Cake Time!

This past weekend was great. I celebrated my youngest daughter’s fourth birthday. So much fun and now it’s over. *tears streaming down my face* Every year, for both my girls, I always make their birthday cakes myself. I’m no expert, but I do have fun doing it. This year my daughter decided she wanted a My Little Pony cake. Here’s the awesome design I decided to create for her. I used the Equestria Girls, instead of the Pony’s.


I had to take the picture at a funny angle (At least it looks funny to me.) because the figures wouldn’t stand. They were too heavy. That’s why they are sitting down.

If you wanna know how I made this and what I used, then here you go:

My Little Pony Cake

2 – 8 inch round cakes (I alternated mine with chocolate and white cake)

2- 6 inch round cakes

2 boxes of cake mix


Cake decorating tools: Spatula, decorating bags, Wilton 789 tip, Wilton 4 tip, Wilton 1A tip


Wilton Gel Food Colors


First, bake your cake. I did this the night before because they need to be cool to decorate. I also made the icing the night before. Do you want the icing recipe too? Okay, here you go:

Ingredients: 1 cup solid white vegetable shortening, 1 tsp Wilton Flavor Vanilla (clear), 7-8 tsp water, 1 lb. pure cane confectioners’ sugar.

Directions: Cream the shortening, water, and vanilla. Add your dry ingredients and mix on medium speed until thoroughly mixed and creamy. (Note: To use for icing a cake and writing, add 2 tsp of water for each cup of icing. The original mixture will be stiff.) This recipe makes 2 1/2 cups of icing.

I tripled the recipe to have enough icing for this cake. Put a small layer of icing on one 8 inch cake and smooth out. Add the other 8 inch cake on top of it. Now you have a nice thin layer of icing between them. Then, grab the Wilton 789 tip and ice your cake. It’s a really big tip that makes it easier putting the icing on. I made two layers, one above the other and then smoothed it out with a cake decorating spatula for the sides. Next, I put a few rows on top of the cake and smoothed that out with the spatula. On a separate platform, ice your 6 inch cake like the first one.

Before I added the 6 inch to the 8 inch I took my sprinkles and sprinkled all around the 8 inch cake. Yes, it made a huge mess! But it was kinda fun to go crazy and sprinkle, sprinkle, sprinkle:)

Once done, and this part was really tricky, put the 6 inch cake on top of the 8 inch. Reminder: I’m no expert!!!! I’m sure there is an easier way to ice a cake, maybe even with them layered together already. But I did it separately and then put them together. I had to re-smooth a few areas after adding the 6 inch.

Next, I grabbed the Wilton 1A tip and made the dots for the borders. Make one dot at a time very slowly. Sometimes the dot will come out with a sharp point. If you put a dab of powdered sugar on your finger and lightly press down, it will smooth out your dot. Don’t worry, the powdered sugar melts away.

When I finished the borders, I added the figurines. Again, it was a trial and error thing. They wouldn’t stand for me, so I ended up sitting them down. After you have everything positioned right, grab the Wilton 4 tip to add your writing.

There you have it! A My Little Pony cake. Simple, but cute:) I’ve never been a professional cake decorator. This is all in fun. If I did something wrong (that you know is right) forgive me:) I enjoy making birthday cakes for my beautiful little girls. And I’ll continue to do so every year. I like trying new things. It’s fun. Your turn! Go try it:)

Have a great week….Until next time.


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