Finally…Flash Fiction Friday

So I’m really late posting this today, but I made it! It’s still Friday! Hope you enjoy this weeks flash!

Prompt ~ Learning is good.

Taking a sip of wine, she let the smooth, rich flavor slide down her throat. She had to savor something from this night. Because the jerk she accepted a date from stood her up. Story of her life. She always dated the arrogant assholes with only sex on their minds. For once, she decided to stay clear from that type. Dreamy-eyed man from the other day a perfect example. So instead, she agreed to a date with a simple, normal guy who works in the IT department at her work. A geek, really, especially with the dorky looking glasses he wears, always pushing them up his nose as he speaks like a sloth. He seemed safe. Nothing to worry about.

And the nerdy jerk stands her up.

Learning is good. She always liked to learn something new every day. A motto her mother used to say all the time growing up. Well, she learned a valuable lesson today.

All men suck.

Nerdy. Arrogant alpha-males. Down-to-earth goody two-shoes. Every single one sucked. She hated men. No more dating.

A chair scuffed across the floor in the dimly lit area of the bar where she sat. It was a quiet evening, most of the patrons eating in the dining area, the bar semi-empty. It would fill up in another hour or two with the nightlife crowd ready to party. She’d be long gone before that happened. Of all the places someone had to pick a seat, they chose right next to her.

Turning her head to give the unlucky person who decided to pick that particular seat a piece of her mind, her eyes went round with shock.

“A beautiful night…” The tip of his mouth curled up. “With a beautiful woman.”

Oh. My. God.


The man who tortured her dreams nightly. The man she could never just act like a normal person in front of. The man who always made her act like a clumsy idiot, especially when she spilled her coffee all over him. He just took the chair right next to her. And a little too close for her tastes. His thigh took that moment to brush against hers, the soft touch sending shivers of anticipation throughout her body.

“I’ve rendered you speechless.”

“Not even close. I just have nothing to say.” She raised her glass of wine to stop herself from saying something idiotic. Because, of course, he was right. He did sort of render her speechless.

Here she was sulking because her nerdy date stood her up, and she dismissed this somewhat arrogant, yet sexy as hell man’s offer of a dinner date. She couldn’t get him out of her mind the past few days. His light touch sent her into a tailspin. Would it really hurt to keep denying the strong sexual connection between them? She should’ve just said yes to him. She knew he would’ve never stood her up.

“You’re welcome, by the way.” His gorgeous lips lifted even higher into the sexiest grin she had ever seen in her life. She wanted to kiss those delectable lips of his.

“For?” She couldn’t help but smile back. He made it difficult to resist. Why did she keep resisting him? She started to take another sip of wine.

“You would’ve had to endure the most boring date ever with that other guy.” His eyes sparkled with mischief. “Now you can enjoy your evening with me.”

She choked on the sip of wine, a bit of it dribbling down her chin.

Oh, yeah. This is the reason she didn’t accept his date. He was an arrogant jackass. How in the hell did he know who her date was? Was he the reason she was stood up? What did he do? Did he really think she’d stay here with him?

His finger swiped across her chin, then he licked his finger slowly as he stared at her. His eyes mesmerized her, as did the slightly odd, yet erotic thing he just did with his finger. He might be an egotistical bastard, but he sure knew how to light her body on fire.

He leaned closer, his lips brushing her ear. “How about…”

Oh, dear. He was about to suggest they leave and engage in hot sweaty sex. She didn’t think she’d be able to deny him anything at the moment. Not with his sultry breath enticing her to shift her neck just a bit so his lips would connect.

“…we have that dinner date now.”

Well, on the scale of did-that-just-happen, she had to rank this at holy-shit-he-just-fooled-her.

What the hell? She hated all men tonight. Him included.

She couldn’t really embarrass herself anymore than she already had with him. Not to mention, she just drooled in front of him and he didn’t go running. If anything, he leaned closer.

Her night couldn’t get any worse. Only better. Between the sheets if she had her way. Because even though he annoyed her, it’d been a very long time for her.

She stood up, grabbing her glass of wine. “Dinner it is.”


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