his touch one last time, she removed his hands from her cheeks, missing the loss of him as soon as she stepped away out of his reach. She opened the front door without looking at him and placed her luggage onto the porch. Not one word was spoken as she went about that short task.

As her hand gripped the door handle, ready to leave without even a simple goodbye to him, his words tingled down her spine in terrifying goose bumps.

“If you step out that door, don’t even think about coming back. You’re walking away without a fight. Like a coward. I can’t love a woman like that.” His voice turned low and menacing. “You walk out that door, and my love for you will die.”

Steeling her spine, she walked outside and closed the door gently, not one glance in his direction. She would’ve never survived the look of pain in his eyes otherwise.

Yeah, she was a coward.

Hashing out her reasons would’ve gotten them nowhere. She had good reasons for leaving. She could’ve walked out a long time ago. She could’ve demanded months ago he stop working so much. She could’ve told him how she really felt and what they could do to fix everything. She could’ve conjured tons of reasons.

It would have been nothing but lies and fabrications from the truth.

Because the truth was she was being brave for the both of them.

She’d rather walk out and have him hate her than to see him die.

And he would die if she stayed.

The man last night who broke into their home while Gage was at work burned that into her brain. Etched it across her soul.

If she didn’t leave, that man would kill him.

And she would never survive his death.


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The Danger With Love

A beautiful wedding. An exquisite dress. A night to remember. If only she were the bride. Sarafina just wants her fairytale ending like all her friends, but she seems doomed to always be the bridesmaid. Until she runs into him—the groomsman walking her down the aisle. She might be attracted to him, but he screams nothing but trouble.

Special Agent Dax Delcroy never wanted this assignment. Being old college roommates with the groom meant the case was his anyway. Get in and get out. Get the information to take down the bride’s father, the most ruthless mobster in the city. It should all be so easy. Except nothing is easy the minute he meets her.


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Escaping Memories

(A Lucky Town Novel)

Sheriff Logan Caldwell just wants to keep his beloved county safe, yet feels like he fails when a father kills his own daughter. Open and close case. Nothing more for him to do but start his vacation like he originally planned before that tragedy swallowed him whole. He never imagined the day would get worse when he finds a woman in his cabin. She’s dirty and bruised with blood all over her body. She has no memory—of anything. He failed the little girl, but he won’t fail this woman. He swears he’ll find out who hurt her, keep her safe, and help her gain her memory back. Only problem is, he just might fall in love with her at the same time.


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Flash Fiction Friday!

Eek! It’s been a long time it feels like since I last did a flash fiction! But I’m back and full of Christmassy goodness! I asked my daughter for a new prompt today, and she was like, “Well, it’s Christmas, so…”

Writing Prompt ~ Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

He sat down and got comfortable…


“Jack and Coke, please.”

The bartender nodded and quickly prepared his drink. As soon as the delicious concoction sat in front of him, he knew the entire day would melt away. Be forgotten.

Well, maybe after five or six, strong, Jack and Coke’s it could all be forgotten.

The glass rose to his lips, the dark amber liquid close to running smoothly down his throat. And then his hand jerked as his head whipped to the side.

“Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer…” the woman stopped, smiled, and opened her mouth to keep singing a song he couldn’t stand.


A silky brow rose. “And why not?”

“It’s a dumb song.”

“It’s a very fun song.” Her mouth twisted with mischief. “You’re one of them.”

“Excuse me?”

“You know, a Debbie downer of Christmas. Shall I call you Debbie, then?”

Was this woman for real? He just wanted to sit in peace and enjoy his drink and forget about his troubles for a while, not create new ones. It wasn’t too much to ask that she not sing a ridiculous song in the middle of a bar.

“I think you mean to say Scrooge.”

“Oh, no, you definitely look like a Debbie. Only a few can pull off an actual Scrooge.”

“Just stop singing and leave me alone.”

She nodded slowly, a delicate smile on her face. Although he didn’t think anything but havoc lay underneath that smile. Despite his sour mood, his body started to respond. He hated that as much as he hated her singing. He didn’t want to be attracted to this woman, especially one so infectious about Christmas.

He turned away, started to raise the glass to his lips, and just as he was about to swallow, a part of the drink dribbled down his chin as another loud song rang out of her sassy, yet damn sexy mouth.

“Frosty the Snowman—”


She looked at him quizzically but with a naughty intent hidden in the depths. “Come on. You don’t like Frosty either. What’s wrong with you, Debbie? Live a little.”

“Go somewhere else.”

Her features switched instantly. From playful to wrathful in an instant. “Listen up, Debbie. I was sitting here first. You go somewhere else.”

Finally, she was talking some sense. He did sit down after her. And if she was going to continue to sing every five seconds, then he would move. He just wanted to drink in peace. Not listen to her belt out Christmas tunes off key.

He stood up. She cocked an eyebrow in challenge. He took a step closer to her. He couldn’t resist leaning in as he whispered in her ear, “It’s Evan. And if you’re going to sing, at least sing in key.”

Before he could dwell on the fact she shivered as the words fell out softly, meant to entice, to flirt, he spun around and walked away. She had ramped up his desire, something he suppressed for the last six months with little effort. It pissed him off. But he couldn’t walk away from her without dishing out a little of his own torture.

And why should singing dumb Christmas songs get him hot and bothered? He hadn’t enjoyed Christmas in years.

Maybe it was the way she looked at him. So mischievously and sexy and like she had the answer to everything. He could use some answers.

He found a seat near the window, tucked in a corner, but in good view of her sitting at the bar. He told himself it was to give him ample warning in case she decided to bother him. But he knew that was a lie as soon as it flew through his mind. He just wanted to be able to see her. Watch her a little bit before he never saw her again.

She’d be nothing more than an apparition tomorrow morning. A blip on his radar.

Time passed. A waitress made sure every time his drink was close to empty, he had a new one. By drink four, his nerves had mellowed and a sweet, melancholy calmness had started to set in.

Just a few more and his night could end with complete peace.

His eyes trained on her immediately. He could tell right away he hated the man in her space, and she wasn’t appreciating it either.

Not his problem.

But, damn, he was itching to make it his problem. He didn’t know this woman. Didn’t even know her name. Yet, he wanted to stand up, drag that asshole away from her and declare, “Mine!” in front of the entire bar. He suddenly felt very possessive of her. Like she was his. Only his. It was crazy. Absolutely outrageous to think something after only a few minutes of interaction with her.

The moment he touched her, put a hand on her arm that she shook off immediately, he couldn’t stand back another moment. He stood up and stormed over there.

“Back off.” He shoved the guy away, standing in front of her, completely shielding her view of him.

“Screw you. You back off. Who do you think you are?”

His fists clenched. “Her boyfriend. And she’s mine. So back off.”

The guy’s eyes narrowed, as if contemplating the outcome if he made a move, ultimately deciding it wasn’t worth the effort.

“Whatever, dude. She’s all yours.”

“Damn, right,” he muttered under his breath as he watched the asshole walk away. He took his time to turn around.

“Boyfriend, huh, Debbie?”

He boxed her in, one hand on the back of the chair, one hand on the bar, his mouth mere inches from hers. “Evan.”

“Oh, how could I forget? We’ve been dating…about ten seconds. How silly of me?” She smiled, that sweet, sexy smile he had been dying to see since he walked away an hour ago. “Well, boyfriend of mine. What song are we singing now? I’m very partial to—”

He silenced her with a kiss. Slow, sensuous and everything he imagined as he watched her from afar for over an hour.

Oh, yeah, she was his. He’d never walk away from her again. It didn’t even matter he didn’t know her name yet.


…“And that is how I met your mother five years ago. She still can’t sing a tune in key either.”

His son giggled as he snuggled under the blankets and pulled his teddy bear closer to his chest. “Tell it again. Tell it again, Daddy.”

“Once a night, buddy. You know that.” He kissed him on the forehead. “Sleep tight, big guy. Love you.”

He made sure the night-light was plugged in and shut the door after one more hug and kiss that his son always insisted on having. It was a nightly ritual. Tell the story of how mommy and daddy met, a kiss on the forehead, check the night-light, then one more hug and kiss.

And there she was, the woman of his dreams since the moment he met her, waiting in the hallway.

“Umm, I do believe you were a little off-key tonight with Rudolph.”

He snagged a hand around her waist and kissed her. “And you, my sweetheart, always sing it off-key. I love you anyway.”

“It’s my beautiful song that drew you in. Like a siren.”

“I can’t argue with that.” He stole another kiss from her. “Now it’s time for your bedtime story.”

She giggled as he nuzzled her neck with kisses. “Can I hear the one about the naughty elf?”

He swung her into his arms and grinned. “Anything for you, my dear Debbie.”

She winked as the bedroom door swung closed.


Dreams Collide by Kristina Beck

Title: Dreams Collide
Series: Collide Series #2
Author: Kristina Beck
Genre: Contemporary Romance (Stand alone)
Release Date: December 5, 2017
Kindle Unlimited


Tina craves adventure, food, and her new client, restaurant owner Gerry.

At sixteen, Tina was full of energy, fearless, and desperate to get out of New Jersey. But her dreams shattered when her mother died tragically. She was thrust into the role of mothering her family while hiding the horrible truth of that day.

Now that Tina feels she’s paid her penance, she wants to rediscover the ambitious girl she used to be. With her new dream job and a move to Hoboken, it’s her time to spread her wings. Tina’s first client is a restaurant owner who tempts her—not only with food but with himself. She’d felt this kind of attraction only once before in college and is flooded with memories of an unforgettable kiss. One of her biggest regrets.

Gerry desires anonymity, a new life, and the beautiful website designer Tina. 

Gerry fled Germany to escape the destruction of his reputation. After months of staying under the radar, he opens a restaurant in New York City. When he hires a website design firm, Gerry finds himself working closely with Tina—whom he had a taste of years ago and now finds a sweet indulgence.

Even as they admit their attraction to each other, an unexpected circumstance threatens to separate them again. Will their love be strong enough to give up their dreams? Or will someone be left behind?





United Indie Book Blog – “Dreams Collide made me laugh, made me cry and made me fall in love with it.”


Rather Be Reading – “I absolutely love this second chance at first love story.”


Paula (Goodreads) – “Kristina has out done herself on this book. It was amazing.”








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A Jersey girl herself, Kristina was born and raised in New Jersey, USA, for thirty years. She later moved to Germany and has lived there for over thirteen years with her German husband and three children. She lives in the farthest southwest tip of Germany, surrounded by beautiful vineyards and a perfect view of the Black Forest. She is an avid reader of different genres, but romance always takes precedence. She loves coffee, dark chocolate, power naps and 80’s movies. Her hobbies include writing, reading, fitness, wine tasting, and forever trying to improve her German-language skills. 





Mistletoe Magic

Eek! It’s finally here! I’m so excited for this novel! It’s sweet, heartwarming, a little angsty, and full of Christmas spirit. You can pick up your copy today for only $.99! Hurry, because it’ll only stay at this price for a few more days!

Available on Amazon

Kindle Unlimited


Theresa might not make the best pot of coffee in town, but people still flock to the diner for a cup, even Officer Crowl, who rarely displays a smile since his fiancé died. She’ll never be able to win his heart, but it’s hard to resist him, especially when he kisses her under the mistletoe. Well, on the cheek, but that has to count for something…right?

Staying busy keeps Officer Aiden Crowl sane. Because when he’s idle or alone, he thinks, and nothing good comes from that. Everyone thinks he was the perfect man. They think he’s broken because she’s gone. He is, just not for the reason they believe. Every time he walks into the diner, one sweet smile from Theresa erases some of the pain. He should stay away from her. Far away. But what is he supposed to do when they’re standing under a mistletoe? Kiss her, of course.

*Note: Each book in this series can be read as a standalone.*

The entire Holiday Romance series:

Merry Me: Elliot & Lynn

Mistletoe Magic: Aiden & Theresa