Flash Fiction…another week has passed!

Yay! Since I started to write flash fiction every week, which hasn’t been that long, I just can’t wait until the new week is here. And it’s here! My last two were pretty long, almost 1000 words.This one turned out much shorter, but still so much fun and pretty impactful, I think. *wink*

Prompt: “Please,” she begged.


“I can’t believe you did this. Fix it now.”

Jason raised his brows with a devilish smirk. “Sis, he’s my best friend. He’s coming to the party.”

Junelle slapped a hand to her hip. No, he isn’t. “You haven’t seen the jerk for over five years. Suddenly you have to invite him to Mom and Dad’s anniversary party.”

Jason shrugged. “Best friends are best friends, no matter how long it’s been. What’s the big deal?”

The big deal is he broke my heart. “I just told you. He’s a jerk.”

Rolling his eyes, he walked to the coffeepot to refill his cup. “Gonna have to get over it, Sis.”

“Please,” she begged. “I don’t want him here. This is about Mom and Dad, not some reunion between friends.”

“Still don’t see the big deal. I have to make a few phone calls. Be in a better mood when I get back.” Jason winked and walked out of the kitchen.

“Doesn’t see the big deal. Ugh. Why would he see the big deal? He wasn’t there when Kyle broke my heart.”

“Just how did I do that? You’re the one who walked out that night, June Bug,” a soft voice said, his breath tickling her neck he stood so close.

June Bug.

She hadn’t heard that nickname in over five years. And why did it still have to sound like a sweet caress stroking her body every time he used it?

Junelle slowly turned around, backing up a step. “Kyle. What are you doing here?”

Leaning against the counter with the same cocky grin she remembered from so long ago, he shrugged. Just like her brother did earlier. “I was invited to a party. Jason also asked me to help set up a few things. I didn’t break your heart.” His grin lost a measure of happiness.

“Gone for five years and now you think you can just waltz back into this family. Think again. We don’t want you here.”

Standing up, he moved like a panther on the prowl, boxing her into the counter so she had nowhere to go. “You don’t want me here. Jason has no such problem, otherwise he wouldn’t have tracked me down. Trust me. I didn’t want to come back.”

Her breath hitched. His lips were inches away. “Then why did you?”

A tender hand brushed her cheek. “I’m a glutton for punishment.”


“I didn’t break your heart. You broke mine.” His lips slammed over hers.

It was as if she found her way back home after being lost for so long.

Five years to be exact.



Until next week….

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