Follow Me, Sweet Darling

A Spine-Tingling Short Story

Book Cover: Follow Me, Sweet Darling

Addilyn Stratten doesn't know how, or who, murdered her sister until she starts digging into the history of the house her sister was murdered in. The more she digs into the house, the more she senses the need to flee as far as she can get.

Detective Eddie Kline is there every step of the way, providing the common sense that a real-live person killed her sister, not the house.

But as each minute ticks by, Addy fears the house is at the root of it all. Each time she hears those horrifying words, she wants to run away. Who keeps whispering, Follow Me, Sweet Darling?

*Note: This is not a romance. This is a standalone short story. This isn't part of a series. Enjoy a spine-tingling short story that will keep you turning the pages until the end.


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