Flash Fiction Friday

Woo hoo! It’s Flash Fiction Friday again. And I almost forgot about it. I’ve been so busy this week with other book related stuff and school just starting, it occurred to me this morning I hadn’t written my flash yet. But here it is. I have to admit, my daughter almost stumped me on this one…so I hope you enjoy what I came up with!

Prompt ~ Don’t lose…electronics.

With the strap of her purse tight around her shoulder, she shifted the rest of it in front of her as she dug for her keys.

Where did those buggers fall?

She had a horrible habit of tossing anything and everything into her purse.

Lipstick. Yep, just threw it in without putting it in the nice little side pocket made perfectly for it.

Receipts. Always crumbled into a ball with other things like business cards.

Keys. Yeah, those were always the most difficult to find underneath everything else. One would think her lipstick would be the hardest to find. Nope. Not for her.

A tall, large profile of a man pierced her senses as she almost gave up searching for her keys. Almost, but not quite. He might be opening the door to get into her apartment building, but she still needed to unlock her apartment door itself.

“Hold up! Please.” She started to half-run, half-walk as her fingers kept digging to the bottom of her purse.

Sometimes, she just lost things, or misplaced stuff, setting it down and forgetting to pick it back up. Which is why she always tossed everything in her purse with no care in the world. Because she knew where it was, even if she had to dig for it.

The man stood with the door halfway open and started to turn toward her.

Touching everything from her wallet to pieces of paper to her tiny lipstick container, her mind started to churn into panic that she lost her keys. “Don’t lose…electronics…” Her mind went completely blank as she met the eyes of the kind gentleman holding the door open for her.

His deep green eyes glittered with amusement as a small part of his lip curled up. “What?”

“What…what?” Oh, geez. Just put her in a corner for acting like an idiot. Was she even making sense?

“Did you lose…something?”

Did she say she lost something? She had no clue what she even said before his captivating gaze caught hold of her. She still didn’t know what to say as he met her stare, his lovely green eyes sparkling with laughter. He knew she was clueless.

Ugh. Well, that was unattractive.

“Are you okay?”

Going for a haughty glare, she moved to walk past him through the door. “You’re fine.” Her eyes closed as she felt the heat roll up her chest and to her cheeks. “I mean, I’m fine.”

A low chuckle followed her as she walked through the door. Of course, what was she thinking? He was beyond fine. He was downright handsome in his designer suit that fit him perfectly. His thick brown hair just asked for her to brush her fingers through it, and the subtle curls gave him almost a sweet and tender look. But the devil-may-care grin and the laughter in his eyes told her everything she needed to know. He would be arrogant and controlling. She had enough of letting those kinds of men in her life.

Not today.

No way.

“So…” He cleared his throat. “I didn’t get your name.”

Turning slightly, yet she didn’t stop walking because she wanted to reach the elevator and the safety of her apartment before she gave in to temptation, she said, “I didn’t offer it.”


She turned back around only to smack right into a large brown box that sat in the middle of the floor. She lost her footing, toppling over the box and to the other side as her purse flung across the floor, the contents scattering everywhere.

Could it get much worse? She wasn’t usually this clumsy or flustered with a man before. One simple look and he had her mixing up her words, looking like a fool, and tripping over things she should’ve seen sitting in her pathway.

A warm, gentle hand helped her up. For once, his eyes shimmered with compassion and concern. “Are you okay?”

It’s as if he was offering her a second chance with the same words he asked just a minute before.

“I’m good.”

Nodding, he said no more and let her go to pick up her things. She scrambled around as fast as she could, the embarrassment washing over her that he had to help her in the first place. When she opened her purse wide so he could dump everything in, her face flamed with heat once more.

Oh my God, was that a tampon?

The sweet dimple forming on his face, with the laughter back in his eyes, said yes, he just picked up a tampon for her.

Well, just for that, she’d give him the title of being a gentleman once again, even if he was laughing at her at the same time.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome…” He paused, as if he still wanted her name.

There wasn’t room in her life for a man. Even one as temptingly delicious as him. “Well, have a nice day.” She walked away with as much dignity as she could find.

Sadly, he didn’t stop her.


Flash Fiction Time!

I am loving this storyline, especially since it’s something I’ve never tried to write before. I’ve been doing this one longer than I realized, though. Since April. Wow! I think this will be the last week of this story, unless you all holler at me and insist I keep it going. lol. Who knows? Maybe Bo and Isabella will get their own book in the future. Hope you enjoy how this ends!

Prompt: I love crazy.

Hands in his hair, he pulled hard. Nothing made sense. Not her visions. Not what happened today. Not what happened three years ago. Just call it a cluster.

Blowing out a deep breath, he stood up from the couch. He needed to check on her. She’d been sleeping all day ever since they came to her house. It was nearing midnight. There’s no way he’d be able to sleep until she woke up and he knew she was okay.

Inching the bedroom door open, he paused for a moment to take in her beauty. Her beautiful blonde hair lay gracefully on the pillow, her body curled into the blankets with one leg peeking out. One soft, silky leg just waiting for him to caress.

Ugh! Not the time for that nonsense. Oh, but he wanted to make the time. He wanted her just as badly as he did three years ago. Like the idiot he was, he turned away from her. Like the jerk he was, he made her think earlier today that it was her fault they broke up.

Taking his time, he tiptoed to the bed and gently sat on the edge. His hand ached to touch her. Just one little touch. But he refrained. He held himself in check.

He loved her so much it hurt to think about it. These past three years, he had perfected the art of not thinking about her. All it took was one simple phone call from her to make all those turbulent feelings come rushing back in.

He loved her now. He loved her back then. In his crazy ass way, he told her today he had always loved her. The disbelief on her face shouldn’t have surprised him. He never said the words before today. Apparently, his actions back then weren’t very clear about it either. Of course not. Expressing his feelings wasn’t something he excelled at. But she was here now. Back in his life. He wouldn’t make the same mistakes twice.

She started to stir, twisting her body towards him. A soft, warm hand landed on his thigh. It was enough to make his body go wild. Lowering his mouth, he brushed a tender kiss across her forehead.

How much would she hate him if he slid under the covers with her? He needed to get some sleep. She could be out for the count until morning. Two visions in one day took a huge toll on her.

Before he could back away, put some space between them, she whispered, “What time is it?”


She jerked and tried to sit up, but he pushed lightly on her shoulders. “You need the rest.”

“That feels real.”

He gave her a perplexed look. “What does?”

Her eyes glided to his hand that still rested on her shoulder, his thumb softly rubbing it. “You’re real.”

A chuckle escaped. “Of course I am.”

“I thought earlier, maybe I was…”

He knew what she was saying. The things he said confused her more than he realized. If only he would’ve professed his love back then, instead of assuming she’d figure it out. Truth was his love for her still scared him. His feet ached to run, while at the same time, climb into bed with her. His emotions tumbled around like a rough current in the middle of the ocean.

“I’m real. I’m here. I’m not leaving.” He felt a little more anchored to the ground expressing that. “Go back to sleep.”

“Those people…”

“We’ll talk more in the morning. There’s nothing we can do about it now.”

Her eyes grew round with shock. “Meaning, what?”

“Shit.” He couldn’t hide the grimace. “I didn’t mean to say it like that.”

She tried to sit up again, but he impeded her movements. “What happened?”

He hated the misery, the pain in her eyes. Brushing his lips to hers, he hoped that would erase a small trace of it away. “A bomb went off earlier this evening. We don’t know how many people are injured or dead, but it took out at least ten homes in a residential neighborhood on the west side of town.”

Tears glistened in her eyes as her body tensed. “And my second vision…”

“No word yet of any victims.”

“What’s going on, Bo? My visions have never failed me before. Why now?” She turned her head away as the tears came flooding out.

Wrapping her in his arms, he held her tightly. “You didn’t fail. It’s not your fault. You have to believe that.”

“Just like I was supposed to believe you loved me.” Each word came out with a sob. “I just need this all to be a horrible nightmare. None of it can be real.”

His breath hitched as a sharp pain hit his heart. “Even me?” He relaxed his grip, yet didn’t move away from her. “I suck at this relationship stuff, but I never wanted you to leave. I admit I pushed you away back then even though I loved you. I still do. It scares the hell out of me.”

For the longest time, she was silent, crying into his arms. He said nothing more as his hands wove up and down her back, soothing her as best as he could. Her tears eventually calmed. Nothing but silence filled the room. She must’ve fallen asleep.

“Am I going crazy?” Her whispered words echoed around the room. “I have to be going crazy. Everything that’s happened…what you said…I am crazy.”

She still didn’t believe him. What did he expect? He was never this open with her when they first started dating. Maybe she really did believe this was all a horrible nightmare.

“I love crazy.” He brushed a kiss against her neck. “I love you.”

She lifted her head, her eyes shining brightly into his. “You really do? You’re really real?”

“I’m as real as it gets. Forewarning you, though. I’m probably gonna act like an idiot and screw up in every way I possibly can. Call me crazy, too.”

A warm smile graced her face. “I think I can handle that. I love you, too, Bo.” She snuggled closer. “What about my visions? We have to stop this madman.”

He kissed the top of her head. “We will, sweetheart. Together, we will.”


A dose of love…flash fiction!

One thing I’ve come to love is writing flash fiction. Not only does it help to get the creativity flowing, in case I’m struggling with that, but it helps to keep me writing. Sometimes I just don’t feel like writing, or I’m too busy doing something else concerning my books. Writing flash fiction makes me keep up with writing. I like that little push, that motivator to keep me going. In case you didn’t know where I always got my prompt from to write the flashes, I started writing flash fiction with the lovely group Love Indie Romance. I’ve had tons of fun joining them with weekly flashes, but I’m going to be changing it up some.

Last weekend was Mother’s Day. And what a beautiful day it was. My kids made that day so special for me, although, they make each day pretty special in some way. My oldest daughter (she’s seven) made me a special book filled with things she loved about me and a few other wonderful words. The one thing that really stuck out and filled my heart with so much love was some things she said about my writing. She knows I write. (I am on my computer a lot. lol) But what she said really made me see how proud she is of me. I thought it would be really fun to have her help me with my prompts. When I asked her if she’d give me a short sentence so I could write a story with it, the smile she gave me was so precious. *heart beats madly with love*

So, I’ll be enlisting the help of my daughters (Because I imagine my four year would love to help as well. *wink*) for my weekly prompts. I like them to know what I do, how I do it, and that this is my job. A job I love doing every single day. And when she gets just as excited to help me out, I know it’s going to be so much fun!

Here on out, my flashes will be on Friday’s. As you can see from my little quote above, it’ll be: A dose of love…Flash Fiction Friday. Because you know me, I love the love and you’ll always get a happy ending with me…even in my flashes!

Here’s the first prompt she provided. She surprised me with a hard one right off the bat. Love it!

Prompt: Sadness is sad.

Isabella tried to walk as steadily as she could into her house. She didn’t need Bo’s arms around her anymore. That certainly didn’t mean she would be opposed to it. It just wasn’t a good idea.

Since they left the precinct, Bo’s insistence on driving her home, not much had been said. They talked about both of her visions, unable to gain any further information from them. She never had visions this close together. Her body was draining. Sleep sounded like the best idea. If only Bo wasn’t following her inside.

Sitting gingerly on the couch, she rested her head against the cushion. She wanted to close her eyes, but there was no way she could while Bo was in her house. Time to have a conversation she didn’t want to have. She really needed to close her eyes. Instead, she chanced a quick glance to him, where he stood not far from her.

“What did you want to talk about?”

“Nothing right now.” Without warning, he stepped closer and scooped her into his arms.

“What are you doing?” She almost hated how wonderful it felt to be in his arms as he headed for her bedroom. It’s not like this would last.

“You’re exhausted. You can barely keep your eyes open. Have you ever had two visions so close together?” He gently laid her on the bed.

She swore she could see the love shining within the depths of his eyes. Impossible.

His hand grazed her cheek delicately. “Isabella?”

“No. Everything…it’s never happened before.

His hand swept across her cheek again. Softly. Slowly. “Sadness is sad.” His eyes pierced her with a look she couldn’t describe.

“What?” He had to stop looking at her like that. It unnerved her. “You’re confusing me, Bo.”

“I don’t like it when you look sad. I want…I need some happiness in my life.”

She tucked the covers around her, avoiding eye contact. Every time she met his gaze, she saw a new emotion she didn’t think ever existed between them. His words were making no sense. One thing she could always count on with Bo was his honesty. She felt like he was talking in circles and avoiding the truth.

“Your life seems just fine.”

She had no choice but to look into his eyes when he grabbed her cheeks and forced her to. They glittered with an intense emotion that would’ve knocked her on her ass if she hadn’t been lying down.

“Nothing’s been fine since you left. You think you have it all figured out. You thought back then you knew what I was feeling. What I was thinking. You never had a clue. Still don’t. For a psychic, you suck at reading me.”

Tiny tremors combed her body. A mixture of terror and pleasure. “I don’t read minds.”

His lips slammed down onto hers. His tongue dove in, her welcoming it with ease. She missed this. Missed him. She had no idea what he was talking about, considering she couldn’t read minds at all, but she’d take what he was offering right now.

Just as quickly, he pulled away, their heavy breathing the only sounds. He looked pissed, yet the desire glimmered in his eyes as well.

“Do you ever listen to me?”

“I am. I always did.”

He leaned closer. She prayed his lips would connect with hers once again. “You never did. If you ever listened, for even a moment, you would’ve never left.”

“Stop talking in riddles.” His face turned hard as granite. She knew she was just asking for him to blow up. Talking things out wasn’t her forte. He might have a slight point that she didn’t listen well. Walking away was always an easier solution. But he was wrong. She never heard anything back then that would’ve had her sticking around. Her ears were wide open waiting for him to stop her and he never did. So his words right now were clear as mud. As fast as his anger imploded on his face, it disappeared. Like a kite losing its string high in the sky.

“Rest. You need it. Then we’ll talk.” His lips closed the distance. A soft sigh floated out. “To make it as clearly as I can, I’ve always loved you.  But my love never seemed to be enough for you.”

He stood up quickly without waiting for a response and walked out, closing the door.

Well, that was the last thing she ever expected to hear. His words were still confusing the hell out of her. Maybe she was still out of it. Maybe she didn’t really hear him say what she always wanted to hear from him. That had to be it. She was hallucinating. The lack of energy was creating things that weren’t real.

Was Bo even real? Did she really leave the house, leave the bed from her first vision? Was she still stuck in a horrible vision?

He couldn’t love her. She would’ve never walked away from his love.

She closed her eyes. Blackness descended immediately.


Flash fiction time!

Prompt: Watch him die

His crazy laugh sent shivers running down her spine.

“Watch him die.”

Her mouth opened to scream, but no sound came out. She stared in horror as the man pressed the knife to Bo’s throat, making a sweeping motion.


She jerked upright, immediately falling back into the warmth of Bo’s arms. Her body ached everywhere, from the deep pounding in her head to the aggravating tingles in her toes. Some aches were from pain, and some were from the desire swamping her body as Bo’s arms became tighter around her. He held her as if she would slip away to the bottom of the ocean. She felt like she was sinking to the bottom, no air in sight.

“You need to stay awake. Stop going in and out. I can’t take it anymore.”

Leaning her head back, at a very awkward angle, she peered into his eyes. The concern shining within the depths had her trembling with disbelief. He didn’t care about her. Why was he pretending now? Why was she sitting with her back against his chest on the ground outside the precinct? Why did it have to feel so nice?

“What are you talking about?”

His eyes bulged, as if he couldn’t believe she asked such a question. “You had a vision. Do you have any idea how long we’ve been sitting outside here? Do you have any idea how—” His lips pressed into a thin line. “Are you okay? You gonna stay with me?”

Stay with me. If only he meant that in a totally different way. In a way that would make her heart soar.

“How long have I been out?” She tried to sit up and move away from him, but his arms were still impenetrable. “I’m okay now. You can let go.”

His grip strengthened, his hands flush against her stomach, sending delicious tingles straight to her core. “I’m not ready to let you go.” His warm breath, so close to her ear, brought memories forward that she wished she could forget, especially right in this moment. “What was the vision?”

She wanted to forget it. Forget everything she saw.


Closing her eyes, she savored the way her name left his mouth so softly, so erotically.

“Talk to me. You were out for an hour. And for the last thirty minutes, you’ve been in and out of consciousness. You scared the shit out of me.” He squeezed gently, a kiss hitting the side of her face. “What did you see?”

“A man had a knife to your throat. I was across the room, helpless, watching as he threatened you, threatened me. He killed you right before my eyes.”

He tensed. “Did you recognize him?”

“No. I couldn’t see his face clearly. I don’t why I keep seeing us, yet it wasn’t us. The victims were Stacey and John. Why can’t I see anything to help identify who this man is?”

“Are you saying it’s the same guy from the other vision? The bomber?”

She nodded. “I could feel his evil.” She turned as best as she could, burying her face into his chest, soaking up the comfort he was offering. She didn’t care if it wouldn’t last, she just needed to grab as much as she could from him before he shoved her away once again.

“I’m taking you home. Then we’ll figure this out.”

“I can take myself home. I’m okay.”

His arms were already tight against her, but they tightened even more at her words. “You’re far from okay.” He pressed a kiss to her head. “And we have a lot to talk about. Starting with us.”

“There is no us. There hasn’t been for years.”

“Yeah, that’s the problem. I have something I need to tell you.”

Like that, she wished she could disappear, continue the descent down to the bottom of the ocean. What could he possibly want to tell her? Did she really want to know?

“I’m not leaving your side, so don’t even think about arguing with me. Let’s go.”

The way he said it, she had no choice but to listen. He sounded like he actually cared about her. Or was she setting herself up for more heartache?




Flash this, baby!

Prompt: If you only knew

His steps slowed as he reached the hallway that would lead him back to the break room. A place he didn’t need to go to. He still had his cold coffee sitting on his desk.

Call him a coward. Or an asshole. Both descriptions fit him perfectly.

What was he doing? Why was he walking away, yet again?

Blowing out a frustrated breath, he turned around. She still sat at his desk, her head hanging down. He did that to her. He put the sadness there.

Why didn’t she storm out already? The second he walked away, he figured she would’ve, too. What did it mean that she was still sitting there?

Sinking into his chair, he grabbed his cold cup of coffee to help refrain from grabbing for her.

“I would never shoot you.”

Her head shot up.

“I don’t know why you think I would, but I would never do that.”

Her brows puckered, as if in contemplation.

“Walk me through the entire vision like we…” Used to do. He couldn’t even finish that sentence for some reason. The pain and sorrow in her eyes tore at his heart. “That’s if you’re up to it.”

“I am.” With that, she broke the vision down piece by piece.

Sometimes working through her visions helped to unveil the part they needed to solve a crime or find their perp or to save a victim. And sometimes it did nothing but further aggravate her that her vision was basically useless. Like, now. She couldn’t provide anything to point a finger at the victims or the bomber or even the area it would take place. It made him nervous.

Because her visions were never wrong.

“We’ll figure it out.”

“How? I’ve given nothing to help you whatsoever.”

He ached to reach out and touch her. To comfort her. “Because we have no choice. We can’t let innocent people get hurt. Something will come to you. I’ll try on my end as well.” He wasn’t sure where to start to locate Todd and Liana, but he wouldn’t leave it all on her shoulders to solve this.

She stood up. “If something else comes to mind, I’ll call you.”

“I’ll walk you out.” He scooted his chair back and stood up as well.

“That’s not necessary.”

“I insist.”

She threw him a puzzled look. He thought she was about to argue with him when she abruptly turned and started walking. He followed closely behind, longing to grasp her hand. To walk side by side. How would she react if he did it? Pull away? Pull him closer?

Less than a minute later, she stopped in front of her car. Turning towards him, she stumbled back. Not much space lingered between them. He didn’t mean to startle her, but he couldn’t seem to stop when she did. He was barely a breath away. The ache to close the distance was so strong he didn’t know how much longer he could control it.


“Can you move back, please?”

“And if I don’t?”

“What is this, Bo? What are you trying to do?” The pain he saw inside earlier evaporated right before his eyes. Now, anger stood in its place. “Always playing games. You never change.”

“What game am I playing?”

“I asked you to back up. Why do you insist on standing so close to me? To walk me to my car? Like you suddenly care about me.”

If you only knew. He couldn’t say that. He couldn’t say how he really felt about her. Even as badly as he wanted the words to escape, he couldn’t do it.

Perhaps he could show her, though.

His hand slid around her waist, pulling her flush against him as his mouth crashed down upon hers. She barely resisted as her arms wound around his neck. Tightening his embrace, he pushed her up against the car, wishing they weren’t in a public parking lot. Wishing he could truly show her how much he loved her.

The kiss went from frenzied to tender as his hands slid up her body and grasped her cheeks. Pulling away, he whispered against her lips, “I’ve never once played games with you.”

“What’s happening here then?”

“What always happens between us. I lo—” He froze in horror as her body went limp in his arms.

Shit! A vision.


Oh, and good news! I finally re-released Sunset Darkening. *claps excitedly* Same great story, just edited some unnecessary stuff out. 🙂

Lucas Dalton just wants to move on—do his job. He wants to focus on finding the man who killed three women and nearly took his sister’s life. It remains difficult with all the reporters flooding his door, especially from Elle Conners, investigative reporter. She’s looking for an exclusive interview, something Lucas and his sister have never provided. He surely isn’t going to start now. It doesn’t matter how gorgeous or tempting she is.

When a new murder rocks his small town, he assumes the killer has come back for more. Until the dots start connecting to Elle, the one woman he can’t seem to get out of his mind. He discovers why she needed that exclusive so badly, to rebuild her life from an attack two years ago. Now she needs him for so much more—to keep her safe. He’ll not only catch this new killer, but try to win her heart.

Flash time!

Oh my! I’m so sorry I’m so late this week with my flash. I always like to try to post on Monday, but alas, family stuff popped up and as much as I love my writing, my family is always first. But I know you all understand that:) The house is finally back to normal and I have some flash fiction for you! Yay! I hope you like how this story line is going. I’m kinda really loving it:) Might have to try a psychic book in the future.

Prompt: Walk the line

“Dude was drunk as a skunk. I’m all like, walk the line. He’s all like, I love that song. Needless to say…”

Bo nodded as if he cared what Derek had to say about his arrest he had to handle last night, when really, his mind wouldn’t leave the thought he was about to see Isabella again. Three years. Every day that passed since he last saw her had been like a dagger to his heart. He wasn’t sure he’d be able to handle seeing her again. The temptation to pull her into his arms and beg forgiveness kept swimming through his veins. Like she’d ever forgive him.

He was the one who ended the relationship. He was the one who walked away as if she meant nothing. That was the furthest thing from the truth. She had been his everything. It scared the hell out of him. It scared him so much he turned away from her. What an idiot.

Now she was coming back to him—because of a vision. Not because she missed him. Loved him, maybe.

Love was never exchanged between them, but he knew she did. He saw it every time she looked at him. Every time she spoke. The words always teetered on the tip of his tongue. And every single time he stopped himself. Pathetic. He didn’t deserve her, especially now, acting like a coward.

“…blew a .20. Can you believe that shit?”

He stood up and slapped Derek on the back playfully. “Sounds like a doozy, man. I gotta get back to work.”

Grabbing his coffee, now cold, that he decided to grab after she called, he walked back to his desk. Glancing at the clock, he figured he had another five to ten minutes before she showed up. He knew her well. If she said she had a vision, she’d want to get to right away. Especially if she called him after so long. She could’ve called anyone, but she called him. Why? What did it mean?

None of it mattered. The way he spoke to her on the phone ensured that.

On the dot, like he assumed, she walked into the precinct ten minutes later, heading straight for his desk. Her stance was rigid, her hands clasped tightly to her purse as she stopped in front of him. No smile graced her face. No happiness. None of the eager anticipation to see him as she always displayed in her eyes when they were together. Just indifference. It pissed him off.

“Have a seat.”

“Nice to see you, too.” She sat down a bit haughtily as her words were. Something he deserved. He wasn’t afraid to admit that.

Seeing her was painful. He certainly couldn’t say that. Her beauty, as always, wrapped around him and squeezed the life right out of him. Her silky blonde hair was up in a tight ponytail, not one piece out of place. Her face was devoid of makeup, as usual. She never needed any of that crap as some women liked to cake on. Her beauty was natural, and he loved every part of her. Her clothes were sweet and simple. A shirt and a pair of jeans with white plain sandals on her feet. The only thing that really stood out was the dark circles rimming her eyes. He knew just from that tiny detail the vision had been bad.

And he didn’t want to think about that. He witnessed her having a vision a few times, and every time it killed him to watch. Thinking about it was just as difficult.

“What was it about?” Right down to business. The faster they solved this, the faster he could get her back out of his life before he caved and groveled before her feet.

She took a deep breath, then went to explain about a happily married couple, Todd and Liana, a bomb, and the hard choice they had to make. None of it sounded good. At all.

“Got an address?”

“I couldn’t see any of that.”

“A last name?”

“Or that.”

“An inkling about the bomber?”


That was unlike her. Her visions weren’t always spot-on and accurate and filled with every single detail, but they normally helped with at least a small lead.

“So, what do you have for me?”

Sighing, her hands turned pasty white as she gripped her purse a little harder in her lap. “Not much. It was…it took a lot out of me. I was out for hours.”

“Hours?” He leaned forward, aching to reach out to her. “Has that ever happened before?” He was dreading her answer. Because if she said no, he didn’t know what to think.


Just like that, a punch to the gut.

“I had to tell you, though. I’m sorry it’s not more helpful.” She averted her eyes. “There’s one more thing.”

Tiny little goose bumps flushed his skin. He was absolutely certain he didn’t want to hear this part.

“What’s that?”

Turning her head, her eyes gazed into his, almost as if she could see straight into his soul. “I saw the victims, felt the torture, except…I saw them as if they were us. Me with a bomb strapped to my chest and you with the decision whether to shoot. I know how you would’ve handled the situation.”

His anger was swift, his hands balling into fists as he leaned closer to her. “Oh, yeah? And what the hell would’ve I done?

“Shoot me, of course.”

She said it so calmly, so believable, that he knew then, she’d never forgive him for walking away. Even if he tried to plead his case that he always loved her, since almost the moment he met her, she’d never believe him. She honestly thought he’d shoot her to save others. As horrible as it was to think, let alone say, he didn’t think he’d ever kill her to save others. He loved her too much to do that.

“Guess there’s not much else we have to say to each other. Call me if you remember anything else.”

With that, he stood up and walked away from his desk before he did something stupid like tell her he loved her.


Flash time!

Prompt: The bad boy you just can’t forget

The pain slowly receded. She still couldn’t move. Couldn’t function. Could barely even think.

A bomb. A madman. Two victims grappling with a decision.

Blinking once, then twice, her bedroom came into focus. Wiggling her fingers, the pain dwindled down to nothing. Sitting up, holding a hand to her head, she glanced at the clock on her nightstand.

10:03 AM


She went to bed, as she normally did, at ten o’clock last night. Her alarm was set for 7:30 AM, the same time she woke up every day. Her vision was so bad, one of the worst, it took her a moment to realize her alarm was still beeping. Swiping it silent, she clutched her phone as the vision played over again in her mind.


She hadn’t thought of him in years. Now he was in one of her visions. The strangest part, it felt as if they were the victims. It wasn’t true, of course. The victims were Todd and Liana. Happily married with no kids. They just purchased a new house, slowly fixing it up and saving money for a honeymoon they hadn’t taken yet.

She never had a vision with herself as one of the victims. Sure, she felt the pain as if it was her own. She hated that part. It always knocked her out at least ten minutes. This time it knocked her out for hours. That never happened before. That’s what scared her the most. What did it mean? Could she prevent this from happening?

Liana’s pain had been immense. She felt the bullet hit. The jerking of her body as she fell to the ground. She also felt the explosion. The heat. The flames.

It was all so confusing.

The bomber said if Todd killed her, he’d disarm the bomb. Todd definitely pulled the trigger. The bomb went off.

Maybe Todd shot her in the chest, triggering the bomb. Maybe the bomber lied. Maybe Todd was a second too late.

She didn’t know. She couldn’t see that part clearly. Or maybe she had. Things were still a bit fuzzy.

Standing slowly, just in case her body hadn’t recovered as well as she thought, she debated what to do first.

Take a shower and grab a cup of coffee?

Or call Bo?

She really wanted to take a shower, wash all the horror away. Not that it ever diminished, but she liked to pretend it worked.

Bo needed to know. He needed to know what was going to happen today. Stop it. Prevent it. If he would even talk to her, that is.

Three long years. In all that time, she never thought of him. She couldn’t. It hurt every time she did. He had been the one for her. The minute he shook her hand and introduced himself as Detective Bo Chapman, her heart was his. That never happened to her before. Fighting the attraction at first took all her strength, especially since he didn’t believe in psychics. He had looked at her with distrust until a vision of a missing four year old girl hit her. She found the little girl before the sicko that kidnapped her had killed her. From there, everything changed between them. She let her resistance crumble. It turned into a whirlwind romance. Or more like great sex—on his part at least. Every time she gave herself to him, she had given her all. Everything she had. Then, just like that, he tossed her aside as if she meant nothing.

She should’ve known he would never last in her life. He had that bad boy, player persona written all over him from the moment they met. None of it mattered. As soon as he warmed up to her, he had turned all his charms on her. She sank immediately, letting him take her away into the deep abyss. Honestly, she still hadn’t resurfaced.

The bad boy you just can’t forget.

But she did. She wiped him clear from her memory the same day they parted ways. She never thought of him once.

Until last night. When he appeared in her vision.

Why did that happen? Why would she see the victims as her and Bo when it wasn’t true? What did it mean?

Nothing good, that’s for sure.

Settling for at least one of the two things she really wanted, she waited for the coffee to finish, her fingers fiddling with her phone.

Just call him.

What would he say? Would he even listen to her? Would he just hang up?

Their parting didn’t go well. No screaming took part, but the tension had been thick, the anger, the hurt mixed in.

Maybe it was all on her side. Now that she thought about it, nothing but indifference showed on his part. He never loved her like she loved him. That was the problem from the beginning. She loved him with everything she had, and she was nothing more than a warm body.

Her hand shook as the phone rang in her ear.


His voice was soft and sultry, just as she remembered. The question in his tone almost had her hanging up. He didn’t remember her.

“Who is this?”

Oh, right. She didn’t identify herself yet.

“Hi, Bo. It’s—”

“Isabella…” His voice cracked. “What do you want?”

You. “I had a vision. It was a bad one.”

She heard a soft sigh, the sound slapping her in the face. He didn’t want to hear about her vision. He didn’t want to hear from her at all. Well, too bad. She couldn’t let innocent people die.

“How bad?”

“Bad enough to make me call you.” Regret sucked the life out of her as soon as those words slipped out.

“I’m at the precinct.” Still nothing but indifference. Then, nothing but silence.

He hung up on her. At least she knew how this was going to play out. He was still calling all the shots. And she was letting him.


Flash time!

Prompt: Don’t apologize.

The tears ran steadily down her face. Silent. Soft. But deadly. She saw the fear in his eyes. The knowledge that something needed to be done or they would die. They would all die.

Or just her.

She was ready to die. Accepted it for what it was. Her tears weren’t of regret or fright. They were for Bo and what he needed to do. How would he live with himself? How would he ever come to terms with it?

Simple. He wouldn’t.

That’s what this madman wanted. Bo to feel the pain. To live with the horror of his actions. Why else would he be doing this? Why would he want Bo to kill her? What did she do to deserve this?

She might be ready to die, but the reason still confused her.

“I’m sorry. It’s okay, Bo. Truly, it is.”

“Don’t apologize.” His breath hitched. “And don’t say shit like that. It’s not okay. I’m not shooting you.”


She didn’t need to look down to see the timer slowly dwindling away. The dread in his eyes told her.

“There’s not much time.” Offering a smile that did nothing to soothe the wrinkles of terror on his forehead, she amped it up to a full-on sparkling smile. “You’re okay dying with me. I get that. But what about all those innocent people? Are you willing to sacrifice them? Just do it.”


“I love you, Belle. Please…I…can’t.”

With a slight nod, barely noticeable but enough for him to see. She knew he loved her. She couldn’t keep saying the words back. He was stalling. Wasting time. He had to pull the trigger.


“Bo…those people.”

His voice broke. “I can’t!”


“I love you, Bo.”

There. One last time to alleviate the ache in his chest. She knew he needed to hear it one more time.




Until next week…


Flash time!

Prompt: Kill me now

She sucked in a deep breath, holding in the tears as best as she could. Someone had to be strong. Bo was barely hanging on. The fear, the anguish etched everywhere. From the way he stood, hunched, his shoulders dipping with defeat, to the way his lips curled into a serious frown. He didn’t have any hope left. If he had no hope, then how could she?

“Kill me now. Just do it. It’s okay.”

His breath hitched. “I am not killing you. Don’t say shit like that.”

Aching to move even an inch, any which way, she held her body as still as possible. The bomb strapped to her chest could explode with the slightest movement. According to the bomb squad, who Bo talked to, the bomb was unstable. All the wires and c-4 didn’t concern them as much as the small vial filled with an unknown liquid did that was connected directly to a timer.

Bo wouldn’t go into specifics with her about what they exactly said, but that she couldn’t move a muscle.

He couldn’t even move near her. The bomber was watching them. He left a phone near her, not in reaching distance, but it didn’t matter. As soon as Bo realized she went missing, he had known where to look. How? She still couldn’t figure that out, and was too afraid to ask. He showed up within ten minutes of her regaining consciousness. The moment he arrived, the phone rang.

His face contorted into rage as he listened, but said nothing. The only words he spoke were, “You’ll die before the day ends.” Then he threw the phone down where it smashed into pieces, considering it was one of those cheap flip phones. Most likely a burner phone.

Bo had reassured her everything would be fine, then pelted her with questions. Who did this? What did they look like? How long had the timer been ticking?

She couldn’t answer any of it. She didn’t remember anything.

The last thing she remembered was leaving the precinct pissed at him, her words resonating in the air. “I can’t do this anymore. Just stay the hell away from me.”

As soon as she reached her car, she felt the worst jolt she ever experienced in her life. She figured she got tased. She felt a nasty pain in her back, probably after effects from the taser. Of course, did that really matter anymore? She had a bomb strapped to her chest, ticking away.


Almost less than 15 minutes before she would die.

Unless Bo killed her.

She managed, after he calmed down enough to speak, to persuade him to tell her what the man said.

Bo had to kill her, one shot to the head, because, of course, he couldn’t shoot her in the chest with a bomb in the way, or the bomb would explode, destroying everything in its path within a three-block radius. Which included a school nearby.

Five minutes had already gone by. Police were trying to evacuate the area, but she didn’t think they’d get everyone out in time. They were in a residential neighborhood. She was sitting in the home she and Bo were supposed to buy. To build a life.

Now, she’d die here.

The bomber said he could see everything. If Bo approached her, he’d blow everything with a touch of a button. No trying to diffuse the bomb. If Bo didn’t kill her before the time went up, the bomb would explode. As soon as she was dead, he’d disarm the bomb with a touch of a button. Everyone else would live.

One little button had all the control.

“Do it.”

“Goddamnit, sweetheart, I’m not killing you!”


Bo’s eyes filled with pain, even more than before, as he dropped to the ground to his knees. “What you said earlier…I know you meant it. But, baby, I love you. I’m sorry I screwed everything up. I’m sorry for everything.” His eyes said he wanted to come closer and pull her into his arms. “If that bomb explodes, we die together. What is not happening is I. Am. Not. Killing. You. Got it?”

“People will die, Bo. There’s no way—”

“Tell me you love me.”

Her eyes filled with tears. She did love him. So damn much. Which is why she had to end things before their love tore them apart.

“Tell me…”

She glanced at the timer.


Less than ten minutes to live.

Why would someone do this to her? To them? What did she do to deserve this?

“You don’t lo—”

“I love you!” She almost fell over in pain from the amount of love she had for him. “I forgive you. For everything. Now, pick up your weapon and kill me.”


Flash time!

A day late this week, but I’m here now! This will be the last week with Abe and Jemma. Enjoy:)

Prompt: One kiss, as soft as a sigh

It didn’t take long to recognize his surroundings. The uncomfortable bed. The position he was lying in, on his back when he normally slept on his side or stomach. The warm, soft hand gripping his like a wrench clenching to a bolt.

The hospital.

He should feel blessed he made it out alive. He should feel happy that Jemma was safe, knowing she had to be the one clinging to him. He should feel joy that she sat by his side.

All he felt was emptiness. He had no idea how to fill the gaping hole, or how it even got there. He couldn’t even open his eyes yet, giving Jemma any clues that he was awake.

Why was she sitting by his bed?

Why did she break up with him, leave, and come back?

Was her father alive, too?

So many questions and no real strength to ask them. Yeah, his body felt weak, but it wasn’t that lack of strength. More like, mentally. Did he really want the answers to all those questions?

Well, shit. Of course he did. When did he become a chicken shit to hear the honest truth? Apparently, the day he got shot.

Perhaps that’s why he felt empty inside. If he couldn’t feel anything, nothing could hurt him. Jemma’s words couldn’t damage him once again.

Even knowing she didn’t love him, didn’t want him anymore, he’d still lay down his life to protect her. He’d die for her. Almost did. He wouldn’t change a thing.


He wanted to stiffen at the soft way she said his name, except his body already lay there rigid and unyielding. He wanted to open his eyes and savor the piercing emerald green eyes that would stare back. He wanted to profess his love and tell her never to leave him again.

Instead, he continued to lay there as if he were asleep, oblivious to everything around him. Yeah, maybe that made him a coward, but he couldn’t face rejection once again. Just because she sat next to his bed, holding his hand for dear life, didn’t mean she loved him and wanted to be with him.

Guilt. That’s all it had to be.

“Don’t leave me.” A heavy sigh. “I love you so much. I’m so sorry.”

The agony. The pain. The heartache in each word tore him apart inside. Worse than the damage the bullet inflicted.

He started to open his eyes as the sweetest pair of lips touched his. One kiss, as soft as a sigh. Sparkling like the most prized jewel in the world, her eyes glistened with unshed tears as she met his gaze.

The gaping hole filled instantly, the emptiness swept away as if it never existed. All his fear. All his anguish vanished without a trace. How could’ve he ever doubted her? Every time he looked into her eyes, despite the loyalty to her father, he saw the love.

Now he knew. Her loyalty lay with him, not her father.

“Abe, I—”

“I love you, too.”

“You heard me?”

Wrapping a hand around her neck, he pulled her closer, cringing in pain from the movement, but didn’t care. He’d endure any pain for her. His lips met hers once again. Soft and gentle. Resting his forehead against hers, he whispered, “Your father?”

“He’s dead. So are his goons. I…”

He pressed another tender kiss to her lips, telling her with that simple gesture everything would be okay. Everything was okay. He knew his bullet had to have killed her father. Which meant, she killed her father’s men.

“Marry me.”

“Sounds like you’re telling me, not asking.”

“You got a problem with that?”

“Only if you got a problem eloping.”

He laughed, wincing from the pain again. “Those are the best words I’ve ever heard.”

Another soft kiss landed on his lips. “Rest, Abe. You’re gonna need it.”