Flash fiction time!

Another week has passed. The third book in the McCord series, which I have found a title for finally (Deserving You), is coming along nicely, and I have hit almost the halfway point in NaNoWriMo with 24,209 words written. Yay! *claps myself on the back* Here’s a glimpse of Emmett with his brother Ethan. I just love these McCord men. ♥


Prompt: You did what with the what?

“Yo, Emmett, I’ve got good news.”

Emmett turned away from Dare to see his brother Ethan walking toward him.

“Amidst all this chaos, I can’t wait to hear it.”

Ethan’s smile widen as he winked deviously. “I found you the perfect woman so you can forget all about Deja. I know you’ll never make a move on her so I’m gonna help you move on. Already got you a date for Wednesday with a nice lovely school teacher.”

Emmett stiffened. Could the day get any worse? “You did what with the what? I don’t want your help. I’m not going out with one of your women.”

“Oh, I’ve never dated her. Gabe and I had drinks the other night, and she was there with Beth. It didn’t occur to me then that she’d be perfect for you, but after you left last night, it did. So I called her this afternoon and I got you a date.”

Rubbing his hand over his face to hide the embarrassment, he sighed. “Ethan, I’m—”

“You gonna ask out Deja?”

“Don’t we have a fire to deal with?” Emmett pointed behind his brother. The commotion near the barn and corral was still hopping.

Ethan shoved his thumbs under his suspenders and smiled with delight. He had already taken off his turnout jacket and tossed it somewhere. “Fire’s extinguished. We took care of that beast without breaking a sweat. This issue with Deja…move on, bro. I’m helping you.”

“My sister isn’t good enough for your brother?” Emmett almost forgot Dare was standing there until he spoke.

Ethan’s brow rose in surprise as he glanced at Dare. “Sister?”

Emmett cleared his throat, almost giddy inside that his brother just made an ass of himself. Serves him right for trying to meddle in his life. “This is Dare, Deja’s brother.”

“Nice to meet you, Dare. Your sister is good enough, but I’m not so sure my brother is.” Ethan grinned at Emmett, it slightly mimicking one of his smirks that said he was up to no good. Which he clearly was. “If he doesn’t have the balls to ask her out, then he doesn’t deserve her. Now, about this date I set up for you. Her name’s Debbie. Cute as a button. She’s a teacher, very soft spoken. You’ll love her.”

“I’m not going out with her. And I’m not a damn coward.” Emmett started to walk away, ignoring the laughter ringing around the farm. He refused to be baited by his brother like that. He liked Deja. End of discussion. He whipped around. “Watch me ask her out. Tomorrow. Tell your teacher, thanks, but no thanks. I like Deja. And if you got a problem with that, Dare, come throw a punch.”


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