DIY Princess Tutu Dress


Craft time! Do you know what’s almost here? *holds breath in excitement* Halloween!!! I love Halloween, and no surprise, so do my girls. My four year wants to be a princess this year, although she didn’t say a specific Disney princess or anything, just that she wanted to be a princess. So I thought, alright, let’s make you a cute costume. I do enjoy making these tutu’s. Normally it’s a skirt I make, but this time I thought I’d try the dress version. I think it turned out pretty darn good. *smiles*

Let’s get crafting!

DIY Princess Tutu Dress

(Note: These are the colors of Tulle I used. You can use whatever colors you wish. My four year old picked out the colors.)

1 – 6″ roll of Chunky Glitter Purple Tulle

1- 6″ roll of Matte Purple Tulle

2- 6″ rolls of Glimmer Pink Tulle

2- 6″ rolls of Chunky Glitter Pink Tulle

1- 6″ Tube Top Pink



First, I grabbed a small kids chair and used that to hold the Tube Top by placing it around the backrest. So much easier to tie the pieces of Tulle that way. Next, measure how long you want the dress to extend down. (I had my daughter stand there as I measured with the Tulle itself.) Now you are going to fold the Tulle in half to tie it to the Top, so make sure you measure it folded so it’s not too short. Cut your pieces of Tulle. I definitely went through about 1 1/2 rolls of Tulle (of the pink). FYI: If you make a longer dress, you might need more rolls of Tulle than I used.

Grab two pieces together (makes the dress a little more full), twist the ends a little (makes it easier to get through the little holes on the bottom of the Tube Top) and loop it through the bottom. Make sure you pull it through enough that it’s even in length, then tie into a knot. I rotated colors. Chunky Glitter Pink, Chunky Glitter Purple, Glimmer Pink, Chunky Glitter Pink, Matte Purple, Glimmer Pink, and repeat…(Of course, you can do whatever you like. *smiles*)

Go around the entire Tube Top tying your pieces of Tulle. Wah-lah! You have a dress. Now, the top might slide down if you don’t attach straps, plus straps made it look even more adorable.

I had my daughter try it on, and while she was wearing it, I attached the straps so they were placed properly. For the straps I used one piece of each color and put them together. Loop it from the back to the front and then tie in a knot. Then, carefully make a bow. I say carefully because it was kinda hard to tie the bow. *chuckles*

There you have it! Not much to it. Once I had the straps done, my daughter couldn’t contain her excitement. I’ve ordered a tiara, wand, and gloves, and then she’ll be ready for this Halloween as the best princess ever!


I hope you liked this craft:) Can’t wait for Halloween.

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