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A new month…and it’s one more month closer to Christmas! So exciting! I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween and got lots of candy! Yum! Yum! I hope you enjoyed the month of October’s flashes, but I am moving on this week with some new stuff. This one probably won’t be an on-going story, but it was fun. I’m also not a huge hockey fan, but I enjoyed going to high school and college games when I was younger. It would be super cool to go to a NHL game as well, but I really don’t watch it on TV. Anyhoos, I hope you enjoy this weeks flash fiction!

Prompt ~ I see a penguin.

“OMG,” she shrieked as she stopped walking, “I see a penguin.”

He started glancing around, excitement coursing through him, unalarmed he almost knocked her down when she abruptly stopped.

“Where? Do you have a pen on you?

The happy glow on her face slowly morphed into confusion. She let out a low chuckle. “A pen? Why do you need a pen?”

“You said you saw someone on the Penguins. I want an autograph.”

Her entire face lit up with amusement as she let out the loudest laugh imaginable. He loved his girlfriend, but when she really let loose, she sounded like a moose dying on crack. Something he told her before, and she proceeded to increase the volume in her laughter. They were both in tears by the time they stopped laughing.

He continued to look around, excited beyond belief to meet one of the players on his favorite hockey team. While she didn’t enjoy hockey all that much, like the wonderful girlfriend she was, she watched every game with him. Because he had to watch each game.

“I don’t get it. Why are you laughing?”

She lightly grabbed his chin and turned it to the right and pointed. Sitting in the display window in front of a big Christmas tree was a stuffed penguin with a red and white Santa hat on his head.

“It’s adorable, isn’t it? I’m totally adding that to my Christmas list.” She dropped her hand and slid it into his palm, wrapping her tiny fingers around his. “Thank you for the laugh. It really brightened my day.”

Unamused by her antics, which he figured she did to him on purpose, he started walking with her once again to the restaurant they enjoyed eating at on occasion.

“Don’t be a grumpy butt now. I still love you.” She bumped his shoulder playfully as a tiny laugh filtered out.

“I’m so glad I could make you happy. You know how much I love that laugh of yours.”

He smirked lovingly at the way she cocked her eyebrow at him as if he was earning his way to the doghouse. Well, after the little stunt she pulled, he’d gladly make his way there for the night. She got him excited, just to burst it like a tiny pin to a balloon.

“It was totally cute.” A devious gleam appeared in her eyes, transforming her features from beautiful to downright breathtaking.

He loved when she got that look in her eyes. It usually indicated they were about to try something new and exciting in the bedroom. Not that they could do anything walking down a public sidewalk, but he was more than willing to skip lunch and head home for a little afternoon fun.

They stopped in front of the restaurant doors.

“I’m suddenly starving.” He knew she knew what he meant by that.

Her lips grew into a bright smile as she let go of his hand and started to dig in her purse. She pulled out two small white pieces of paper. “Me, too.”

His heart started to pound like crazy as he stared at the two front row seats to tonight’s Penguins game.

Best. Girlfriend. Ever.


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