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Wow! What a fun and exciting day! It’s just been amazing with the release of Deserving You! Thank you so much to everyone who’s been making it the best day ever!!! Now, let’s get to the flash fiction…finally!

Prompt ~ Some people are good for the city.

“Can you feel that?”

Oh, she could feel his hand alright. It was cold, but solid.

This couldn’t be happening. She shouldn’t be able to feel anything from him. He was a ghost. A spirit. A man who should’ve crossed over to the other side a long time ago.

Yet, here they sat next to each other on the soft grass in front of her father’s grave and she could feel his hand on her cheek.

Neither made a move. He asked a question. She answered with a simple yes. Now, they both just sat staring at each other as he held his soft, chilly hand to her cheek.

His hand was like an icicle. A shiver rippled throughout her body before she could stop it. His hand fell away immediately.

“My apologies. I don’t know why I touched you.”

Their thighs still slightly touched. She liked it, even as cold as he made her feel. Just as she didn’t mind when his hand caressed her cheek.

Not wanting to make the situation more awkward, well, anymore awkward than it already was. She was talking to a ghost. Of course it was awkward! She tried to think of something to say. Yet, no words came to mind.

What do you say to a ghost?

“I’ve seen the world change around me… roaming the cemetery.” He cleared his throat as he adjusted his hat by the brim. “I don’t understand how your father died in a gunfight. I haven’t seen a gunfight, like the day I died, in a long time.”

She chuckled, even as she knew he wasn’t trying to be humorous. “My dad was a cop. A detective. He was investigating a street gang. Him and his partner got good intel about a shipment of drugs coming in, and when they showed up to make some arrests, bullets started flying. He didn’t make it home that night.”

A delicate silence split the air. A very peaceful silence, as if they were both weighing her words and letting them sink in.

“Sad to hear gangs still terrorize the area. Are there no good people left?” He cracked a grin as he met her gaze. “Your father died as I did. Defending the town from a gang. That’s just…tragic.”

She averted her eyes, glancing at her father’s grave. “Very tragic. And to answer your question. Some people are good for the city. Some make it a bad place. But no one can bring us down. We’ll always fight back.”

His grin grew until he had a full-blown smile on his face. The man was devastatingly handsome when he smiled like that. Her heart started to pitter-patter with nerves at the sight.

Why her? Why now?

She was attracted to a ghost and his handsome smile.

“I’m trying really hard here. I hope you can forgive me.”

She didn’t even try to hide her confusion. “What are you talking about?”

“About this.”

He leaned closer and brushed his lips to hers. Soft and hesitant and icy to the touch. The coldness didn’t matter to her. She wanted more from him, especially since she didn’t know if she’d ever see him again once she left the cemetery. Perhaps this was what he needed to move on. Talk about what happened. Cleanse his soul. Kiss a little. Where was the harm in that?

She increased the pressure. A cue that he took without restraint, as he wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her closer. His tongue dipped into her mouth as her body molded to his.

It was heartbreakingly sad how well they fit together. Because they would never truly be together. Not when she was alive, and he was dead.

The thought doused her desire like a bucket of water to a flame. She broke the kiss, pushed away from him, and scrambled to her feet.

“I…I can’t do this. I can’t lose…” A cry tore from her lips. She couldn’t even finish her sentence and rushed out of the cemetery as fast as she could.



Deserving You is now live!

Eek! Look what’s finally here! Deserving You is now live and available to purchase on Amazon! And to help me celebrate and spread the word is Enticing Journey Book Promotions with a lovely release blitz! Oh, and be sure to enter the giveaway!

Title: Deserving You: Emmett & Deja

Series: A McCord Family Novel Series #3

Author: Amanda Siegrist

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: October 20, 2017

Deja Wilson was given a second chance. She’ll always be grateful to Sophie for her kindness. Now, they’re best friends. The McCords, including Emmett, only like her for Sophie’s sake. It doesn’t stop her from wishing things were different, that she could have a good man like Emmett. When her brother is released from prison and arrested again the same day, she knows Emmett will never want a woman like her. Especially when he learns the truth about why her brother was sent to prison. It doesn’t matter anyway. She doesn’t deserve him.

Emmett McCord has wanted Deja since the moment he met her, despite how she came into their lives. It didn’t take long for him, and the family, to forgive her and see just what kind of woman she is. Strong. Determined. Remorseful. Faithful to a fault. He wants to declare his feelings, but he knows she’ll resist him. He can’t risk losing her friendship. When her brother walks back into her life, causing her pain, he’s done keeping his feelings to himself. He wants her, and she’ll just have to get used to it.

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“I don’t date. I just screw ‘em and leave ‘em,” Deja said with a nasty smirk.

Moving closer, his lips brushed her ear as he whispered, “You’re lying.” He rubbed his thumbs across her hands some more as she trembled in his arms. “Talk to me, Deja. Really talk. Just tell me what happened today.”

He kissed her neck below her ear and pulled away. Her eyes would tell him everything he needed to know. And they did. The desire reflected in the depths of her eyes, as did the awe. He had the distinct feeling she never felt true passion before. He’d be more than happy to show her—after she told him what happened.

Just as swiftly, the desire disappeared. “Don’t, Emmett. Just don’t.” Her features turned hard as she stared him down with the evil eye he knew so well.

Deflection. That’s what that look was. He had learned the ins and outs of her so well. The last nine months had given him plenty of time to learn her quirks. She was truly a soft-hearted person inside. Her hard persona was an act. So much anguish she held inside.

“Don’t what, Deja? Don’t try to be a friend? Don’t hold you like you matter to me? Don’t let you see how much I care about you? Don’t make you talk? I don’t listen very well sometimes. Get used to it.”

“Excuse me?” One brow rose as she pursed her lips.

He leaned closer, brushing his lips against hers. She trembled at the touch. He didn’t mind giving her little tastes of how good it could be if they were together. She’d give in eventually. She’d talk and then he would show her how much he cared about her.

“I said get used to it.” His lips made one more light sweep across her delectable mouth. “I can see you’re hurting. Something bad happened today—besides the car accident—and I want to help. I’ll show you real desire as soon as you talk to me. I’ve wanted you for a long time. It’s nice to know you want me, too. So, get used to it. Get used to me. I’m not going anywhere.”

“I don’t want you. I just want sex,” she scoffed, as if she were trying to make it sound believable. He knew better.

“You’re so cute when you try to lie.”

“I’m not lying.”

“Did I ever tell you that you have such gorgeous eyes? They sparkle like the deep blue ocean.” He smiled. “When you lie, they flash a shade of purple. It’s the strangest thing I’ve ever seen. It’s so damn beautiful.”

“Let me go, Emmett.”

He didn’t release his hold. If anything, he held her hands tighter. “Did I ever tell you that I love how you say my name? The nickname you gave me just doesn’t have the same ring to it.”

“Stop it.”

“Did I ever tell you that you look so adorable when you’re trying to look hard and tough? But you know what? You’re a softie. So sweet and delicate.”

“Knock it off.”

“Did I ever tell you—”

“Shut up, Emmett!”

“Did I ever tell you—”

She let out a mangled cry that cut his words right off. Burying her head into his chest, her tears soaked right through him. They were fast and rough. So much pain it broke his heart.

He let go of her hands and wrapped her as tightly as he possibly could. “You don’t have to do things alone anymore, Deja.”

(Copyright © Amanda Siegrist 2017)





I love anything that has to do with romance. As long as there’s a happy ending, I’m a happy camper. I love baseball (Go Twins!) and creating awesome crafts. I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice, working in that field for several years before I became a stay-at-home mom. When I’m not hanging out with my wonderful family, I’m writing a sweet contemporary romance or a romantic suspense that keeps you guessing until the end. I have a few more amazing stories in the works. If you would like to connect with me or see important news, head to my website at http://www.amandasiegrist.com. Or you can also check out my Facebook Page or follow me on Twitter (@amanda_siegrist). Thanks for reading!




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#gimmethatwordtoday: Tampon

Wow! It’s been a long time since I’ve done #gimmethatwordtoday! I actually checked and it’s been since May 27, 2017. But I have a super funny story that happened yesterday and it reminded me of this. So here we go… (And Psst…I haven’t ever used this word in any of my books, but the short scene I picked kinda goes with it. lol)


“What’s bothering you?”

“Nothing. I swear.” Giving a small laugh, she decided she needed to throw him off a bit. Letting him know the real reason, or to continue to dig for the real reason was inexcusable. Dangerous. “I think that time of the month is coming. You know how women get.”

Surprised and slightly taken aback, he turned a little red and looked away. “Right. Are you sure you’re up for brunch?”

“I haven’t eaten, so, yes. Let’s go.” Pasting on a smile that didn’t reach her eyes, she looped her hand through his arm and steered him out of her bedroom.

From The Danger With Love


My seven year old daughter and I went to Target yesterday, and when we parked, I opened the door for her, and as she stepped out she saw something on the ground. Pointing at it, she asks, “What’s that, mom?” I turn and look down and just wanted to burst out laughing. “It’s a tampon.” (And thankfully this was not a used tampon or anything, but it was out of its package.) We started walking to the entrance of the store and she asks, “What’s a tampon?” Cue embarrassment and a talk I don’t wanna have yet! Seriously!!! “It’s a feminine product that you’ll need when you get older, but you don’t have to worry about it yet.” She looks at me…”What do you do with it?” I just couldn’t continue the conversation! *dies laughing* “Honestly, nothing for you to worry about yet. Trust me when I say that.” And we commenced to do our shopping with no more talk about tampons! OMG! Obviously a conversation we’ll have to have eventually, but right now…no thanks!

Hope you’re having a beautiful Wednesday! ♥


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Time for some #audiobook fun! CONDOMS IN A SUITCASE-Ch 17 of Consequences by M. Jane Colette

CONDOMS IN A SUITCASE-Ch 17 of Consequences by M. Jane Colette #audiobook #excerpt #listentothis #ConAudioTour

Welcome to Stop 17 of the Consequences AudioBook BlogTour
from CONSEQUENCES (of defensive adultery)
an EROTIC tragedy with a HAPPY ending
by M. Jane Colette
performed by Elisa Kae

18+ ADVISORY: Consequences is intended for an adult (18+) audience. It deals with mature subject matter, and contains explicit language and sexual content. Listener and reader discretion is advised.

The tour is bringing romance readers and listeners the opportunity to listen to all 48 full, unabridged chapters of Consequences well in advance of the audiobook’s Christmas release.

Plus, there are fabulous prizes at every stop–including a raffle for $50 Amazon Gift Card–and 48 chances throughout the tour to enter to win a COMPLETE set of M. Jane Colette’s paperbacks–so read through to the end so you don’t miss out!


An affair. HEARTBREAK. Consequences. ABSOLUTION, redemption, and LOVE… in the most unexpected places–a steamy second chance romance unlike any you’ve ever experienced… featuring an ALPHA lover-confessor you haven’t DARED dream about.

Elizabeth did not plan to break up his marriage when she had an affair with her law school professor. But she did. Fifteen years later, she’s still coming to terms with the consequences of her youthful infatuation: a stepdaughter who hates her, an ex-wife who will never forgive the betrayal, a sister-in-law who’s determined to make Elizabeth her confidante. Compelled to reveal the “tragedy of her life” to a nameless lover, Elizabeth finds herself forced to reconsider her definition of love, commitment, and responsibility—a process that finally releases her from the shackles of her past mistakes and shows her the way to her own happily-ever-after.

A NOTE ABOUT STRUCTURE: The story unfolds over the course of one night, as the narrator Elizabeth relates the “tragedy of her life” to her current lover as they, to quote a reviewer “do lover things.” The story Elizabeth tells spans 15 years. The scenes between Elizabeth and her lover are pure dialogue, and interrupt the “story proper.” There is no “he said/I said” in the dialogue between Elizabeth and her lover… a challenge the narrator solved masterfully, but which may give the first-time listener pause. To increase your enjoyment of the story, an opportunity to read, as well as listen to, the chapter, is provided.

Today, we bring you Chapter 17: CONDOMS IN A SUITCASE.

“Help! I can’t listen–I don’t have headphones handy, I’m at work, and when I get home, my children will be underfoot! Plus, I’m more of a reader than a listener, you know?”

PREFER TO READ? Here is a password-protected link to the written version of this chapter for tour participants’ eyes only:

*****CHAPTER 17: CONDOMS IN A SUITCASE (password: erotictragedy17)*****

Enjoyed what you heard/read? The tour continues on Sun Oct 15 with Chapter 18 // COMING OUT hosted by MICHELE FOGAL.

FIRST STOP: If this blog is your first stop on the tour, you might want to head back to stop number one, hosted by Tome Tender Blog: The Photograph, or to the Tour Home Page, and start from the beginning. There are chances to win prizes at every stop!


ENTER UNTIL 12:00 am Nov 29, 2017

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PLUS: GRAND PRIZE TREASURE HUNT ENTRY, PART 17: For a chance to win one of two COMPLETE HARD COPY SETS of M. Jane Colette’s novels, send an email to TellMe@mjanecolette.com, and:

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  3. answer the question: “You know there are condoms in the suitcase. What else? Name at least one other item.”

Hint: The answer’s contained in today’s chapter.

(The small print: Each tour stop offers you one opportunity to enter the GRAND PRIZE TREASURE HUNT DRAW, for a total of 48 entries if you complete the tour. The books that comprise the GRAND PRIZE are the novels Tell Me, Cherry Pie Cure, and Consequences, and the non-fiction collection of essays Rough Draft Confessions, including its controversially titled, available-only-in-Canada, beta reader / limited edition predecessor.)



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M. Jane Colette writes tragedy for people who like to laugh, comedy for the melancholy, and erotica for women and men who like their fantasies real. She believes rules and hearts were made to be broken; ditto the constraints of genres.

Connect with her on Twitter / GoodReads / FaceBook / Instagram and subscribe to her newsletter, Rough Draft Confessions, to stay in the loop on her WIPs, new releases, and fab multi-media, multi-author projects. You can also email her at TellMe@mjanecolette.com.

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Thurs Nov 30 – GRAND PRIZE WINNERS ANNOUNCED on mjanecolette.com


Flash Friday…and a little Christmas!

Woo hoo! First things first, I wanna share that Mistletoe Magic is officially available for preorder…and for a special price of $.99! I just can’t wait for this to release on December 1st!

Preorder today!

Here’s a blurb so you can get just as excited as me!!!

Theresa might not make the best pot of coffee in town, but people still flock to the diner for a cup, even Officer Crowl, who rarely displays a smile since his fiancé died. She’ll never be able to win his heart, but it’s hard to resist him, especially when he kisses her under the mistletoe. Well, on the cheek, but that has to count for something…right?

Staying busy keeps Officer Aiden Crowl sane. Because when he’s idle or alone, he thinks, and nothing good comes from that. Everyone thinks he was the perfect man. They think he’s broken because she’s gone. He is, just not for the reason they believe. Every time he walks into the diner, one sweet smile from Theresa erases some of the pain. He should stay away from her. Far away. But what is he supposed to do when they’re standing under a mistletoe? Kiss her, of course.

*Note: Each book in this series can be read as a standalone.*

The entire Holiday Romance series:
Merry Me: Elliot & Lynn
Mistletoe Magic: Aiden & Theresa…Coming December 1, 2017


And now for Flash Fiction Friday! Kinda super duper loving this storyline so far! Enjoy!

Prompt ~ You’re adorable.

He waited ten days for her. Ten long, agonizing days. When he thought about it, in the grand scheme of things, ten days wasn’t that long.

Decades. A century. Now that was long.

But ten days should be a piece of cake for him.

Instead, it had been the worst ten days of his life as he waited impatiently for her to return to the cemetery. For him to have contact with another person that he hadn’t had in ages.

He still couldn’t believe she saw him. Talked to him. Walked away from him. Of course, he didn’t really blame her one bit for the last one. He would’ve walked away from him, too. What sane person would stick around and talk to a ghost? What sane person could see ghosts?

Better yet, why in the hell was he a ghost?

He died in this town defending it against a gang running havoc around the area, robbing the bank and the townspeople of all their most expensive possessions, which wasn’t that much.

He had been pitted against failure, and yet, he took a stance and tried to defeat them anyway—by himself. No other townsfolk would stand with him. He’d been handy with a gun. Not necessarily a known gunslinger back in the day, but he handled his guns like a seasoned pro. His aim was never off. He managed to take down five of the ten men that came stampeding into town that day before he was gunned down.

Shouldn’t that have hailed him a hero of some sort? A one way ticket to heaven, at least.

Apparently not. Because since that day, he roamed the town as an apparition. Trying to connect with anyone, hoping, wishing, and praying they’d hear him. He watched as the town boomed from a small town to a big city, as the gates to the cemetery where they buried his body grew and expanded. Yet, anytime he tried to pass through the gates, he disappeared and ended right back to his headstone, doomed to roam among the dead, but never to pass on to the other side…to heaven.

And after ten long, suffering days of loneliness, she finally returned. However, he couldn’t seem to move from behind the tree and approach her, to announce his presence. The last time they spoke, she ran as if she had seen a ghost, which she had. He scared her. That was the last thing he wanted to do again.

But he wanted to talk to her. He wanted that human connection he hadn’t had in years. It felt good to banter back and forth, to have a conversation, even if it had been an awkward one.

Figuring he never backed down from anything, and that he refused to start now, he forced himself to step away from the tree and make his way to the grave where she sat on the grass talking to her father.

He had watched her for over a month, coming to the grave, talking as if her father could hear her. It was something he did with lots of people as they visited their loved ones. He had gotten into the habit of talking with them, as if they could hear him, that he nearly fainted when she responded back. And he was not a man prone to fainting. Far from it.

“How did he die?”

The sound of his voice obviously frightened her as she scrambled to her feet and backed away from him. What an idiot he was. He shouldn’t have announced his presence so abruptly, and with such an insensitive question. A simple hi would’ve sufficed.

“You…you’re real.”

He tried to produce a friendly smile, afraid it came out creepier than he intended when she took another step back. “I didn’t think you’d come back.”

“I almost didn’t…but…I  missed my dad. I miss him.”

He trailed his gaze away from hers to the headstone that read, “Loving husband, father, and brother, who lived passionately and died bravely.”

It would’ve been great if someone wrote something that nice on his headstone. All they did for him was slap his name and date of death upon it. The townsfolk didn’t even know his birthday.

“I’m sorry for your loss.”


Yeah, he figured it was weird for her to receive sympathy from a ghost. But he was sorry. Losing someone was hard. He had to endure losing his entire family before he finally died, all alone and nobody to care that he was gone.

“I’m sorry about yours.”

He jerked his eyes to hers to see the truth in those words. She looked sad, but also intrigued and a little wondrous. “You’re adorable.” He chuckled. “I’ve been dead a long time. You’re the first to offer any sympathy. Thank you.”

A slow smile lit up her face. If he thought she was pretty before, which he did, she was breathtakingly gorgeous when she smiled.

“How did you die?”

“Gunfight.” He gestured toward the headstone. “Your dad?”


He nodded, unsure of how to respond. This entire encounter was unusual. It’d been a long time since he interacted with someone, it’s as if he forgot how to.

“How come you haven’t…you know…moved on?”

Shrugging, he offered a grin. “I’d love to know just as much as you.”

The gorgeous smile was still on her face. When she sat back down on the grass and patted the spot next to her and he sat down, it grew even larger. He shifted a little to get more comfortable and his thigh brushed hers. He froze, and so did she.

How was that possible? He had walked through trees and headstones, hell, even other people at times. Because he was a ghost.

Yet, here he sat, his thigh touching hers. Actual touching. He could feel her warmth.

He was definitely making his way to hell because he wanted to feel so much more.

His hand reached up and cupped her cheek. Her eyes went round with shock.

“Can you feel that?”



Oh, and happy Friday the 13th! May it be spooky and fun-filled!

Flash Friday!

So I decided to change the storyline this week because it’s October!!! Let’s get spooky this month! Hope you enjoy the new storyline!

Prompt ~ I love soccer.

She sat down on the soft, wet grass and hugged her arms around her knees. The coldness seeping through her jeans didn’t register. The sharp bite of the wind hitting her face didn’t bother her. Nothing did. Not when the turmoil twisting her insides like a raging tornado consumed her.

A lone tear slid down her rosy red cheek.

“Oh, Dad, why did you leave me? Momma’s a…well, you know. She can’t take it. I can’t take it. The department can’t take it.” Her breath hitched as she tried to hold back the steady stream of tears that threatened to let loose. “I need you to come back.”

“You really don’t want that.”

She jumped at the voice, springing to her feet and taking a fighter’s stance immediately, ready to defend herself as her dad taught her since she was five years old.

The man standing before her wore all black, from his dusty cowboy boots to the well-worn cowboy hat that sat perched atop his head. She was almost surprised she didn’t see a gun belt with a holster slung around his trim waist, completing the picture of what she could only describe as a gunslinger. Even the fierce, stern look on his face painted a scene from the old west.

“Can I help you?”

He looked shocked at her words, only for a brief moment, almost as if he was surprised, then masked it just as quickly, making her wonder if she even saw it at all.

No. Now wasn’t the time to doubt herself. She saw the expression. The question is why did he look so surprised at such a simple question? He scared the daylights out of her. She had a right to ask that question.

She just wanted to come here and talk to her dad and find some sort of peace that she’d been struggling to find for the last three weeks. It seemed elusive, as if she’d never find any ever again.

“You can…” His eyes glided to the ground. “Crying doesn’t help, you know.”

“Who the hell are you?” Her eyes narrowed. “And what right do you have to say that to me?”

He met her gaze, his bright blue eyes burning a hole straight to her soul. At least, that’s what it felt like. The look unnerved her to her very core. “I don’t, you’re right. My apologies, ma’am.” He tipped the front of his hat in a gesture that almost knocked her off her feet.

She couldn’t even explain why that simple action affected her as it did. Maybe because he sounded like he actually meant what he said. Most men she worked with, or even dealt with, never seemed sincere. Not like he just did.

“I’ll leave you be. I didn’t mean to scare you. I didn’t think…nobody ever…” He looked toward the gray sky looming with dark clouds. “Looks like rain soon. You should leave before you get drenched. Have a pleasant day.”

She watched in awe and shock, and strangely, disappointment as the man walked away. Glancing toward the sky herself, she had to admit he was right. The rain would hit soon. When the roll of thunder echoed in the distance, she knew she should leave. Instead, she sat back down.

“Well, that was weird, huh, Dad?” She chuckled, trying to shake off the melancholy that slapped her in the face as soon as her butt hit the ground once again. For a minute, she hadn’t been overwhelmed with grief. Another small laugh slipped out. Yeah, because her heart had been pumping with adrenaline, wondering if she would have to defend herself against a stranger.

Although, as she replayed the entire encounter over in her mind, she never got the impression the man wanted to hurt her. Then what was the point of bothering her? What had he wanted?

“I love soccer…but it’s just not the same without you, Dad. I haven’t been able to watch a single game since…” She blew out a wretched breath and stood up. “I think that’s enough for today. I just can’t…”

Making her way slowly back to the entrance, she saw the mysterious stranger leaning against the fence to freedom, or was it more like continued torture? Would she ever feel truly free from her sorrow?

“Ms. Turner, I hope you have a lovely day,” Gary, the groundskeeper she saw every time she came for a visit, said as she neared the exit.

“Thank you, Gary. You, too.” She stepped a little closer and lowered her voice. “Who’s that guy?”

“What guy?”

Well, she hated to be rude and point, but really? Gary didn’t know what she was talking about? The man was still leaning against the fence not even twenty feet from them.

“The guy by the fence.”

Gary slowly turned his head in that direction, his brows dipping in concern. “A rough day, Ms. Turner? It’s okay. I understand. You miss your dad.” He met her gaze. “I don’t see anyone standing there.”

She whipped her head to the man, her eyes growing large when he tipped his hat in that same friendly and apologetic gesture he did earlier.

“But…” She looked at Gary again, eyeing his concern that was slowly morphing into alarm. The last thing she needed was people thinking she was crazy. Hell, maybe she was. Why couldn’t Gary see this man and she could? “It has been a long day, Gary. I’ll see you later.”

“Bye, Ms. Turner.”

She started walking away from Gary as fast as she could, unable to handle the worry in his eyes any longer.

“You okay, darling?”

“You’re obviously not real. I have officially gone crazy. My grief has turned me into a loon where I’m seeing a handsome cowboy from the 1800s. Nuts.” She shook her head as the corner of his lip curled up. “Don’t. Don’t smirk at me.”

“My apologies once again, ma’am.”

She didn’t even dignify that with a response, completely flabbergasted she was losing her mind and seeing things that weren’t real. With quick, long strides, she walked through the exit and stopped. Turning around slowly, she looked at the cemetery, wondering if she’d be able to come anymore. Each time she came, she lost another piece of her soul, the pain inside of losing her dad just too much to bear.

Her cowboy still stood by the fence, although within the confines of the cemetery. Her cowboy? Why would she think that?

Well, if she was the one who created him in her mind, then she could call him anything she wanted. Her cowboy it was.

“I ain’t a figment of your imagination, darling. I was a real flesh and blood man once.” The small grin he had withered to nothing as his features fell into sorrow. “And you’d be the first person who’s ever seen me. I’m sorry about your father.”

Her mouth dropped open. No. It wasn’t possible. It couldn’t be.


She was talking to a ghost.


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Emmett McCord has wanted Deja since the moment he met her, despite how she came into their lives. It didn’t take long for him, and the family, to forgive her and see just what kind of woman she is. Strong. Determined. Remorseful. Faithful to a fault. He wants to declare his feelings, but he knows she’ll resist him. He can’t risk losing her friendship. When her brother walks back into her life, causing her pain, he’s done keeping his feelings to himself. He wants her, and she’ll just have to get used to it.

I will be back later today with Friday’s Flash Fiction. Until then…have a lovely day!


Flash time!

Normally I switch POV every week, but for some reason I started writing in her POV (sorry, she has no name yet! lol) again, so I apologize if you were hoping for Jack’s (he has a name now! lol) POV this week. Hope you enjoy this week’s flash!

Prompt ~ Have your eye on the ball.

She sat down in the middle of the stands, close to the end of the row with a bag of popcorn and a small cup of pop. Sitting there for a moment, she tried to figure out where to put her drink. The stands were starting to get crowded for the little league baseball game about to start. Her nephew, or at least that’s what she called him, was on the team. Her best friend, Nancy, couldn’t make it and she said she’d step in and play the cheering roll for her son. She didn’t mind. She loved watching him play ball whenever she could make it.

“Would you like me to hold it?”

Her head whipped to the right, her eyes bulging at the sight.


Displaying his stalker abilities, apparently.

She had walked away that night three weeks ago with a plan in her head to play a game on him. Of course, she never ran into him to do anything. She had no problem admitting she was a coward. The thought of talking to Aaron to find out why he’d go along with such an idiotic plan wasn’t something she had the guts to do. Or ask him where in the building this arrogant man next to her worked.

“Or not. By the look on your face, I’m going to guess you still hate me. I was just trying to be polite.”

Her eyes narrowed. “Are you following me?”

“My nephew is on the team.”

“I’m not sure I believe you.”

He shrugged as a slow grin formed.  “It’s the truth.” He turned to the field and pointed to a little boy near first base. “That’s him right there.”

Maybe the two had it timed out perfectly, because the little boy turned at that exact moment, waved, and shouted, “Hey, Uncle Jack! You made it!”

He waved back, the brightest smile on his face as he did, then he turned toward her. “See. My nephew.”

“Or you paid him to do that.”

He placed a mock gesture across his heart. “Am I that devious to bribe a child?” The laughter in his eyes fell away. “His mother never makes a game, so I make sure I’m here for every single one. Perhaps you’re following me because I’ve never seen you at a game.”

She didn’t like how he stared at her so intently. She jerked her gaze away. Her hand shook in the process, spilling a bit of pop over the sides of the cup. “I usually don’t, but my friend couldn’t make it and I said I’d cheer on her son.”

A warm hand clasped around hers, which was wet and sticky from the soft drink, and pulled the cup gently out of her hand. He then set it between the two of them on the bench.

“They’re fun games. Enjoy your popcorn. Your drink is safe between us.”

She didn’t like his assumption that she wanted her drink there. Maybe she wanted it on the other side of her. Or on the floor near her feet.

Ugh. Get it together. Acting like a child. He was trying to be nice and so should she.

Her hand that held the popcorn reached toward him. “Would you like to share?”

His eyes twinkled with sudden desire at the question. She could feel the same intense flame of desire as he smiled and grabbed a small handful. “Thank you.”

From there, they fell into an easy conversation as the game started. Before long, she forgot how much he annoyed her. It was easy to enjoy the game and cheer on Nancy’s little boy.

“Have your eye on the ball. You can do it, Tuck,” she yelled, as Tuck, Nancy’s little boy, turned red in the face with her loud screaming.

Warm silky breath flowed down her neck in an erotic whisper as soft words filtered with. “I believe the saying is keep your eye on the ball, not have.”

She slowly turned, his eyes piercing her with a passionate hunger. “Baseball’s not my thing.”

He inched closer. “Are you going to slap me if I kiss you?”

She thought about it for less than a second. “No.”

His lips connected with hers, the world disappearing as all the heat that had been building since the moment they met swirled together into one hot, searing kiss. He may have acted like an ass in the beginning, but she had slowly come to forgive him during the game. Okay, so he could be an arrogant jerk. He could also be funny, endearing, and a gentleman when he put forth the effort. He deserved a kiss, as did she.

The kiss might’ve turned indecent except the roar of the crowd had them pulling apart very quickly. She looked at the ball field to see Tuck running the bases like his pants were on fire.

She popped up from her seat screaming like a devil as he ran all the way to third base, making it safely. Excited for him, wanting to share that excitement with Jack, she turned to him and then burst out laughing.

“Oops. I’m so sorry.”

He gave her a look that spoke of him doing very naughty, very erotic things to her as punishment. Because in her haste to cheer on Tuck, she had knocked over her drink, which then spilled all over Jack’s pants.

“I forgive you, my dear.” He stood up, placing a tender hand behind her neck as he pulled her in for a sweet, gentle kiss. “Let me take you to dinner…please.”

She sighed softly, unable to resist him any longer. Plus, she spilled a drink on him—again. Why was she always clumsy around this man?


He chuckled at her response, then dipped his tongue in for another panty-dropping kiss that had the crowd around them shouting for them to get a room.

Yes, a room sounded like a great plan. After the game, of course.