Flash Fiction Friday…Christmas style!

Lol. We’re getting excited for the holidays in this house! Love this weeks prompt! Merry Christmas!!

Prompt ~ Happy Holidays

He couldn’t shake the nerves as he grabbed the small box he hid on his side of the closet and met his girlfriend, Mandy, in the kitchen where she was preparing a turkey for the dinner tonight they had planned with their friends and family.

His hands were clammy. His fingers tense as they gripped the box so tightly. His knees even felt like they wanted to collapse in on him, sending him to the ground in a heap.

But he could do this. He wanted to do this. It was time. Way past time, he finally did this.

She was the one.

He planned to show her in the best way he knew how.

Well, if his nerves would settle down.

“What are you doing silly? All the presents should be under the tree. Quit messing with stuff and help me set the table.”

Will couldn’t move, couldn’t speak, couldn’t do anything but stare at the woman he loved in awe. She was always hopping and bopping around the house, picking things up, organizing and reorganizing her books until she had everything just the way she liked it, scrapbooking, a favorite pastime of hers, keeping their finances up to date, cooking meals she just had to try that she found on Pinterest. She never slowed down. Even now, she was rushing around the kitchen trying to make everything look and taste perfect, which he had no doubt it would, and what was he doing? Standing like an idiot, just staring at her, because his nerves were invading his body, paralyzing him.

“Will?” Wrinkles started to crease her forehead as she stepped closer and grabbed his free hand, no doubt feeling the tiny tremors that coated his entire body. “What’s the matter? You’re scaring me.”

“I…will…here.” He shoved his hand out that held the box, almost too abruptly, because the corner of the box hit her stomach.

“Can’t we wait to open all the presents when everyone gets here?”


One tiny, delectable eyebrow slowly rose as she squeezed his hand once, then let go and took the box from him. He couldn’t have been more relieved than when she did that. He didn’t like knowing she could feel his terror. This shouldn’t be so hard to do, and he didn’t want her to know how hard it was for him. He didn’t want her to get the wrong impression from that. He wanted this. He wanted her.

She took her time taking the wrapping paper off that took him over thirty minutes to wrap since he wanted it to look perfect. She always made sure everything she did was absolute perfection. He wanted to give her the same thing, although he was afraid it was a terrible wrapping job. The tape kept getting stuck when he tried to hold the paper in place while tearing a piece of tape off, then it would tangle into a mess where he’d have to let go of the wrapping paper to untangle it, then the paper never folded the way he wanted to and the tape got messed up again. It had been a never-ending battle that he lost. His present was definitely not wrapped as pretty as she always did it.

The wrapping paper drifted to the floor as a plain brown box was revealed. She removed the tape that held the two flaps of the box closed and opened it up. The happiness in her eyes had been worth all his backbreaking work at wrapping the present in the first place. He’d do it all again just to see that beautiful light in her eyes.

“I can’t believe you bought this.”

He chuckled as she pulled out the penguin she had seen in the display window the same day she gave him the tickets to the hockey game. The penguin had on a Santa hat with a big, bright red bow around its neck.

“Push its hand.” He gestured to the left side with a smile, anticipating her cute little laughter and the way she always jumped up and down when something really excited her.

Mandy pushed the button on its hand and did exactly as he predicted, jumped up and down as a bout of giggles escaped.

Jiggle to the left. Jiggle to the right. Let’s boogie to the Christmas tune and have a merry night! Happy Holidays!

He pushed that dumb button so much he knew the song and could sing it by heart. Even heard it in his dreams. The second he walked into the store and played it, he knew she’d adore it.

“OMG! Does it dance?” She rushed to the counter and set it down and pushed the button again. The penguin shuffled across the counter to the song. “I love it.”

He snatched a kiss, considering she didn’t give him much more than a peck as her attention went right back to the penguin.

He thought his nerves couldn’t get any worse. But they did. Because she didn’t notice the most important thing about the penguin. And now he’d have to point it out.

“So…ummm…you like it?”

She scoffed playfully. “Like it? I love it. You totally could’ve given this to me when everyone got here, though.”

Rubbing a hand behind his neck, he glanced to the floor, then right back to her. “Not really. I wanted this to just be me and you.” He cleared this throat, rubbing his hand a little harder against his neck. “Just…look at the bowtie a little more. It’s…crooked.”

“No, it’s not.” She laughed as she picked up the penguin and touched the bow. As soon as he knew she saw it, which wasn’t hard to miss since her jaw literally dropped, he bent down on one knee in front of her.

He blew out a tiny breath as he waited for her to turn his way. When she did, his voice came out in almost a whisper, his nerves dominating once again. “I love you, Mandy. Every single thing about you, even when you call me a butt and I deserve it. I honestly can’t imagine my life without you. The only thing I want for Christmas this year is the word yes.” He hesitated, then said, “Will you marry me?”

She plucked the ring that he had carefully placed in the bow, which hadn’t been an easy feat, especially since he didn’t want it to fall out. It slid onto her finger effortlessly.





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