Flash Fiction with a little Merry Christmas!

Hello! I apologize for missing last week. I don’t know what happened there. I just plain forgot. lol I am currently enjoying Christmas vacation with my family, but I didn’t forget you lovelies this time. I scheduled this post and had so much fun writing this flash before we left! I have no idea where this story is going, but I can’t wait to find out! Let me know what you think!

Writing prompt ~ Why is the sky blue?

Her big black suitcase fell with a thunk to the floor. That was the last bag she had painstakingly packed. She didn’t want to meet his gaze, but she forced herself to.

“Really? You’re leaving me? Just like that? Without trying to work through this?”

Her heart broke from the pain in his tone. From the anguish in his words. Did she want to leave? Of course not. Was it for the best she left before he completely shattered her? Definitely. Her heart couldn’t handle any more torture than it had already been dealt.

“It’s…” Her voice cracked, unable to find the right words. It’s best sounded shallow. It’s time sounded cruel. It’s what she needed to do sounded too true. Yet, she couldn’t say any of that.

Gage’s face scrunched into anger. “It’s what? Tell me. Finish that Goddamn sentence.” He sucked in a harsh breath, his fists clenching and unclenching. “So that’s it? You can’t even talk to me. Did you even love me for a second?”

She stumbled back as if he smacked her hard across the face. How could he ask such a question? She loved him so much she was walking away before they tore each other apart.

“You have no idea. How dare you ask such a question? That’s like asking why is the sky blue. The answer is obvious.”

“Obvious?” He asked incredulously, stalking towards her. “It’s not obvious at all. Those bags by your feet tell me a different answer.”

She followed the path his hand jerked at, tears suddenly threatening to flow. Three suitcases full of her stuff she hadn’t even wanted to remove from their spot. Clothes. Pictures. Mementos. Honestly, she should’ve left that stuff alone. She would only be torturing herself when she reached her sister’s house and pulled out everything that would remind her of him. She should’ve just taken her clothes and that’s it.

A soft hand cupped her cheek, a warm finger brushing away a tear that slipped out.

“I’ve made mistakes. I admit that.” Gage gently forced her gaze to his, bringing his other hand to frame her face. “Just walking out like this isn’t right. Tell me what I need to do to fix this. To fix us. I can’t let you walk out of here like this.” His expression turned fierce. “I won’t.”

His tender touch soothed her rattled nerves. His soft tone enchanted her as it always did, reeling her in. That was the problem. He always gave her pretty words, insisting things would change, and they never did. She couldn’t take the ups and downs anymore. When it was just them, focused on one another, their relationship was wonderful. When he crawled into his cave, solely focused on his work, almost forgetting she even existed, she knew the relationship had a leak that probably couldn’t be mended.

He loved his job. The exciting thrill of prosecuting criminals, his eloquent words flying around the courtroom as he nailed the defendant to the post and won his case with ease. It all came natural to him. She understood that. She knew he needed that excitement in life.

But she needed him, too. She needed more than he was willing to give her. Part of her felt selfish for wanting more of his attention. Part of her felt like she deserved it. Without his job, he’d feel meaningless.

That’s why she knew she’d never give him an ultimatum. She wouldn’t be one of those women that made a man choose. That tried to change a man into someone he’d hate.

Her or his job?

It wasn’t fair to ask him that.

So it was best she left. Made the decision for him.

His grip tightened as his lips fell delicately upon hers. It was like fresh rain on a hot summer day. Sweet and soothing. A way to calm down the heat building.

As soon as his lips left hers, she wanted to cry out in agony.

“I love you. Stay. Don’t leave like this. I beg you.”

She wanted to cave. She wanted to wrap her arms tightly around him and never let go.

I beg you.

That wasn’t something he freely said. She could see the way his jaw tensed at uttering those three simple words. Begging did not come easily to a man who never pleaded for a thing in his life. Things just fell at his feet with ease. A look. A word. A gesture. He didn’t have to do much for things to go his way. People just listened.

Well, not this time.

She couldn’t listen even as much as her heart demanded she should.

Slowly, as if to savor his touch one last time, she removed his hands from her cheeks, missing the loss of him as soon as she stepped away out of his reach. She opened the front door without looking at him and placed her luggage onto the porch. Not one word was spoken as she went about that short task.

As her hand gripped the door handle, ready to leave without even a simple goodbye to him, his words tingled down her spine in terrifying goose bumps.

“If you step out that door, don’t even think about coming back. You’re walking away without a fight. Like a coward. I can’t love a woman like that.” His voice turned low and menacing. “You walk out that door, and my love for you will die.”

Steeling her spine, she walked outside and closed the door gently, not one glance in his direction. She would’ve never survived the look of pain in his eyes otherwise.

Yeah, she was a coward.

Hashing out her reasons would’ve gotten them nowhere. She had good reasons for leaving. She could’ve walked out a long time ago. She could’ve demanded months ago he stop working so much. She could’ve told him how she really felt and what they could do to fix everything. She could’ve conjured tons of reasons.

It would have been nothing but lies and fabrications from the truth.

Because the truth was she was being brave for the both of them.

She’d rather walk out and have him hate her than to see him die.

And he would die if she stayed.

The man last night who broke into their home while Gage was at work burned that into her brain. Etched it across her soul.

If she didn’t leave, that man would kill him.

And she would never survive his death.


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♥ Have a very Merry Christmas! ♥


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