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Have you been participating in the Twelve Days of Christmas Cheer event with Jane Blythe and I? Because we are having so much fun!!

Today is: On the seventh day of Christmas, Amanda and Jane gave to me… Go to the event and find out!

Twelve Days of Christmas Cheer


Not only are Jane and I having some Christmas fun, we also decided to have a spectacular Christmas sale with our books! Eek! So, here’s a little Merry Christmas from us to you!

My Books:

Merry Me ( A Holiday Romance Novel – Book 1)


November 27 – December 1


One Taste of You (A One Taste Novel – Book 1)


November 26 – November 30


One Taste of Love (A One Taste Novel – Book 2)


November 26 – December 2


One Taste of Crazy (A One Taste Novel – Book 3)


November 26 – December 2


Sunrise Awakening (An Evil Rising Novel – Book 1)


November 26 – November 30


Sunset Darkening (An Evil Rising Novel – Book 2)


November 26 – December 2


Jane’s Books:

One (Count to Ten Book 1)


November 26 – November 30


Two (Count to Ten Book 2)


November 26 – December 2


Three (Count to Ten Book 3)


November 26 – December 2


Four (Count to Ten Book 4)


November 26 -December 2


Five (Count to Ten Book 5)

Available to preorder for $.99

Releases January 24, 2018


A Secret to the Grave (Detective Parker Bell Book 1)


November 26 – November 30


Winter Wonderland (Detective Parker Bell Book 2)


November 26 – December 2


Dead or Alive (Detective Parker Bell Book 3)


November 26 – December 2


Little Girl Lost (Detective Parker Bell Book 4)


November 26 – December 2


Forgotten (Detective Parker Bell Book 5)


November 26 – December 2


Charity’s Wrath (Flashes of Fate Book 1)


November 26 – November 30


Mackenzie’s Trust (Flashes of Fate Book 2)


November 26 – November 30



Merry Christmas, and Happy Reading!


Twelve Days of Christmas Cheer is finally here!!

I am so excited! Guess what is finally here? Yes! Twelve Days of Christmas Cheer! Jane Blythe and I have been planning this event since the summer, and we are so excited we get to have some Christmassy fun with you!

If you’re wondering what the heck this event is, it’s to celebrate the release of our Christmas novels, Mistletoe Magic and Christmas Hostage, which releases on December 1, 2017. Eek! Which is only twelve days away!

Be sure to check out the event every day for the next twelve days for some great prizes and fun!

Let’s kick off this event!!

On the first day of Christmas, Amanda and Jane gave to me… Go check out the event to find out! *chuckles*

Twelve Days of Christmas Cheer


Oh, and our novels are available for preorder for only $.99!

Mistletoe Magic (A Holiday Romance Novel – Book 2)

Preorder for $.99


Christmas Hostage (Christmas Romantic Suspense Book 1)

Preorder for $.99



#coverreveal for Dreams Collide by Kristina Beck

Are you ready for book 2 in the amazing Collide series? I read book one, Lives Collide, and it was soooo good! And the cover is amazingly beautiful in book 1, so this book did not disappoint! So gorgeous and original! Check it out!

✰✰✰ Cover Reveal ✰✰✰

💜 Dreams Collide – Collide Series Book Two 💜 by Kristina Beck

Preorder it today for only $.99! Click HERE!

Releases December 5, 2017

◊ Note: This novel can be read as a standalone. ◊

Tina craves adventure, food, and her new client, restaurant owner Gerry.

At sixteen, Tina was full of energy, fearless, and desperate to get out of New Jersey. But her dreams shattered when her mother died tragically. She was thrust into the role of mothering her family while hiding the horrible truth of that day.

Now that Tina feels she’s paid her penance, she wants to rediscover the ambitious girl she used to be. With her new dream job and a move to Hoboken, it’s her time to spread her wings. Tina’s first client is a restaurant owner who tempts her—not only with food but with himself. She’d felt this kind of attraction only once before in college and is flooded with memories of an unforgettable kiss. One of her biggest regrets.

Gerry desires anonymity, a new life, and the beautiful website designer Tina.

Gerry fled Germany to escape the destruction of his reputation. After months of staying under the radar, he opens a restaurant in New York City. When he hires a website design firm, Gerry finds himself working closely with Tina—whom he had a taste of years ago and now finds a sweet indulgence.

Even as they admit their attraction to each other, an unexpected circumstance threatens to separate them again. Will their love be strong enough to give up their dreams? Or will someone be left behind?

Meet Kristina Beck!

Author Bio:

A Jersey girl herself, Kristina was born and raised in New Jersey, USA, for thirty years. She later moved to Germany and has lived there for over thirteen years with her German husband and three children. She lives in the farthest southwest tip of Germany, surrounded by beautiful vineyards and a perfect view of the Black Forest. She is an avid reader of different genres, but romance always takes precedence. She loves coffee, dark chocolate, power naps, and ’80s movies. Her hobbies include writing, reading, fitness, wine tasting, and forever trying to improve her German-language skills.

Connect with her!

Website   ♥   Facebook   ♥   Twitter   ♥   Instagram   ♥   Readers Review Room   ♥   Amazon   ♥   Book+Main Bites  ♥   Goodreads

Time to Trick or Treat in the Halloween Facebook Hop!

Trick or Treat: Halloween Facebook Hop

Are you ready for some fun? Great! Because it’s time to hop around with your trick or treat basket and grab some goodies and enter some amazing giveaways!

Be sure to stop at each page and meet the wonderful hosts, both authors and bloggers, and then hit the event page at the end to enter the big monster giveaway! One lucky winner will win $25 worth of Amazon gift cards, $5 Starbucks card, the complete Detective Parker Bell series (ebook copy) by Jane Blythe, Walls of Silence (mobi copy) by Helen Pryke, Love Bites (ebook copy) by TL Clark, Witches plus bonus Witches II: Apocalypse (ebook copy) by Kathryn Meyer Griffith, Lives Collide (ebook copy) by Kristina Beck, and a Handstamped book themed keychain made by Aconite Cafe! What a giveaway!!!

Here’s the complete lineup of the hop! Start at the beginning until you reach the end! Most of all…have fun!!!

🎃 Amanda Siegrist

🎃 The Genre Minx Book Reviews

🎃 Jane Blythe

🎃 Southern Bred & Read

🎃 Kristina Beck

🎃 Aconite Cafe

🎃 Katrina Marie

🎃 Kimberly’s Hot Reads

🎃 Amber Laura

🎃 Jody Kaye

🎃 Kathryn Meyer Griffith

🎃 Helen Pryke

🎃 TL Clark

🎃 Chasing Away Reality

🎃 The Main Event Page…enter Monster giveaway here!

Happy Halloween! ♥

Deserving You is now live!

Eek! Look what’s finally here! Deserving You is now live and available to purchase on Amazon! And to help me celebrate and spread the word is Enticing Journey Book Promotions with a lovely release blitz! Oh, and be sure to enter the giveaway!

Title: Deserving You: Emmett & Deja

Series: A McCord Family Novel Series #3

Author: Amanda Siegrist

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: October 20, 2017

Deja Wilson was given a second chance. She’ll always be grateful to Sophie for her kindness. Now, they’re best friends. The McCords, including Emmett, only like her for Sophie’s sake. It doesn’t stop her from wishing things were different, that she could have a good man like Emmett. When her brother is released from prison and arrested again the same day, she knows Emmett will never want a woman like her. Especially when he learns the truth about why her brother was sent to prison. It doesn’t matter anyway. She doesn’t deserve him.

Emmett McCord has wanted Deja since the moment he met her, despite how she came into their lives. It didn’t take long for him, and the family, to forgive her and see just what kind of woman she is. Strong. Determined. Remorseful. Faithful to a fault. He wants to declare his feelings, but he knows she’ll resist him. He can’t risk losing her friendship. When her brother walks back into her life, causing her pain, he’s done keeping his feelings to himself. He wants her, and she’ll just have to get used to it.

A Rafflecopter Giveaway



“I don’t date. I just screw ‘em and leave ‘em,” Deja said with a nasty smirk.

Moving closer, his lips brushed her ear as he whispered, “You’re lying.” He rubbed his thumbs across her hands some more as she trembled in his arms. “Talk to me, Deja. Really talk. Just tell me what happened today.”

He kissed her neck below her ear and pulled away. Her eyes would tell him everything he needed to know. And they did. The desire reflected in the depths of her eyes, as did the awe. He had the distinct feeling she never felt true passion before. He’d be more than happy to show her—after she told him what happened.

Just as swiftly, the desire disappeared. “Don’t, Emmett. Just don’t.” Her features turned hard as she stared him down with the evil eye he knew so well.

Deflection. That’s what that look was. He had learned the ins and outs of her so well. The last nine months had given him plenty of time to learn her quirks. She was truly a soft-hearted person inside. Her hard persona was an act. So much anguish she held inside.

“Don’t what, Deja? Don’t try to be a friend? Don’t hold you like you matter to me? Don’t let you see how much I care about you? Don’t make you talk? I don’t listen very well sometimes. Get used to it.”

“Excuse me?” One brow rose as she pursed her lips.

He leaned closer, brushing his lips against hers. She trembled at the touch. He didn’t mind giving her little tastes of how good it could be if they were together. She’d give in eventually. She’d talk and then he would show her how much he cared about her.

“I said get used to it.” His lips made one more light sweep across her delectable mouth. “I can see you’re hurting. Something bad happened today—besides the car accident—and I want to help. I’ll show you real desire as soon as you talk to me. I’ve wanted you for a long time. It’s nice to know you want me, too. So, get used to it. Get used to me. I’m not going anywhere.”

“I don’t want you. I just want sex,” she scoffed, as if she were trying to make it sound believable. He knew better.

“You’re so cute when you try to lie.”

“I’m not lying.”

“Did I ever tell you that you have such gorgeous eyes? They sparkle like the deep blue ocean.” He smiled. “When you lie, they flash a shade of purple. It’s the strangest thing I’ve ever seen. It’s so damn beautiful.”

“Let me go, Emmett.”

He didn’t release his hold. If anything, he held her hands tighter. “Did I ever tell you that I love how you say my name? The nickname you gave me just doesn’t have the same ring to it.”

“Stop it.”

“Did I ever tell you that you look so adorable when you’re trying to look hard and tough? But you know what? You’re a softie. So sweet and delicate.”

“Knock it off.”

“Did I ever tell you—”

“Shut up, Emmett!”

“Did I ever tell you—”

She let out a mangled cry that cut his words right off. Burying her head into his chest, her tears soaked right through him. They were fast and rough. So much pain it broke his heart.

He let go of her hands and wrapped her as tightly as he possibly could. “You don’t have to do things alone anymore, Deja.”

(Copyright © Amanda Siegrist 2017)





I love anything that has to do with romance. As long as there’s a happy ending, I’m a happy camper. I love baseball (Go Twins!) and creating awesome crafts. I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice, working in that field for several years before I became a stay-at-home mom. When I’m not hanging out with my wonderful family, I’m writing a sweet contemporary romance or a romantic suspense that keeps you guessing until the end. I have a few more amazing stories in the works. If you would like to connect with me or see important news, head to my website at Or you can also check out my Facebook Page or follow me on Twitter (@amanda_siegrist). Thanks for reading!




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Guess what’s only about a week away?! That’s right! The Trick or Treat: Halloween Facebook Hop. One day only on October 27, 2017. It’s going to be a spooktacular event with some amazing authors and bloggers, full of awesome giveaways and prizes! Are you excited?! Me too!

I want you to meet the lovely lineup we have for the event. Please visit each page, give them a like, show them some love, and also don’t forget to mark the event on your calendars.

Trick or Treat: Halloween Facebook Hop

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Time for some #audiobook fun! CONDOMS IN A SUITCASE-Ch 17 of Consequences by M. Jane Colette

CONDOMS IN A SUITCASE-Ch 17 of Consequences by M. Jane Colette #audiobook #excerpt #listentothis #ConAudioTour

Welcome to Stop 17 of the Consequences AudioBook BlogTour
from CONSEQUENCES (of defensive adultery)
an EROTIC tragedy with a HAPPY ending
by M. Jane Colette
performed by Elisa Kae

18+ ADVISORY: Consequences is intended for an adult (18+) audience. It deals with mature subject matter, and contains explicit language and sexual content. Listener and reader discretion is advised.

The tour is bringing romance readers and listeners the opportunity to listen to all 48 full, unabridged chapters of Consequences well in advance of the audiobook’s Christmas release.

Plus, there are fabulous prizes at every stop–including a raffle for $50 Amazon Gift Card–and 48 chances throughout the tour to enter to win a COMPLETE set of M. Jane Colette’s paperbacks–so read through to the end so you don’t miss out!


An affair. HEARTBREAK. Consequences. ABSOLUTION, redemption, and LOVE… in the most unexpected places–a steamy second chance romance unlike any you’ve ever experienced… featuring an ALPHA lover-confessor you haven’t DARED dream about.

Elizabeth did not plan to break up his marriage when she had an affair with her law school professor. But she did. Fifteen years later, she’s still coming to terms with the consequences of her youthful infatuation: a stepdaughter who hates her, an ex-wife who will never forgive the betrayal, a sister-in-law who’s determined to make Elizabeth her confidante. Compelled to reveal the “tragedy of her life” to a nameless lover, Elizabeth finds herself forced to reconsider her definition of love, commitment, and responsibility—a process that finally releases her from the shackles of her past mistakes and shows her the way to her own happily-ever-after.

A NOTE ABOUT STRUCTURE: The story unfolds over the course of one night, as the narrator Elizabeth relates the “tragedy of her life” to her current lover as they, to quote a reviewer “do lover things.” The story Elizabeth tells spans 15 years. The scenes between Elizabeth and her lover are pure dialogue, and interrupt the “story proper.” There is no “he said/I said” in the dialogue between Elizabeth and her lover… a challenge the narrator solved masterfully, but which may give the first-time listener pause. To increase your enjoyment of the story, an opportunity to read, as well as listen to, the chapter, is provided.

Today, we bring you Chapter 17: CONDOMS IN A SUITCASE.

“Help! I can’t listen–I don’t have headphones handy, I’m at work, and when I get home, my children will be underfoot! Plus, I’m more of a reader than a listener, you know?”

PREFER TO READ? Here is a password-protected link to the written version of this chapter for tour participants’ eyes only:

*****CHAPTER 17: CONDOMS IN A SUITCASE (password: erotictragedy17)*****

Enjoyed what you heard/read? The tour continues on Sun Oct 15 with Chapter 18 // COMING OUT hosted by MICHELE FOGAL.

FIRST STOP: If this blog is your first stop on the tour, you might want to head back to stop number one, hosted by Tome Tender Blog: The Photograph, or to the Tour Home Page, and start from the beginning. There are chances to win prizes at every stop!


ENTER UNTIL 12:00 am Nov 29, 2017

a Rafflecopter giveaway

PLUS: GRAND PRIZE TREASURE HUNT ENTRY, PART 17: For a chance to win one of two COMPLETE HARD COPY SETS of M. Jane Colette’s novels, send an email to, and:

  1. put #ConAudioTour Day 17 in the subject heading,
  2. ask to be added to her Rough Draft Confessions newsletter (or tell Jane you’re already on her mailing list, and it’s awesome, when’s the next love letter coming?) and,
  3. answer the question: “You know there are condoms in the suitcase. What else? Name at least one other item.”

Hint: The answer’s contained in today’s chapter.

(The small print: Each tour stop offers you one opportunity to enter the GRAND PRIZE TREASURE HUNT DRAW, for a total of 48 entries if you complete the tour. The books that comprise the GRAND PRIZE are the novels Tell Me, Cherry Pie Cure, and Consequences, and the non-fiction collection of essays Rough Draft Confessions, including its controversially titled, available-only-in-Canada, beta reader / limited edition predecessor.)



including iBooksKoboAmazonBarnes & NobleGoogle PlayInside Romance

Softcovers at all the usual places, including ChaptersAmazonBarnes & NobleBook DepositoryPowell’s Books and your favourite retailer


sign up for M. Jane Colette’s Rough Draft Confessions to get advance notice of its release

REMEMBER: The story continues on Sun Oct 15 with Chapter 18 // COMING OUT on MICHELE FOGAL.

M. Jane Colette writes tragedy for people who like to laugh, comedy for the melancholy, and erotica for women and men who like their fantasies real. She believes rules and hearts were made to be broken; ditto the constraints of genres.

Connect with her on Twitter / GoodReads / FaceBook / Instagram and subscribe to her newsletter, Rough Draft Confessions, to stay in the loop on her WIPs, new releases, and fab multi-media, multi-author projects. You can also email her at

For more information about the tour & its other hosts, visit or check out the schedule below.

#ConAudioTour #SteamyListen #ListenToThis
visit for daily link updates

Mon Sept 25 // Chapter 1 // THE PHOTOGRAPH hosted by TOME TENDER BOOK BLOG

Tues Sept 26 // Chapter 2 // PINK PANTIES hosted by KIM KNIGHT

Wed Sept 27 // Chapter 3 // HARD TO OPEN hosted by WICKED COOL FLIGHT

Thurs Sept 28 // Chapter 4 // ENTER THE ADULTERER hosted by MISHA ELLIOTT

Sat Sept 30 // Chapter 5 // THE WOMAN IN RED hosted by ALYSSA LINN PALMER


Mon Oct 2 // Chapter 7 // CARELESS hosted by ELIZA DAVID

Tues Oct 3 // Chapter 8 // REVENGE SEX hosted by CAMERON ALLIE EROTICA

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co-hosted by Teri Hicks & Co’s READING OUT LOUD + SJs BOOK BLOG 

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Sat Oct 14 // Chapter 17 // CONDOMS IN A SUITCASE hosted by AMANDA SIEGRIST

Sun Oct 15 // Chapter 18 // COMING OUT hosted by MICHELE FOGAL

Mon Oct 16 // Chapter 19 // PRETTY BOY hosted by REAL TASTY PAGES


Wed Oct 18 // Chapter 21 // EDUCATING PHILISTINES hosted by RAMPA PA GROUP

Thurs Oct 19 // Chapter 22 // FUCKING ARTISTS hosted by JENN’S BOOK OBSESSION

Fri Oct 20 // Weekly + to-date recap on

Sat Oct 21 // Chapter 23 // GUILT IN A TEA CUP hosted by SULTRY SIRENS

Sun Oct 22 // Chapter 24 // LABELS hosted by TORY RICHARDS

Mon Oct 23 // Chapter 25 // COERCION hosted by ROXANA NASTASE

Tues Oct 24 // Chapter 26 // UNGRATEFUL hosted by CASEY’S CORNER

Wed Oct 25 // Chapter 27 // DUPLICATE hosted by A DREAMER’S BOOK BLOG

Thurs Oct 26 // early weekly  & to-date recap on

Fri Oct 27 // Chapter 28 // SECRETS IN A VELVET BAG hosted by LOVE INDIE ROMANCE


Sun Oct 29 // Chapter 30 // WORDS ON THE SCREEN hosted by DEELYLAH MULLIN

Mon Oct 30 // Chapter 31 // ADDICTIONS hosted by ANGELICA DAWSON
[no scheduled post on Tuesday, October 31 – Halloween]

Wed Nov 1 // Chapter 32 // ENABLER hosted by 2 CHICKS & A BOOK

Thurs Nov 2 //Chapter 33 // FOOLISH COUGAR hosted by A RISQUÉ BOOK AFFAIR BOOK BLOG

Fri Nov 3 // Chapter 34 // NO MORE hosted by KATE FOREST

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Wed Nov 8 // Chapter 38 // EMASCULATION hosted by PHOEBE ALEXANDER

Thurs Nov 9 // Chapter 39 // RITUAL hosted by ROMANCE NOVEL GIVEAWAYS

Fri Nov 10 // Weekly + to-date recap on 

Sat Nov 11 // no post, in respect of Veterans Day in USA and Remembrance Day in Canada

Sun Nov 12 // Chapter 40 // MUSE hosted by SIP READ LOVE

Mon Nov 13 // 41 // CHRISTMAS DAY hosted by DIRTY GIRL ROMANCE

Tues Nov 14 // Chapter 42 // CAST-OFFS hosted by JOJO THE BOOKAHOLIC

Wed Nov 15 // Chapter 43 // VIOLATION hosted by BOOK SNIFFERS ANONYMOUS

Thurs Nov 16 // Chapter 44 // AGAIN WITH THE CONFESSION hosted by WOPSY WOO BOOK BLOG

Fri Nov 17 // Weekly + to-date recap on

Sat Nov 18 // Chapter 45 // FETTERED, FREE hosted by CARRIE AUSTIN REVIEWS

Sun Nov 19 // Chapter 46 // ABSOLUTION hosted by READS2LOVE

Mon Nov 20 // Chapter 47 // THRESHOLD hosted by STEPHANIE’S BOOK REPORTS


Wed Nov 22 // Full Recap on + Cyber Champagne Celebration of the Tour’s Success!



Weekend Sale Time!

Yay! It’s Friday finally! The month of October seems to be a busy month for me, and November is looking just as busy! And I love every minute of it. I have lots of takeovers this month, one that will be tomorrow night at 9 PM EST to celebrate Book Addicts Get Down & Dirty grand opening. Check out all the fun HERE!

I also have a sale going on this weekend with the McCord Family Novel series! Woo hoo! You can get Protecting You (book 1) FREE and Trust in Love (book 2) for only $.99! And don’t forget Deserving You (book 3)  is only $.99 to preorder! This sale will go from today (10/6) until 10/8/17.


Protecting You


Life was good, until it wasn’t.
It can’t get much worse, until it does.

Ava Rainer feels responsible for the death of Detective Jimmy McCord. His brother Zane feels the same way toward her. Despises her, in fact. She wants nothing more than to hide away and let the pain consume her. Instead, she’s face-to-face with the one man that scares her in more ways than one. She killed his brother, she shouldn’t be aching for him to take the pain away and love her. But she does. It really can’t get worse than that. Or can it?


Trust in Love

Only $.99!

Austin McCord has always enjoyed women…to an extent. He’s all about the fun. Anything beyond that, not so much. Until he meets his neighbor Sophie. He knows he can’t touch her—she has marriage written all over. Except temptation overwhelms him every time he sees her beautiful angelic face. It doesn’t matter. Because whenever he tries to take two steps toward her, she keeps taking three steps back. Someone hurt her, that’s obvious. For the first time, he’s thinking a happily ever after sounds nice. Now his only obstacle is convincing her of the same thing, and keeping her safe before her past tears her apart.


Deserving You

Only $.99!

Deja Wilson was given a second chance. She’ll always be grateful to Sophie for her kindness. Now, they’re best friends. The McCords, including Emmett, only like her for Sophie’s sake. It doesn’t stop her from wishing things were different, that she could have a good man like Emmett. When her brother is released from prison and arrested again the same day, she knows Emmett will never want a woman like her. Especially when he learns the truth about why her brother was sent to prison. It doesn’t matter anyway. She doesn’t deserve him.

Emmett McCord has wanted Deja since the moment he met her, despite how she came into their lives. It didn’t take long for him, and the family, to forgive her and see just what kind of woman she is. Strong. Determined. Remorseful. Faithful to a fault. He wants to declare his feelings, but he knows she’ll resist him. He can’t risk losing her friendship. When her brother walks back into her life, causing her pain, he’s done keeping his feelings to himself. He wants her, and she’ll just have to get used to it.

I will be back later today with Friday’s Flash Fiction. Until then…have a lovely day!


Flash Fiction Friday…and a bit of Halloween fun!

Prompt ~ You are amazing.

“Sweetheart, you won’t regret a thing.”

What was she getting herself into? For about two seconds he actually seemed remorseful for his actions, for lying and deceiving her into coming to this place. Then his arrogant words jumped right back into the conversation like she was going to fall at his feet. As if.

Sure. He looked like sex-on-a-stick, but should she really be sitting at this table after what he did? Bribing someone to ask her out and then asking him to stand her up. Who did that? It just seemed…stalkerish. Oh, yeah, definitely stalker behavior.

“You’re looking at me like you hate me again.”

Cocking a brow, she smirked. “I’m just trying to figure out what your end game is here. Why go through all of this?”

“Well, I tried on my own and you shot me down.”

“So you decide to act like a creep…how do you know Aaron?”

Without a doubt, stalker material sitting right in front of her. How did he know Aaron? Was he following her? At least she was in a crowded restaurant and not alone with him. Like, say, the hallway in her apartment building.

Oh. My. God.

They lived in the same apartment building. Duh! How could she avoid him? Well, she didn’t know how long he’d been living there, but clearly, she managed to avoid him fairly well until recently.

“You work in the same building as me.”

Could it honestly get any worse?

“And how do you know that?”

A smooth smile adorned his face. “I saw you as I was walking into my work. I was very surprised to see you…and very happy.”

“You are amazing. Don’t you see how creepy it is what you did?” Her eyes bulged. “And I’m an idiot for encouraging you right now.”

She started to stand up. His hand shot out and lightly laid it upon hers. She hated to admit, she couldn’t deny the spark that hit her hand and darted throughout her body. His touch was electrifying.

“I’ve never been called creepy or a stalker or a man who can’t take a hint. I am so sorry. You’re correct. My behavior was unacceptable.” His smile disappeared. His eyes sparkled with regret. “You’re a beautiful, funny, and intriguing woman. I’m not used to hearing the word no. But I can accept it.” He pulled his hand away.

Not an ounce of arrogance littered his face. Only defeat.

With her heart hurt too many times by men just like him, she had been afraid to give him a chance, which is why she originally said no when he asked her out. He was very persistent, showing her a side of him she didn’t like. Her eyes glossed to her hand that he had touched.

But any sort of contact from him spoke of the desire stirring between them. Her body wanted him, but her mind was smart enough to say no.

“I accept your apology. But I think it’s time I go home.”

His jaw clenched, as if he didn’t like hearing that. Tough cookies. She didn’t really care.

Then an idea started to form. She believed he was apologetic for his actions. She just didn’t know how long it would last. He was too accustomed to acting like a man who always got what he wanted.

Time to play a little game of her own. No more acting like a clumsy idiot in front of him.

“Have a good night.”

She figured those words were the most difficult four words he ever uttered in a long time. It made her giddy inside. Oh, my. That should feel horrible to feel that way, but it didn’t. She almost let loose a chuckle at how happy that made her feel.

“You, too.”

She grabbed her purse and walked away, not once glancing behind. She had a plan to enact.

Was he man enough to handle it?


If you haven’t heard yet, I’m hosting a Trick or Treat: Halloween Facebook Hop on October 27, 2017. If you’re an author or blogger (any genre), please sign up to participate in the hop with me! It’s going to be so much fun!!!

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Sign ups will close at the end of the day on Friday, October 13, 2017!

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Escaping Memories is FREE!

It’s feels like a nice time to have a sale…just because! So get Escaping Memories FREE from today (August 23) until August 25!


(8/23/17 – 8/25/17)

Escaping Memories

Sheriff Logan Caldwell just wants to keep his beloved county safe, yet feels like he fails when a father kills his own daughter. Open and close case. Nothing more for him to do but start his vacation like he originally planned before that tragedy swallowed him whole. He never imagined the day would get worse when he finds a woman in his cabin. She’s dirty and bruised with blood all over her body. She has no memory—of anything. He failed the little girl, but he won’t fail this woman. He swears he’ll find out who hurt her, keep her safe, and help her gain her memory back. Only problem is, he just might fall in love with her at the same time.