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Another new week! I’m going to start a new story this week. I had fun with Dash, Heather, and Stephen, but I think I’m gonna move on now. This story came out of nowhere. Not quite sure where it’s going yet, but I have a small inkling. So many possible ways to go. Let me know which way you think it’ll go. You might be able to sway me…we’ll see. *wink*

Enjoy! Happy reading:)

Prompt: But remember, just for tonight

“This thing…I’m gonna…”

A soft kiss settled on the corner of his mouth. He dropped his hands from the bow tie he couldn’t get straight and wrapped them around the beautiful woman he loved like he never loved before. He never knew he could love one woman as he did. Never knew he had such love to give. Just one simple chance meeting and he knew there was no turning back. There would never be another woman for him. Only her.

They’d been together for the past six months. Each new day he found another reason to love her. To cherish her. And nothing in this world would stop him from loving her. Nothing.

The kiss deepened from a soft nibble to a rich intoxicating kiss that had him wanting to say screw tonight and just love the woman in his arms. She, obviously, had other plans as she wound her arms to his chest and pushed lightly.

“Now, mister,” she said as she started to tug on his bow tie, “Everything’s going to go well tonight. I’ve never seen you lose your cool and you’re certainly not going to do it while messing with this tie.” She patted his chest as a wide smile lit up her gorgeous face. “You look handsome.”

He snagged her into his embrace again. “And you, my dear angel, will be the most exquisite woman there tonight. Let’s stay home.”

Her lips met his again. “Let’s not. Your best friend would kill you.”

“Only a little. I can handle it.”

“Let’s go. I’ll see you there.”

Abe’s grip tightened. “I want to arrive together. This is getting ridiculous.”

Every. Single. Time. She did this to him every time. He was almost starting to hate it when she came over, just to leave as if she never existed in his life. Of course, he’d never actually hate it because he craved her too much. He’d die a slow death if she stopped coming to him.

“I have my reasons—”

“Which are starting to piss me off. I want to shout it out to the world you’re my woman. My woman. Do you hear me?”

Her body became stiff. “It wouldn’t do well for him to know.”

“I. Do. Not. Care.”

“Please, Abe…soon. I promise.”


“Soon. Definitely not tomorrow.”

His voice dropped to a growl. “Wrong. Tomorrow we leave this house together, not with you sneaking out the back.” His eyes softened as her body trembled, and not in passion as he liked. Not that he’d ever lay a hurtful hand to her. She knew he would never hurt her like that.

“But remember, just for tonight…and for a little while—”

He dropped his hands from around her waist and backed away. “Yeah, I got it. Tonight we don’t even know each other. I was kind of looking forward to tonight. Now…” He turned his back to her. “Just leave.”

A soft hand touched his shoulder. “Whatever you’re thinking, you’re wrong. I just don’t want to see you get hurt because of me. He would hurt you.”

Hurt. Pain. Agony. Didn’t she realize he’d take every ounce of pain for her? He loved her with every breath in his body. Every last beat of his heart. Nothing would bring him to his knees when it came to her. Nothing except the thought of losing her. Why didn’t she see that? How else could he express his love for her to understand?

He turned around to see her one last time. Only to see nothing but an empty room.

At least his damn bow tie looked like perfection. Too bad the same thing couldn’t be said about his love life.


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