Flash Fiction Friday…and a bit of Halloween fun!

Prompt ~ You are amazing.

“Sweetheart, you won’t regret a thing.”

What was she getting herself into? For about two seconds he actually seemed remorseful for his actions, for lying and deceiving her into coming to this place. Then his arrogant words jumped right back into the conversation like she was going to fall at his feet. As if.

Sure. He looked like sex-on-a-stick, but should she really be sitting at this table after what he did? Bribing someone to ask her out and then asking him to stand her up. Who did that? It just seemed…stalkerish. Oh, yeah, definitely stalker behavior.

“You’re looking at me like you hate me again.”

Cocking a brow, she smirked. “I’m just trying to figure out what your end game is here. Why go through all of this?”

“Well, I tried on my own and you shot me down.”

“So you decide to act like a creep…how do you know Aaron?”

Without a doubt, stalker material sitting right in front of her. How did he know Aaron? Was he following her? At least she was in a crowded restaurant and not alone with him. Like, say, the hallway in her apartment building.

Oh. My. God.

They lived in the same apartment building. Duh! How could she avoid him? Well, she didn’t know how long he’d been living there, but clearly, she managed to avoid him fairly well until recently.

“You work in the same building as me.”

Could it honestly get any worse?

“And how do you know that?”

A smooth smile adorned his face. “I saw you as I was walking into my work. I was very surprised to see you…and very happy.”

“You are amazing. Don’t you see how creepy it is what you did?” Her eyes bulged. “And I’m an idiot for encouraging you right now.”

She started to stand up. His hand shot out and lightly laid it upon hers. She hated to admit, she couldn’t deny the spark that hit her hand and darted throughout her body. His touch was electrifying.

“I’ve never been called creepy or a stalker or a man who can’t take a hint. I am so sorry. You’re correct. My behavior was unacceptable.” His smile disappeared. His eyes sparkled with regret. “You’re a beautiful, funny, and intriguing woman. I’m not used to hearing the word no. But I can accept it.” He pulled his hand away.

Not an ounce of arrogance littered his face. Only defeat.

With her heart hurt too many times by men just like him, she had been afraid to give him a chance, which is why she originally said no when he asked her out. He was very persistent, showing her a side of him she didn’t like. Her eyes glossed to her hand that he had touched.

But any sort of contact from him spoke of the desire stirring between them. Her body wanted him, but her mind was smart enough to say no.

“I accept your apology. But I think it’s time I go home.”

His jaw clenched, as if he didn’t like hearing that. Tough cookies. She didn’t really care.

Then an idea started to form. She believed he was apologetic for his actions. She just didn’t know how long it would last. He was too accustomed to acting like a man who always got what he wanted.

Time to play a little game of her own. No more acting like a clumsy idiot in front of him.

“Have a good night.”

She figured those words were the most difficult four words he ever uttered in a long time. It made her giddy inside. Oh, my. That should feel horrible to feel that way, but it didn’t. She almost let loose a chuckle at how happy that made her feel.

“You, too.”

She grabbed her purse and walked away, not once glancing behind. She had a plan to enact.

Was he man enough to handle it?


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