Flash Fiction Friday!

Eek! It’s been a long time it feels like since I last did a flash fiction! But I’m back and full of Christmassy goodness! I asked my daughter for a new prompt today, and she was like, “Well, it’s Christmas, so…”

Writing Prompt ~ Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

He sat down and got comfortable…


“Jack and Coke, please.”

The bartender nodded and quickly prepared his drink. As soon as the delicious concoction sat in front of him, he knew the entire day would melt away. Be forgotten.

Well, maybe after five or six, strong, Jack and Coke’s it could all be forgotten.

The glass rose to his lips, the dark amber liquid close to running smoothly down his throat. And then his hand jerked as his head whipped to the side.

“Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer…” the woman stopped, smiled, and opened her mouth to keep singing a song he couldn’t stand.


A silky brow rose. “And why not?”

“It’s a dumb song.”

“It’s a very fun song.” Her mouth twisted with mischief. “You’re one of them.”

“Excuse me?”

“You know, a Debbie downer of Christmas. Shall I call you Debbie, then?”

Was this woman for real? He just wanted to sit in peace and enjoy his drink and forget about his troubles for a while, not create new ones. It wasn’t too much to ask that she not sing a ridiculous song in the middle of a bar.

“I think you mean to say Scrooge.”

“Oh, no, you definitely look like a Debbie. Only a few can pull off an actual Scrooge.”

“Just stop singing and leave me alone.”

She nodded slowly, a delicate smile on her face. Although he didn’t think anything but havoc lay underneath that smile. Despite his sour mood, his body started to respond. He hated that as much as he hated her singing. He didn’t want to be attracted to this woman, especially one so infectious about Christmas.

He turned away, started to raise the glass to his lips, and just as he was about to swallow, a part of the drink dribbled down his chin as another loud song rang out of her sassy, yet damn sexy mouth.

“Frosty the Snowman—”


She looked at him quizzically but with a naughty intent hidden in the depths. “Come on. You don’t like Frosty either. What’s wrong with you, Debbie? Live a little.”

“Go somewhere else.”

Her features switched instantly. From playful to wrathful in an instant. “Listen up, Debbie. I was sitting here first. You go somewhere else.”

Finally, she was talking some sense. He did sit down after her. And if she was going to continue to sing every five seconds, then he would move. He just wanted to drink in peace. Not listen to her belt out Christmas tunes off key.

He stood up. She cocked an eyebrow in challenge. He took a step closer to her. He couldn’t resist leaning in as he whispered in her ear, “It’s Evan. And if you’re going to sing, at least sing in key.”

Before he could dwell on the fact she shivered as the words fell out softly, meant to entice, to flirt, he spun around and walked away. She had ramped up his desire, something he suppressed for the last six months with little effort. It pissed him off. But he couldn’t walk away from her without dishing out a little of his own torture.

And why should singing dumb Christmas songs get him hot and bothered? He hadn’t enjoyed Christmas in years.

Maybe it was the way she looked at him. So mischievously and sexy and like she had the answer to everything. He could use some answers.

He found a seat near the window, tucked in a corner, but in good view of her sitting at the bar. He told himself it was to give him ample warning in case she decided to bother him. But he knew that was a lie as soon as it flew through his mind. He just wanted to be able to see her. Watch her a little bit before he never saw her again.

She’d be nothing more than an apparition tomorrow morning. A blip on his radar.

Time passed. A waitress made sure every time his drink was close to empty, he had a new one. By drink four, his nerves had mellowed and a sweet, melancholy calmness had started to set in.

Just a few more and his night could end with complete peace.

His eyes trained on her immediately. He could tell right away he hated the man in her space, and she wasn’t appreciating it either.

Not his problem.

But, damn, he was itching to make it his problem. He didn’t know this woman. Didn’t even know her name. Yet, he wanted to stand up, drag that asshole away from her and declare, “Mine!” in front of the entire bar. He suddenly felt very possessive of her. Like she was his. Only his. It was crazy. Absolutely outrageous to think something after only a few minutes of interaction with her.

The moment he touched her, put a hand on her arm that she shook off immediately, he couldn’t stand back another moment. He stood up and stormed over there.

“Back off.” He shoved the guy away, standing in front of her, completely shielding her view of him.

“Screw you. You back off. Who do you think you are?”

His fists clenched. “Her boyfriend. And she’s mine. So back off.”

The guy’s eyes narrowed, as if contemplating the outcome if he made a move, ultimately deciding it wasn’t worth the effort.

“Whatever, dude. She’s all yours.”

“Damn, right,” he muttered under his breath as he watched the asshole walk away. He took his time to turn around.

“Boyfriend, huh, Debbie?”

He boxed her in, one hand on the back of the chair, one hand on the bar, his mouth mere inches from hers. “Evan.”

“Oh, how could I forget? We’ve been dating…about ten seconds. How silly of me?” She smiled, that sweet, sexy smile he had been dying to see since he walked away an hour ago. “Well, boyfriend of mine. What song are we singing now? I’m very partial to—”

He silenced her with a kiss. Slow, sensuous and everything he imagined as he watched her from afar for over an hour.

Oh, yeah, she was his. He’d never walk away from her again. It didn’t even matter he didn’t know her name yet.


…“And that is how I met your mother five years ago. She still can’t sing a tune in key either.”

His son giggled as he snuggled under the blankets and pulled his teddy bear closer to his chest. “Tell it again. Tell it again, Daddy.”

“Once a night, buddy. You know that.” He kissed him on the forehead. “Sleep tight, big guy. Love you.”

He made sure the night-light was plugged in and shut the door after one more hug and kiss that his son always insisted on having. It was a nightly ritual. Tell the story of how mommy and daddy met, a kiss on the forehead, check the night-light, then one more hug and kiss.

And there she was, the woman of his dreams since the moment he met her, waiting in the hallway.

“Umm, I do believe you were a little off-key tonight with Rudolph.”

He snagged a hand around her waist and kissed her. “And you, my sweetheart, always sing it off-key. I love you anyway.”

“It’s my beautiful song that drew you in. Like a siren.”

“I can’t argue with that.” He stole another kiss from her. “Now it’s time for your bedtime story.”

She giggled as he nuzzled her neck with kisses. “Can I hear the one about the naughty elf?”

He swung her into his arms and grinned. “Anything for you, my dear Debbie.”

She winked as the bedroom door swung closed.


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