Flash Fiction Friday

Happy Friday! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy this weeks prompt. This storyline might be ending soon…maybe on a cliffhanger, so I can turn it into a book! *wink*

Writing Prompt ~ Paint a heart.

One word.


It circled his brain. Rang from ear to ear. Pounded in every corner of his mind.

It couldn’t be true. Not his best friend. His confidant. A man he considered like a brother.

Why would he want to kill him?

“Gage? Say something.”

He couldn’t let go of her. He couldn’t see the truth in her eyes, as he heard in her voice. He just couldn’t believe it.

“Maybe you hit your—”

“Stop.” She tried to wiggle out of his arms. “Get away from me.”

His arms around her tightened as he brushed a kiss to her neck. “Don’t ever push me away. I won’t allow it.”

“We broke up. You have no say anymore. Let me go.”

Tears touched his neck. Her tears. Her sorrow and pain that he put there.

“I can’t let you go. I should’ve never let you walk away. Please, Chelsea. Please,” his voice broke as he felt himself on the verge of tears, “tell me you’re wrong. That it’s a mistake. It can’t be true.”

Instead of pushing him away once again, her arms strengthened around him. “I wish I was wrong.”

The conviction in her tone couldn’t be mistaken. She believed every word she said. Leaning away, he grabbed her hand and squeezed it. “Start from the beginning.”

A muscle in her cheek twitched as silent tears rained down. “The night before I broke up with you, a man broke into the house. He threatened me. Shoved a gun in my face and…and said if I didn’t break up with you and leave immediately, he’d come back and kill you.”

“You believed him? I can protect myself. I can protect you. Who broke into the house?”

“I don’t know who he is.”

He stiffened, his jaw clenching, as he tried to control his rage from spilling out. “Then how do you know Taylor is involved? Did he say anything about Taylor?”



“A week before, I saw that same man talking to Taylor in front of the courthouse. They were arguing. Taylor definitely was telling him who was the boss. I meant to say something to you, but then…” Her eyes turned down. “You’ve been so busy working on your latest case and…and it slipped my mind. It didn’t seem as important as trying to get your attention did.”

His heart sank. He screwed up with her. In every possible way. He took a good woman and treated her like dirt, like she wasn’t his top priority when that wasn’t true. She was his everything. She was his heart and soul. Paint a heart full of love and that’s what he felt for her. Filled with so much love, he almost wanted to burst from the intense emotion. But instead of showing her that, he ignored her. He didn’t deserve her. But it didn’t mean he’d let her go.

“I’m sorry about that. I’m sorry I failed at being the kind of boyfriend you needed me to be. But there has to be a reasonable explanation. I can’t—I refuse—to believe my best friend wants me dead.”

Her eyes slowly lifted, connecting with his. “You’re free to believe whatever you like. I know what I believe. I think you should leave now.”

He tensed, his hand intensifying its grip. “I know we broke up. I know I screwed up. I know I have a lot to make up to you.” Leaning closer, his lips precariously close to hers, he whispered, “But I’m not leaving. You’re mine. You’ve always been mine.”


“I’ll protect us.”

Her eyes closed. Her tears had stopped, but the pain still echoed around the room. In her posture, in her loose hold on his hand.

The door opened.

He backed away and turned his head. His gaze connected with Taylor’s. What was he doing here?


“I thought you left to grab lunch.”

Gage felt Chelsea stiffen, her grip tightening, yet he knew she hadn’t opened her eyes by the calm expression on Taylor’s face.

“Yeah, I was going to, then changed my mind. I want to be by her side when she wakes up.” He grinned at the man he swore was his best friend. At the man he trusted with his life. “What are you doing here? I thought you were heading back to work.”

Taylor smiled. A smile he knew so well. Yet, now that Chelsea put the doubt in his head, he saw a smirk hidden. As if Taylor knew something he didn’t. “I thought I’d check on her one more time. I just hope she’s okay. Wakes up soon.”

“I’ll call you the minute she does. Go back to work.”

He found it difficult to hold a grin on his face, when all he wanted to do was charge at his best friend, slam a fist into his gut, and demand he tell him why he’d want him dead. No doubt lingered anymore. He should’ve never doubted Chelsea. Why would she lie? She loved him.

The moment Taylor stepped into the room, a room he assumed would be empty, his doubt floated away. Why would he come back when he said he was leaving? Why would he want to be alone with her? Gage would kill him before he ever let him hurt Chelsea again.

“Call me right away. The minute she wakes up. I’m worried about her. And you.” That damn smile wouldn’t disappear. Like he cared. “Make sure you tell her you’re sorry and you love her.”

Gage nodded, but said nothing else. He was teetering on the edge of losing his control. Thankfully, Taylor waved goodbye and left the room before he completely lost his senses and beat the living shit out of his friend.

“You do believe me.”

Turning his head, he smiled warmly at the one woman he would lay his life down for. “I don’t want to, but yes. Why would he do this?”

“Why does anyone hurt somebody? Jealousy is usually a good reason.”

Pressing a kiss to her lips, he vowed he’d make Taylor pay for hurting her. He’d make him feel the pain.

“I won’t let anything else happen to you. I will fix this. Nobody threatens me, threatens the woman I love.”


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