Flash This!

Continuing with the story from last week. I’ll probably do one more week of this story. Warning: It is a little darker than I normally do, but hopefully you like it.:) Enjoy!

Prompt: Stop that!

She shivered from the grimy hand that slid up her belly and cupped her breast.

“Oh, you like that, do you?”

Her eyes were tightly closed, refusing to look Stephen in the eyes as he violated her in the worst way. He still stood by her side, but his hands had touched her everywhere. Softly. Slowly. And every time he moved to a new spot, she shivered with disgust. She tried her hardest not to move an inch, because every time she trembled, he took that as a good sign. It just increased his sickness of wanting to touch her.

“Open your eyes.”

She clenched them tighter. Screaming out in pain, her eyes flew open. The wicked smile on his face almost made her throw up. His hand started to rub the nipple he had just squeezed painfully.

“Don’t make me hurt you…yet. We’re going to have fun. You’ll enjoy every part. I promise.” He smiled brightly at her and then walked to the corner.

She couldn’t stop it then. The tears started to roll down in gentle waves. No matter how hard she tried to keep it in, she couldn’t. As soon as he came back from the dark corner, doing whatever he was doing, he’d hit her again for crying. He already had once.

She was going to die here tonight. Or maybe not tonight. Who knew how long he planned to keep her here, torturing her, hurting her, violating her?

Her tears, just like that, stopped. She wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of hurting her. Every time he slapped her, or pinched her, or hit her, she saw the maniacal gleam in his eyes. He enjoyed hurting her. So she couldn’t give him any reasons to do that. No crying.

All she needed to do was find her happy place. Let her mind drift away and nothing that he was about to do could hurt her.

“Now, what should we start with?” He walked back into the light, a large silver knife in his right hand, twisting the tip against one of his left fingers.

Suddenly, the knife fell to the ground. His face morphed into fear. “Oh my God, Heather! Who did this to you?”

Shrinking away from his touch, she watched in horror, and a little confusion, as he started to undo the buckle around her right hand.

“Heather, talk to me? What happened? Who did this?”

Was he being serious right now? How delusional was Stephen?

She slowly lowered her right hand to her side as he dashed around the table to undo her left hand. He almost had the binding off when he backed away from the table.

“What the hell are you doing?”

She stared at him, wondering what was happening again.

“You can’t let her go.”

“Stop that! Stop hurting her. I love her.”

“You can’t love this whore! She needs to feel the pain.”

“No, stay away from her.”

Stephen bent down, grabbing the ends of his hair. She was scared shitless, confused, and now a little concerned for him. Was he having some sort of mental breakdown? Talking to himself. The way his eyes switched in color each time his voice morphed from Stephen to the other crazy maniac. It was the strangest thing she ever saw.

He started talking to himself again, almost shouting and arguing. She had to get out of here. She finished unbuckling her left restraint on her hand, then started to tackle the buckle across her stomach. As soon as it fell away, she tried to sit up. Her body protested the movement. How long had she been lying there? Her muscles ached. Her arms felt like lead, tingling all over having been stretched above her head for so long.

Trying again, she managed to sit up just as a fist came out of nowhere, hitting her jaw. Blood went flying as her lip split. Excruciating pain radiated around her jaw and to the back of her head as she slammed back onto the table.

“Where do you think you’re going, bitch?” Stephen, or more-like crazy Stephen, rounded the table and picked up the knife.

“Stephen, please…”

“I’m not Stephen. And he won’t be coming back.”

Blood rolled down her chin. Her tongue swiped the bottom row of her teeth. She nearly vomited when it touched a tooth that felt loose. She closed her eyes as he started toward her with the knife high in the air.

A loud grunt sounded. Then a series of curses, followed by flesh pounding flesh.

A warm hand softly touched her cheek. This touch, unlike all the others before, felt safe. She slowly opened her eyes.


He gave her a crooked smile. “It’s gonna be okay now.”

She started to turn her head to the fight going on in the dark corner of the room, but Dash stopped the movement with another soft touch.

“Don’t look. He’ll never hurt you again. I promise.”

He slid his jacket off and draped it across her body. He quickly undid the ankle restraints, and then without notice, scooped her into his arms. Being in his arms, embraced in a protective cocoon, made her shiver once again. This time, not from disgust. She was a little afraid to look into what that shiver meant. She rested her head against his chest.

“Thank you.”

A light kiss touched her head.


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