Flash Fiction Friday

Woo hoo! It’s Flash Fiction Friday again. And I almost forgot about it. I’ve been so busy this week with other book related stuff and school just starting, it occurred to me this morning I hadn’t written my flash yet. But here it is. I have to admit, my daughter almost stumped me on this one…so I hope you enjoy what I came up with!

Prompt ~ Don’t lose…electronics.

With the strap of her purse tight around her shoulder, she shifted the rest of it in front of her as she dug for her keys.

Where did those buggers fall?

She had a horrible habit of tossing anything and everything into her purse.

Lipstick. Yep, just threw it in without putting it in the nice little side pocket made perfectly for it.

Receipts. Always crumbled into a ball with other things like business cards.

Keys. Yeah, those were always the most difficult to find underneath everything else. One would think her lipstick would be the hardest to find. Nope. Not for her.

A tall, large profile of a man pierced her senses as she almost gave up searching for her keys. Almost, but not quite. He might be opening the door to get into her apartment building, but she still needed to unlock her apartment door itself.

“Hold up! Please.” She started to half-run, half-walk as her fingers kept digging to the bottom of her purse.

Sometimes, she just lost things, or misplaced stuff, setting it down and forgetting to pick it back up. Which is why she always tossed everything in her purse with no care in the world. Because she knew where it was, even if she had to dig for it.

The man stood with the door halfway open and started to turn toward her.

Touching everything from her wallet to pieces of paper to her tiny lipstick container, her mind started to churn into panic that she lost her keys. “Don’t lose…electronics…” Her mind went completely blank as she met the eyes of the kind gentleman holding the door open for her.

His deep green eyes glittered with amusement as a small part of his lip curled up. “What?”

“What…what?” Oh, geez. Just put her in a corner for acting like an idiot. Was she even making sense?

“Did you lose…something?”

Did she say she lost something? She had no clue what she even said before his captivating gaze caught hold of her. She still didn’t know what to say as he met her stare, his lovely green eyes sparkling with laughter. He knew she was clueless.

Ugh. Well, that was unattractive.

“Are you okay?”

Going for a haughty glare, she moved to walk past him through the door. “You’re fine.” Her eyes closed as she felt the heat roll up her chest and to her cheeks. “I mean, I’m fine.”

A low chuckle followed her as she walked through the door. Of course, what was she thinking? He was beyond fine. He was downright handsome in his designer suit that fit him perfectly. His thick brown hair just asked for her to brush her fingers through it, and the subtle curls gave him almost a sweet and tender look. But the devil-may-care grin and the laughter in his eyes told her everything she needed to know. He would be arrogant and controlling. She had enough of letting those kinds of men in her life.

Not today.

No way.

“So…” He cleared his throat. “I didn’t get your name.”

Turning slightly, yet she didn’t stop walking because she wanted to reach the elevator and the safety of her apartment before she gave in to temptation, she said, “I didn’t offer it.”


She turned back around only to smack right into a large brown box that sat in the middle of the floor. She lost her footing, toppling over the box and to the other side as her purse flung across the floor, the contents scattering everywhere.

Could it get much worse? She wasn’t usually this clumsy or flustered with a man before. One simple look and he had her mixing up her words, looking like a fool, and tripping over things she should’ve seen sitting in her pathway.

A warm, gentle hand helped her up. For once, his eyes shimmered with compassion and concern. “Are you okay?”

It’s as if he was offering her a second chance with the same words he asked just a minute before.

“I’m good.”

Nodding, he said no more and let her go to pick up her things. She scrambled around as fast as she could, the embarrassment washing over her that he had to help her in the first place. When she opened her purse wide so he could dump everything in, her face flamed with heat once more.

Oh my God, was that a tampon?

The sweet dimple forming on his face, with the laughter back in his eyes, said yes, he just picked up a tampon for her.

Well, just for that, she’d give him the title of being a gentleman once again, even if he was laughing at her at the same time.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome…” He paused, as if he still wanted her name.

There wasn’t room in her life for a man. Even one as temptingly delicious as him. “Well, have a nice day.” She walked away with as much dignity as she could find.

Sadly, he didn’t stop her.


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