Flash Monday!

So it’s Monday again! Let’s all cheer:) Alright, so this week is a little dark…again. Don’t worry, you know me. I’m a romantic at heart, so I promise this story will have a happy ending, because I always have to have a happy ending. Until then…she’s gonna have a few obstacles before that happens. Enjoy this weeks prompt.

Prompt: An inch to the left

She slowly opened her eyes, shivering. Her skin was like one giant icicle. Prickling goose bumps flared everywhere. Every inch of her skin.

Oh my God, she was naked. Utterly and truly naked.

Yanking her wrists, she fought the restraints holding her down. Attempting the same with her feet, she realized she was tied up from head to toe; even a thick strap was tight against her stomach. The cold metal from the buckle burned her skin, reminding her of the sensation when you stepped from the freezing cold into warmth. A horrible burning sensation.

She couldn’t make out much. The room appeared tiny. Although, only a sliver of light was shining around her from a dim light bulb hanging directly above. She was happy for that small amount of light. Not that she was afraid of the dark, but to be alone, naked, in the complete dark would probably send her over the edge.

Why wasn’t she freaking out yet? She should be screaming her head off.

Except the silence unnerved her. Absolute silence. No small buzzing sound of electronics whirling in the background. No slow whizzing sound as warm air left a vent. No sound of shoes thumping her way. Just nothing.

Besides her own heavy breathing, of course. She could hear that just fine. Staying calm was imperative. She wouldn’t be able to get out of this alive if she didn’t stay calm. And she needed to survive. Stephen, her best friend and confidant, would find her. She trusted him with her life. Once he knew she was missing, he’d find her. He’d save her. He had to. She wasn’t ready to die.

Who was that man? Why had he been stalking her the last three weeks? Why couldn’t anything in her life ever go right?

She tried yanking on her wrists and feet again, whimpering in pain. The tiny sound echoed around the room as if she hollered from the top of her lungs.

The excruciating pain from her ankle made her believe she had broken it, not merely sprained it when her heel caught in the drain hole. She would’ve been able to fight back properly if that hadn’t happened. That was her life. Nothing ever went right. Never.

Deep breaths in and out. She forced herself to do that as slowly as possible, to regain her composure. She could feel the terror bubbling up inside. Falling apart wouldn’t help her.

The pain in her ankle started to dull to a throbbing ache instead of an agonizing roar. That was better.

Now if she could think of a way to get out of these restraints. And once she did, how in the hell was she gonna walk out of wherever she was being held? An inch to the left or an inch to the right and the pain screamed from every part of her ankle, shooting straight up her entire body. There was no way she’d be able to walk out of here.

Crawling it was then. She’d crawl, drag herself, hop on one foot, anything to escape.

Her breathing slowed. Quiet and calm.

Just as suddenly, her body started to convulse with tremors of fear. What was that sound? She was breathing easy again, not heavy. Who was breathing heavy?

Shadows started to dance in front of her as a large figure ventured from the dark into the light.

Her body instantly relaxed. “Stephen…you found me. I knew you would.”

Stephen’s familiar face made her heart soar from dread to happiness. His light brown hair that was shaggy as ever, never perfectly combed. She didn’t know how many times she tried to talk him into getting a haircut. His eyes that always held so much warmth and love, always expressing how much he cared about her. Like the brother she always wanted. And his smile, so bright and beautiful, she tried to make him laugh all the time just to see his smile.

“Help me.”

His face lit up, but not the way she expected. A delirious gleam entered his eyes as he brushed a few unruly strands of hair back. His lips curled, crooked with mischief, as he swooped in close, inches from her mouth.

“I’m not Stephen.” His hot breath felt like cold daggers to her heart. “And I’m very upset with you.”


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