Flash Time!

Moving on this week to a completely different flash. Don’t worry, though, I’m still working on Dee and Sauer’s story. The flash today starts out with lots of suspense. I hope you enjoy it!

Prompt: Damn, that’s cold.

The disgusting smell reached inside her nose and dug in like a hook to a fish. Her gag reflexes kicked in, but she refused to throw up. She didn’t have time for that. She didn’t even have time to be going as slow as she was, but just the slightest sound would alert him to her location.

Her hand lightly grazed the wall as she slowly made her way down the darkened alley. No streetlights. No moonlight. Nothing but the dark and heavy footsteps behind her.

She should’ve listened to Stephen. She should’ve just waited at the bar for him. But no. Instead, she left, as if she knew everything.

Slinking against the alley wall, holding her breath from the dumpster not far from her, she listened. Damn, that’s cold. She should’ve grabbed a jacket tonight. Of course, she didn’t know she’d be running for her life in a dark alley with no help around.




Shit! He was still following her, and much closer now. If she started to run, he’d be on her in a heartbeat. She knew it. Especially since she was wearing her four-inch stilettos. Her favorite pair, too.

She could take them off. Running would be much easier.

Bile rose in her throat as the nasty smell surrounding her pushed further into her system.

Yeah, she wouldn’t be taking off her heels. Who knew what she’d step in?

Creeping down the alley like a snail wasn’t helping her either. He’d be on her soon. She had to run.

Maybe she could hunch down in a corner. He’d never see her. It was way too dark here.

Wrong again. He would see her. He knew her better than she almost knew herself. Which was the strangest thing ever. She didn’t even know who the hell this guy was. Another good reason why she should’ve listened to Stephen. Why didn’t she wait for him?

Stephen would search for her once he realized she left. He’d find her. She had faith he would. Would he find her in time was what worried her?




Time to make a choice. His footsteps were way too close now. Slide down the wall and curl into a ball, hoping he wouldn’t see her? Or run like hell in four-inch stilettos?

Hide or run?

Run or hide?

Stephen taught her defense moves. She could fight him off. She was confident in her abilities.

Pushing herself off the wall, she ran like hell. She couldn’t see much, the dark still wrapping her into a tiny cocoon. Thundering footsteps echoed behind her. So damn close.

She’d fight to the death when he caught her. And he would.

Suddenly, she pitched forward, her ankle twisting with pain as her heel caught onto something, a drain hole perhaps, stopping her momentum.

Unable to hold it in, not that it would’ve mattered, she cried out in pain. She grabbed for her ankle, trying to undo the strap and take off her heel to keep on running, regardless of the pain ricocheting everywhere, when a hard body slammed her back. Her head hit the cement with a loud crack.

“You’re mine now.”

Complete darkness took her away.


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