Flash fiction time!

Another week has passed. Seriously, where does the time go? Are you ready for some flash fiction? It made me really hungry writing this one:) *grins*

This week’s prompt is: It’s been a pleasure doing business.


“I’ll have the one—”

“With the chocolate icing covered with sprinkles.”

Lynnette slowly turned to the man standing next to her. Deep brown eyes with hair as black as coal and an expensive suit that fit his body to perfection. Arrogance written all over him. “You totally cut me off.”

Placing a hand upon his heart, a mischievous grin emerged. “Me? I would never do such a thing.” Leaning closer, his sweet voice slithered down her body with a smooth caress. “I might be psychic, though.”

“So you interrupted me because you knew that I was going to say that I wanted the chocolate covered sprinkled donut, and not because you were ordering it instead?”

His grin grew even larger. And sexier. Thinking such things would get her nowhere, except down the lonely lane of heartache once again. Men were all the same. At least the ones she dated.

“Well, is that what you were going to say?”

“Is that what you were going to order?”

His eyes glided to her hip where she decided to show a bit of sassiness by propping her hand there. Wrong choice. So very wrong. Because his chocolate brown eyes slid up her body leisurely to look her in the eyes once again.

Damn. Talk about making her hot with one scorching look.

“They do look delicious. I might want one now that you do.”

“Ha!” She pointed a finger in his face. “So you were going to order it too?”

With a brush of his fingers, he lowered her hand. “And you just confirmed you wanted that one from the beginning. Like I said, I’m psychic. Can the lovely lady behind the counter bag one for you and me? Or should we continue to argue about it?” He leaned closer again, almost enticing her to lean with him. “I don’t normally like to argue with a beautiful woman.”

Beautiful? He was trying to compliment her when he originally acted rude by interrupting her. Typical male behavior. She would not let the compliment affect her.

Turning to the bored teenage girl behind the counter, she offered a simple smile. “I’ll take the one with white icing that’s drizzled with chocolate. Thank you. Mr. I-like-to-interrupt-people will take the chocolate covered one with sprinkles.”

He stood quietly next to her as the girl bagged their donuts and slid the bags over the counter. She snatched her bag and headed for the register. The scent of cinnamon trailed behind her. Why did she have to notice how delicious he smelled?

“You know you’re not going to enjoy that donut as much as I’m going to enjoy mine.”

Tensing, she tried to ignore the tantalizing tingles radiating down her back from his silky voice. “It’s the one I wanted all along.”

“Are you sure? Because I watched you eye that chocolate donut with stars in your eyes. I can trade with you.”

Moving forward, only one person ahead of her now, she blew out a breath and turned around. “I’m good.”

He smiled that annoyingly sexy grin and shrugged.

Facing forward again, she resisted the temptation to slap her donut to the counter and grabbed her wallet from her purse. Before she could remove her credit card, a five dollar bill landed on the counter.

“You can ring up both of these donuts. She hasn’t admitted she wants the chocolate donut yet and I feel bad about that.”

The audacity of the man. Handsome or not, he wasn’t buying her donut. Twirling around, she pointed her finger in his face again. “You are not buying my donut. Who do you think you are?”

“A nice guy buying your donut.” Tilting his head toward the register, he smiled. “It’s been a pleasure doing business. Keep the change.”

Whipping back toward the register, a scream almost filtered out. The lady had swiped the five and let him pay for her donut. Damn it!

He reached around her and grabbed her bag. “Shall we make this an even more intriguing morning and split them? Would that make it all better?”

“I don’t eat with strange men.” Snatching her bag, she walked away.

Taking a deep breath outside, she stopped just short of turning the corner and opened her bag.

Oh no.

One chocolate covered donut with sprinkles stared back.

“Told you I was psychic. My name’s Stephen and I would love to take you out for dinner sometime. Any woman who can turn my shitty morning into something special I have to get to know better.”

Why her? Why today? And why did he want to make her smile? Erasing any evidence of any sort of smile, she turned around. “Well, psychic Stephen, what do you think I’m going to say to that after you managed to make my great morning into something irritating?”

That sexy grin slowly grew. “Since I’m psychic, I know you’re gonna say yes. It took me about five minutes to prove myself right in the donut shop, so I’d say it’s gonna probably take me another five to prove it again. And you’re welcome.”


He leaned closer. “The donut.”

Sweet cinnamon once again drifted her way. “I never asked you to pay for it. But thank you.”

“Progress. We just made progress with a compliment. Four minutes to go.”

She smiled despite herself. What else kinda crazy could happen in four minutes? Oddly, she couldn’t wait to find out.

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