Flash fiction time!

Prompt: Watch him die

His crazy laugh sent shivers running down her spine.

“Watch him die.”

Her mouth opened to scream, but no sound came out. She stared in horror as the man pressed the knife to Bo’s throat, making a sweeping motion.


She jerked upright, immediately falling back into the warmth of Bo’s arms. Her body ached everywhere, from the deep pounding in her head to the aggravating tingles in her toes. Some aches were from pain, and some were from the desire swamping her body as Bo’s arms became tighter around her. He held her as if she would slip away to the bottom of the ocean. She felt like she was sinking to the bottom, no air in sight.

“You need to stay awake. Stop going in and out. I can’t take it anymore.”

Leaning her head back, at a very awkward angle, she peered into his eyes. The concern shining within the depths had her trembling with disbelief. He didn’t care about her. Why was he pretending now? Why was she sitting with her back against his chest on the ground outside the precinct? Why did it have to feel so nice?

“What are you talking about?”

His eyes bulged, as if he couldn’t believe she asked such a question. “You had a vision. Do you have any idea how long we’ve been sitting outside here? Do you have any idea how—” His lips pressed into a thin line. “Are you okay? You gonna stay with me?”

Stay with me. If only he meant that in a totally different way. In a way that would make her heart soar.

“How long have I been out?” She tried to sit up and move away from him, but his arms were still impenetrable. “I’m okay now. You can let go.”

His grip strengthened, his hands flush against her stomach, sending delicious tingles straight to her core. “I’m not ready to let you go.” His warm breath, so close to her ear, brought memories forward that she wished she could forget, especially right in this moment. “What was the vision?”

She wanted to forget it. Forget everything she saw.


Closing her eyes, she savored the way her name left his mouth so softly, so erotically.

“Talk to me. You were out for an hour. And for the last thirty minutes, you’ve been in and out of consciousness. You scared the shit out of me.” He squeezed gently, a kiss hitting the side of her face. “What did you see?”

“A man had a knife to your throat. I was across the room, helpless, watching as he threatened you, threatened me. He killed you right before my eyes.”

He tensed. “Did you recognize him?”

“No. I couldn’t see his face clearly. I don’t why I keep seeing us, yet it wasn’t us. The victims were Stacey and John. Why can’t I see anything to help identify who this man is?”

“Are you saying it’s the same guy from the other vision? The bomber?”

She nodded. “I could feel his evil.” She turned as best as she could, burying her face into his chest, soaking up the comfort he was offering. She didn’t care if it wouldn’t last, she just needed to grab as much as she could from him before he shoved her away once again.

“I’m taking you home. Then we’ll figure this out.”

“I can take myself home. I’m okay.”

His arms were already tight against her, but they tightened even more at her words. “You’re far from okay.” He pressed a kiss to her head. “And we have a lot to talk about. Starting with us.”

“There is no us. There hasn’t been for years.”

“Yeah, that’s the problem. I have something I need to tell you.”

Like that, she wished she could disappear, continue the descent down to the bottom of the ocean. What could he possibly want to tell her? Did she really want to know?

“I’m not leaving your side, so don’t even think about arguing with me. Let’s go.”

The way he said it, she had no choice but to listen. He sounded like he actually cared about her. Or was she setting herself up for more heartache?




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