Merry Me

A Holiday Romance Novel

Book Cover: Merry Me
Part of the A Holiday Romance Novel series:

Chief Elliot Duncan hasn't enjoyed Christmas since his mother passed away three years ago. She always managed to make each day, from the start of December to Christmas morning, a special one. When an unmarked gift lands on his doorstep, an elegant card attached with such Christmas wisdom, it touches his heart. But a sudden compulsion to find the owner and promptly return the gift consumes him. He never imagined searching for the owner would lead him to an amazing single mother with a delightful seven-year-old little girl.

Lynn Carpenter is a vision of beauty, and she loves Christmas. Wanting a woman who loves Christmas is just wrong. Yet, he can't stay away from her. As Christmas approaches, Lynn manages to make the holiday pleasant for once. Apprehension fills his soul that she'll hate him for lying, keeping the gift a secret. She's a proud woman. He knows she won't like him trying to give it back. The only thing he wants for Christmas is her heart.

❄ Each book in this series can be read as a standalone. ❄

Merry Me (Book One): Elliot & Lynn
Mistletoe Magic (Book Two): Aiden & Theresa ...coming December 1, 2017!


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