Flash Fiction Friday!

I’m back! And I have to admit, I almost didn’t make it again this Friday for my flash fiction. It’s been a crazy week post Hurricane Irma, but things are slowly coming back to normal. School has been closed the entire week, the stores are still low on certain products, and we’ve been cleaning up the debris in our yard. We were incredibly blessed to have no damage to our house, or lose power. I can’t imagine what others have gone through, or are currently still going through. It was a horrible storm, one I hope never hits us again like that.

I’m continuing the same storyline I was working on two weeks ago, and I hope you enjoy this week’s prompt! Have a wonderful weekend:)

Prompt ~ You look nice today.

Luck was on his side. That’s all he could think. When he saw her two days ago walk into his work, and like a creeper, followed her to see where she went, he couldn’t have been more surprised to find out she worked four levels below him. It didn’t take much effort to find out her name and a way to get a date with her. All he had to do was bribe Aaron in IT to ask her out, hoping she accepted, then swoop in when Aaron didn’t show up, which was the plan.

A little devious? Definitely. Did he feel sorry about it? Not really. When he wanted something, he went out and got it. Nothing stopped him.

Oh, and he wanted her. Something about her spoke to him. Her clumsiness, her slight shyness mingled with her speaking her mind was like a fresh of breath air. He never found a woman so real and intriguing in his life. He wanted to get to know her more. Only problem was she wouldn’t give him the chance, which meant he had to take matters into his own hands. So far, surprisingly, his plan seemed to be working.

He pulled a chair out for her, then took a seat across from her. He ordered a bottle of wine, then dismissed the waiter.

“You look nice today.” His lips curled into his signature grin that always had women melting on the spot. “I’m sorry your date didn’t show up.”

Cocking a brow, the fire in her eyes made the desire ramp up inside him. “Are you really sorry?”

Should he confess what he did? “I am. A beautiful woman should never be stood up.”

“You can quit with the compliments.”

“Because you don’t like them…”

“Because I’m sitting at the table with you. It’s not necessary anymore.”

Contemplating those words, he couldn’t decide if she believed him or not. She was truly an exquisite woman. Everything about her fascinated him. Perhaps she wasn’t used to compliments. Or maybe she just didn’t want them from him. Why didn’t she fall for his charm? Every woman always did.

His triumph at completing his goal of getting a dinner date with her plummeted. Sure, he won. But did he really? She wasn’t sitting with him because she wanted to. She sat here because she had no other option at the moment. Her date stood her up. Because of him. Because he told Aaron to ask her out and not show up.

When did he become so horrid?

For the first time in his life, he felt like a cad. When did he become so selfish?

“Oh, my. Did I render you speechless now?”

Her witty comment almost made him smile. “I should apologize.”

Obviously confused, she raised a brow. “Why?”

“Because Aaron, the man who asked you out,” he said as he watched her face morph into surprise, “only did so because I asked him to. I just really wanted the opportunity to take you out for a nice dinner. But I can’t continue with this evening without you knowing the truth. It was horribly rude of me and…and I’m sorry.”

Her expression went from surprise to anger. “I knew you were an arrogant asshole…I just…” Her lips thinned into a tight line.

He didn’t know what to say. That was a new experience for him. He never failed when it came to women. Amazingly, he really didn’t want to fail right now. He had no time for a woman in his life, but he wanted to make time for her. He wanted to see where this could go. Would she accept his apology? It wasn’t looking too promising.

She stood up. His heart dropped at the sight.

“Please…accept my apology and stay. I really am not an asshole all the time.”

“Oh, just half the time, then?” Her lips curled into a sassy smile. “Been there, done that. Not really looking to date another man such as yourself. Especially when you do such underhanded things as you did.”

“All very true things. I respect that.” Instead of displaying his signature suave look, that didn’t seem to work on her anyway, his lips fell into a frown. “Just give me one chance. One meal to show you a different side of me. The real me. Please.”

She hesitated. Just the small hesitation gave him hope.

“Please. Just this one meal.” He had never begged a woman in his life. He honestly couldn’t believe he was doing it right now.

She sighed softly, then sat gingerly in her chair. “Fine. One meal.”

“Thank y—”

“But you’re on probation. One little word that I don’t like, I walk away. You don’t bother me again.”

Wheeling and dealing. Something he was very familiar with in his line of work. He fell for her just a little more for that.

“Sweetheart, you won’t regret a thing.”


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    1. Thank you! I hope it does, too, although the entire state has a ways to go before it’s completely back to normal. Everyone is great around here, helping each other out. That’s what I love to see!

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