#gimmethatwordtoday: Tampon

Wow! It’s been a long time since I’ve done #gimmethatwordtoday! I actually checked and it’s been since May 27, 2017. But I have a super funny story that happened yesterday and it reminded me of this. So here we go… (And Psst…I haven’t ever used this word in any of my books, but the short scene I picked kinda goes with it. lol)


“What’s bothering you?”

“Nothing. I swear.” Giving a small laugh, she decided she needed to throw him off a bit. Letting him know the real reason, or to continue to dig for the real reason was inexcusable. Dangerous. “I think that time of the month is coming. You know how women get.”

Surprised and slightly taken aback, he turned a little red and looked away. “Right. Are you sure you’re up for brunch?”

“I haven’t eaten, so, yes. Let’s go.” Pasting on a smile that didn’t reach her eyes, she looped her hand through his arm and steered him out of her bedroom.

From The Danger With Love


My seven year old daughter and I went to Target yesterday, and when we parked, I opened the door for her, and as she stepped out she saw something on the ground. Pointing at it, she asks, “What’s that, mom?” I turn and look down and just wanted to burst out laughing. “It’s a tampon.” (And thankfully this was not a used tampon or anything, but it was out of its package.) We started walking to the entrance of the store and she asks, “What’s a tampon?” Cue embarrassment and a talk I don’t wanna have yet! Seriously!!! “It’s a feminine product that you’ll need when you get older, but you don’t have to worry about it yet.” She looks at me…”What do you do with it?” I just couldn’t continue the conversation! *dies laughing* “Honestly, nothing for you to worry about yet. Trust me when I say that.” And we commenced to do our shopping with no more talk about tampons! OMG! Obviously a conversation we’ll have to have eventually, but right now…no thanks!

Hope you’re having a beautiful Wednesday! ♥


#gimmethatwordtoday: See


Mimicking his frown from earlier, her fist clenched the fifty. “I think you’re trying to appease me so I forget about the money. I don’t forget things, Elliot.”

“Maybe I just want to enjoy your company. Is that so hard to believe?”

“Take the money and I’ll believe you.”

“Follow me and I’ll consider it.”

She couldn’t resist that lovable smile of his or the way his eyes glittered with anticipation. “Fine. One cup. And you will take the money.”

“We’ll see. I’m not officially convinced yet.” He chuckled as he placed a hand on her back briefly, then let it fall as they made their way down the sidewalk.

From Merry Me


When my seven year old loves to do magic tricks. She came into the living room with a cup filled with water and a piece of paper over the top of it. “Okay, watch this guys. It’s a magic trick.” She turns it upside down before we can say anything, and we watch as the water slides out to the floor. She looks down and chuckles, “Didn’t see that coming.” My husband and I could only laugh. #magicianinthemaking

#gimmethatwordtoday: Drink


He walked over to the bed, laying her down gently. One by one, he slipped her shoes off, tossing them to the floor behind him. Divulging himself of the rest of his clothes, he stood for a moment and let her drink in the sight of him.

Muscled from head to toe, a small trail of chest hair led down to the ultimate prize. He stood thick and proud, like he couldn’t wait to be inside her.

“Do you like what you see, Sarafina?” he asked with a lustful smirk.

From The Danger With Love


When you fill a cup up of Pepsi for your four year old and hand it to her. A little later, she’s sitting on the couch by me, holding her cup, and exclaims, “Hey! Someone drink my Pepsi!” *chuckles* I looked at her and responded, “Yeah, you did.” The silliest, most beautiful smile graced her face. “Oh, yeah, I did.”


#gimmethatwordtoday: Believe


“I’m here to work. Plus, she doesn’t seem to care that I’m not over by her. What’s her relationship with Travis?”

Ryan took another sip before responding. “I don’t believe there is one. She’s close to the family. That’s all.”

“Looked to me there was a lot more than being close to the family.”

“Well, if you’re not looking for a woman, especially Sarafina, why do you care?”

Dax tore his eyes away from her, not caring where he directed his stare, as long as it wasn’t on her. “I don’t care.”

From The Danger With Love


When the Tooth Fairy comes. Let me tell you, the Tooth Fairy that comes around here always has issues. *chuckles* Twice now, they couldn’t find the tooth, yet put the money under the pillow. My daughter wakes up the next morning, finding her money AND her tooth. “Mom, the Tooth fairy forgot my tooth.” Me: “Oh, I’ll make sure the Tooth Fairy gets it. Must’ve been a busy night.”

My daughter is losing her baby teeth left and right. Just this week, the Tooth Fairy had to visit again. She woke up and started to eat breakfast, and I looked at my husband, “Crap, did the Tooth Fairy come?” Needless to say, the Tooth Fairy slipped into her room while she ate breakfast.

Sure hope the Tooth Fairy starts to get their crap together. *laughs*

Oh, and you do believe in the Tooth Fairy, right? Just like Santa Claus. Love that jolly guy!


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#gimmethatwordtoday: Blink


His pants tightened as he moved around the booth one more time. Inappropriate thoughts of a woman he barely knew. And she loved Christmas. Huge, blinking, warning sign right there. He had no time for a woman, especially one that enjoyed Christmas. How in the world could he continue faking his enjoyment for the holiday when her enthusiasm lit up the room?

From Merry Me


When I’m trying to put my little guy for a nap/bedtime. Have you ever witnessed the ‘slow-blink’? Let me tell you what that is in case you never have. It’s where the eyes slowly close, you think, ‘good, he’s finally going down for the count’, and suddenly, his eyes pop open again. And let me tell you, my son has the biggest, brightest eyes ever! They are so watchful, curious, and beautiful. I love looking at them. ♥ But, boy, he gets me every time with that slow-blink. On occasion, he’ll even throw in a smile, like, “Psych! Gotcha, Mom.” lol.


#gimmethatwordtoday: Vacuum


With the extra time off from work, she even stopped at Wacky Wowza’s. She had braved the sex aisle all by herself, purchasing a few items that she thought Elliot would enjoy. She could already see his expression, which instantly sent her body tingling with flames of desire. She needed him here. Now.

Except she still had to wait.

She shut the vacuum off and stood in the middle of the living room.


Maybe she’d bake a pie for tomorrow’s get-together. She just needed everything to be perfect. Elliot deserved the best. He always treated her that way. She wanted to reciprocate.

From Merry Me


When I cleaned the house from top to bottom, almost like a spring cleaning frenzy. My oldest daughter turns 7 this Friday and her party is on Saturday. So yeah, gotta clean the house. Which brings me to the word of the day…vacuum. Honest answer now. *looks around with a stern glare* How many times do you try to vacuum up something that would take you less time to just pick the damn thing up? *chuckles* Seriously? Serious question here. I was in our craft room, yeah I totally named it that because that’s what it is *grins*, and there were little pieces of paper on the floor from one of the girls’ projects they made. That vacuum just didn’t want to pick it up, but I was stubborn, wanting the vacuum to just suck it up! I won, by the way. *smiles wide*

So, tell me, how many times do run over something with a vacuum before you try to pick it up? Okay, I confess, I had to pick up a dry piece of play-doh that the vacuum refused to take. I swear I tried at least ten times before I got annoyed. hahaha.

Oh, and vacuum is such a strange word. I like it just because it has such a funny spelling, and because I used it in one of my novels. Just the one, too, I believe. *chuckles*


#gimmethatwordtoday: Happy


He couldn’t have Rina. He would learn to live with that. But losing her to the brutality in which Beth endured, he’d never survive that. She deserved to live a long, happy life. Even if he wasn’t the one to give her that.

Damn, he missed her. Forgetting the taste of her lips or the way her body molded perfectly to his hadn’t come yet. He’d probably never forget.

From One Taste of Love (A One Taste Novel – Book 2)


When my oldest daughter turns 7 Friday! OMG! Seven years old already. Seriously, where does the time go? She is so excited for her party next weekend. It’s gonna be a Powerpuff Girls theme. Bouncy house of fun, games, yummy food, and I thought, why not some face painting, too. I can’t draw that great, but it’s decent. We worked hard today on what she wanted as choices, and when I drew her favorite character (Bubbles) on her cheek, she was soooooo happy! Can’t wait for some fun next weekend:)

#gimmethatwordtoday: Joy


Just like that. He walked out of the room. No hesitation. No waiting to see if she wanted to say something else. Nothing. He simply walked out.

That wasn’t what she wanted to hear. Or what she wanted him to do. She wanted him to shout with joy and pull her into his arms. Tell her everything would be all right. What did we’ll figure this out mean?

From One Taste of You (A One Taste Novel-Book 1)


When I check the mail and see I have something just for me. My paperback of The Danger With Love! (Psst…it’s on preorder.) There’s nothing like having one of my stories in my hands, and no, not on my phone, but an actual paperback. I love, more than anything, reading a paperback book. I do tend to read a lot on my phone, but I do prefer an actual book to hold. Eek! I can’t contain my joy!!! I do need to center the front cover a little, but no problemo! It’s still exciting to hold the book in my hands. ♥

Oh, by the way. I now have Instagram if you wanna follow me there!

#gimmethatwordtoday: Laugh

I really wanted to use the word exhausted today, because after a fun-filled weekend of baseball, beach, and alone time with my husband, I’m exhausted! The sun sure wears you out so easily, but oh, the fun we had! And the best part, the Twins won 13-0!!!! Such an awesome game. But anyhoos, on to the actual #gimmethatwordtoday. I give you…


While the pain of standing for nearly an hour next to such drool-worthy heaven, her face almost frozen in a smile, it had been a glorious time. Dax had whispered constantly into her ear, saying silly nonsense that made her want to laugh with a snort attached to it. He could say the most outrageous things that normally wouldn’t sound humorous from anyone else. It had to be the way it left his mouth in such a hot, erotic whisper, his warm breath tickling down her body as each word caressed her.

From The Danger With Love


When I’m making supper and listening to Pandora while cooking. My six-year-old comes into the kitchen as “Shut Up and Dance” by Walk The Moon starts to play. My husband is also with us, and when it comes to the chorus, she shakes her head and says, “That’s not very nice. That makes no sense to walk up and tell someone to shut up and just dance. That’s very rude.” My husband and I couldn’t help but laugh because she’s so right. We told her that we agreed with her. It is very rude to tell someone to shut up. And in our house, that’s a “bad” word. We don’t tell someone to shut up. While I do like the song because it’s fun and catchy, I do love that my daughter knows and understands it’s not very nice to tell someone to shut up. My day has been made. 🙂


So, I’ve tried to do this several times since I first started writing, marketing, and all that fine jazz…my word of the day where I give you a word, like sweet, and use it from my book and also give you an example of something that happened in my life. I either use the word itself or the meaning of it somehow with the example. It’s just something fun I like to do. However, I always seem to slack on it and eventually stop doing it all together. Well, the third times the charm, right? Right? hahaha. I’m gonna try doing it one more time and stick with it. Although, I will pre-warn you now that it probably won’t be every day. That’s why I’ve named it #gimmethatwordtoday! Let’s start with today!



“Franklin has always been the creepy cousin. He looks at me like a piece of meat and it unnerves me every time. I’ve never liked him. And he’s a criminal.”

That perked Dax up. Don’t get excited. But damn if he couldn’t help it. Still earning the title of an asshole. He needed to coax more out of her.

“Criminal? What do you mean?”

From The Danger With Love


When I’m excited for this weekend!!! My husband and I are going to our first spring training game. Boston Red Sox vs Minnesota Twins. Go Twins!!!! Can you see my excitement? I could probably add a few more !!!! of these just to show you how excited I am. *chuckles*