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Writing Prompt ~ Milk is good for you.

Tense and wary, she tried to keep her body relaxed and her eyes closed as if she were still sleeping. For the last ten minutes, that’s all she’d been doing. Attempting to control her nerves so she didn’t give away she was awake.

Because what would she say to him? What would he say to her?

She heard the conversation between Gage and Taylor. Heard the disgust in Gage’s tone. She lied to me.

He hated her. He wouldn’t want an explanation, a reason for why she walked away.

The man who threatened her that night instilled in her so much fear, she knew she’d never be able to utter a word.

Now look what happened.

She got shot with a bullet meant for Gage.

And he hated her.

Footsteps trailed away from the bed. A door quietly shut.

Her eyes remained closed just in case. No noises echoed around the room.

Blowing out a deep breath, the tension in her body slowly drifted out as she relaxed. Her eyes opened to the bright sunlight pouring through the windows, her room filled with a vase of flowers and a balloon that read ‘Get Well Soon.’ Well, Gage certainly didn’t give her that. Must be from Marcy.

A throat cleared near the door. Whipping her head in that direction, she couldn’t stop the shock that exploded in her features. She didn’t hear the door open, or his footsteps entering the room.

“Still trying to deceive me, I see.”

Her eyes shifted down to the bed, unable to handle the pain and anger in the deep depths of his eyes. The rage in his tone was enough to know how much he hated her.

“You don’t have anything to say? Nothing at all, Chelsea.”

She felt him next to the bed rather than looking up to confirm. Seeing the look of hatred wasn’t high on her list, especially when the pain in her back was already unbearable. Right now wasn’t really a good time to argue.

Her eyes drifted close. “Milk is good for you, but sometimes you can’t drink it anymore because it’ll make you sick.”

A warm hand clasped hers. He squeezed tightly, then shocked her, as a soft kiss touched the back of her hand.

“Look at me, baby.”

Tentatively, her eyes opened and sought him out.

His grip tightened. “I almost lost you. I’m so upset right now. At whoever shot you.” His breath hitched. “At you. Because you’re keeping something from me.” The bed shifted as he sat down. “But I love you. I always will. You need to tell me what’s going on.”

“I think you—”

“No. I’m not leaving. You’re not pushing me away again.”

Tears gathered in the corner of her eyes.

“Talk to me. Tell me what’s going on.”

She couldn’t. If she said a word, he’d die. He needed to leave. Right now. Right this instant. The longer he stayed by her side, the better chance the man would come back and shoot him. Didn’t he see how she was trying to protect him? Save his life?

As long as she stayed away from Gage, he wouldn’t get hurt. So he needed to leave.

She tried to remove her hand away from his.

“I’m not letting you go.”

“You need to leave, Gage. I don’t want you here.”

His jaw tightened as his eyes narrowed. “What are you scared of?”

The pounding in her chest, the loud ringing in her head, the quiver in her hands, it all intensified as his eyes started to water.

“I can’t lose you, Chelsea. Not like this. Why don’t you trust me?”

How could she explain it wasn’t about not trusting him? She was trying to save him the only way she knew how. By listening, by knowing the threat was real.

Her hand started to ache by the strength of his grip. He wouldn’t be letting her go any time soon. Not that she wanted him to let her go.

“Do you know who tried to kill you?” His frown turned fierce. “To kill me?”

She nodded. She’d give him that much, but nothing else.

“Is that why you left?”

Another nod.

“Are you going to tell me who did this?”

Nothing. She couldn’t tell him.

Bending low, his unoccupied hand caressed her cheek as his lips brushed across hers. “Stop trying to protect me, if that’s what you’re doing. I’ll take care of this.”

Another tender kiss touched her lips. Something she had missed and ached for since walking away from him.

“You can’t.”

“I can. I will.”

She always admired his determination and strength. He could be a dangerous beast in the courtroom, having witnessed it multiple times. She had always been in awe at the power he wielded while he worked. The way people sat engaged and hooked on his every word.

I can. I will.

Hook. Line. Sinker. He was using his power on her right now, and she could feel herself wanting to cave.

A sweet, delicate kiss touched her lips again. A touch so powerful in its simplicity, she knew she would lose this battle.

“I’m sorry, Chelsea. I’m sorry for getting upset when I know you have to be hurting right now.” His eyes glittered with such passion she felt it down to her very core. “But don’t you know I’m hurting right along with you? I’ll protect you.”

“That’s all I’m doing for you. I’m protecting you.”

The fire lit up in his eyes. The rage. Swift and deadly. “From who? Stop this nonsense and tell me.”

The tears that had been gathering in her eyes started silently pouring down. She couldn’t. It would gut her. It would decimate him into a million pieces.

Capturing her in his arms, his warm breath against her neck soothed a small tiny portion of her nerves. His whispered words helped to calm her a bit more. “I can solve this on my own. You know I will.” A kiss to her neck. “Or you save me the time and tell me now.”

Her arms hugged him tightly as her eyes shut and her voice dropped down to barely a whisper.



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