Flash Friday!

Prompt ~ I want money.

Slamming the door shut a little harder than he intended, he couldn’t regret it when he heard the wince coming from his assistant on the other end of the phone.

“Did you hear me, Herman? I want money. Lots more.” He sighed heavily, realizing how arrogant that sounded. But it was true. He didn’t work his ass off every day, late into the night, for the hell of it. He did it to make money. To fill up his bank account. If that made him arrogant and conceited, then so be it.

“I’ve been working on the contract, sir. They’re being difficult. They want to buy significantly under the proposal we sent.”

“I. Want. My. Money.” Where was another door for him to slam? He settled for jamming the elevator button hard several times. “Don’t make me repeat myself. I will not sell below what we offered. It’s highway robbery.”

“I agree, sir, and understood. I’m on it.”

“Good.” He disconnected and slid the phone back into his pocket before he was tempted to make a few more calls and really put the office into an uproar.

He was already running late. He got home late last night from the office, which wasn’t unusual for him, except this time.

He couldn’t get his mind off the woman he met in the lobby of the apartment building. She had been refreshing and funny and so damn adorable stuttering over her words. It’d been a long time since a woman made him pause in what he was doing and look at the beauty before him. Work usually kept most of his attention. Women rarely factored in unless he needed to scratch an itch. Yet again, he sounded like a smug jackass, but hey, he was a man. A man with needs.


Here he was, still daydreaming about a woman he would probably never see again. He forgot the Tanner file on his desk in his home office. Because, of course, losing his train of thought at the office downtown, not completing everything he needed to, he worked some more once he got home last night.

Turning around to quickly run to his apartment, he jumped from the scalding liquid that splashed onto his chest and ran down onto his pants.


His eyes pinned to the blue-eyed beauty from yesterday. Did his thoughts conjure her? She had the grace to look apologetic as the mug in her hand dripped with brown liquid down the sides and slightly indented from her grasp.

“I like the disposable kind of mugs…you know…because dishes.” Her face started to bloom a light shade of red that made her look more gorgeous than he wanted her to. “I didn’t see you standing there.”

His eyes trailed to the phone in her other hand. “You ruined my suit. I’m already running late.”

“I said I was sorry.”

“Are you always this accident-prone?”

She opened her mouth to say something, then shut it. Her eyes narrowed. “Are you always so rude?”

“Me, rude? You spilled the…coffee, I presume.”

“And I said I was sorry. How many times do you want me to say it?”

What an excellent question. He honestly didn’t mean to come off as so disrespectful. But he was running late and the deal he’d been working on for the past two weeks was falling apart. His anger still seethed. She just happened to step into his pathway and take the brunt of it.

Which was utterly unacceptable.

His lips curled into a delightful grin. The kind of grin that always had women melting into the palm of his hand. “I’m having a difficult morning. I apologize for taking it out on you. I feel like we keep getting off on the wrong foot. How about I take you to dinner to make up for it?”

She cocked a brow. “Oh, you’re smooth. Been there, done that.” She tossed him a wily smile probably meant to irk him, which it did. “So I’ll have to pass.”

“You sure know how to break a man’s heart.”

She patted his chest. “You’ll survive, I’m sure.”

The elevator doors opened. She stepped inside. The doors closed before he could find the best words to respond with.

She did it again.

She walked away from him with the last word.

Heading back to his apartment to grab the folder he forgot and change, he knew he needed to run into her one more time.

Third time’s the charm.

And he refused to think he lost his charm when it came to women. He didn’t have time for a woman in his life.

But he’d make time for her.

Now, if only he could win her affections.


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