Flash this, baby!

Wow! What a fun and exciting day! It’s just been amazing with the release of Deserving You! Thank you so much to everyone who’s been making it the best day ever!!! Now, let’s get to the flash fiction…finally!

Prompt ~ Some people are good for the city.

“Can you feel that?”

Oh, she could feel his hand alright. It was cold, but solid.

This couldn’t be happening. She shouldn’t be able to feel anything from him. He was a ghost. A spirit. A man who should’ve crossed over to the other side a long time ago.

Yet, here they sat next to each other on the soft grass in front of her father’s grave and she could feel his hand on her cheek.

Neither made a move. He asked a question. She answered with a simple yes. Now, they both just sat staring at each other as he held his soft, chilly hand to her cheek.

His hand was like an icicle. A shiver rippled throughout her body before she could stop it. His hand fell away immediately.

“My apologies. I don’t know why I touched you.”

Their thighs still slightly touched. She liked it, even as cold as he made her feel. Just as she didn’t mind when his hand caressed her cheek.

Not wanting to make the situation more awkward, well, anymore awkward than it already was. She was talking to a ghost. Of course it was awkward! She tried to think of something to say. Yet, no words came to mind.

What do you say to a ghost?

“I’ve seen the world change around me… roaming the cemetery.” He cleared his throat as he adjusted his hat by the brim. “I don’t understand how your father died in a gunfight. I haven’t seen a gunfight, like the day I died, in a long time.”

She chuckled, even as she knew he wasn’t trying to be humorous. “My dad was a cop. A detective. He was investigating a street gang. Him and his partner got good intel about a shipment of drugs coming in, and when they showed up to make some arrests, bullets started flying. He didn’t make it home that night.”

A delicate silence split the air. A very peaceful silence, as if they were both weighing her words and letting them sink in.

“Sad to hear gangs still terrorize the area. Are there no good people left?” He cracked a grin as he met her gaze. “Your father died as I did. Defending the town from a gang. That’s just…tragic.”

She averted her eyes, glancing at her father’s grave. “Very tragic. And to answer your question. Some people are good for the city. Some make it a bad place. But no one can bring us down. We’ll always fight back.”

His grin grew until he had a full-blown smile on his face. The man was devastatingly handsome when he smiled like that. Her heart started to pitter-patter with nerves at the sight.

Why her? Why now?

She was attracted to a ghost and his handsome smile.

“I’m trying really hard here. I hope you can forgive me.”

She didn’t even try to hide her confusion. “What are you talking about?”

“About this.”

He leaned closer and brushed his lips to hers. Soft and hesitant and icy to the touch. The coldness didn’t matter to her. She wanted more from him, especially since she didn’t know if she’d ever see him again once she left the cemetery. Perhaps this was what he needed to move on. Talk about what happened. Cleanse his soul. Kiss a little. Where was the harm in that?

She increased the pressure. A cue that he took without restraint, as he wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her closer. His tongue dipped into her mouth as her body molded to his.

It was heartbreakingly sad how well they fit together. Because they would never truly be together. Not when she was alive, and he was dead.

The thought doused her desire like a bucket of water to a flame. She broke the kiss, pushed away from him, and scrambled to her feet.

“I…I can’t do this. I can’t lose…” A cry tore from her lips. She couldn’t even finish her sentence and rushed out of the cemetery as fast as she could.



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