Flash time!

A day late this week, but I’m here now! This will be the last week with Abe and Jemma. Enjoy:)

Prompt: One kiss, as soft as a sigh

It didn’t take long to recognize his surroundings. The uncomfortable bed. The position he was lying in, on his back when he normally slept on his side or stomach. The warm, soft hand gripping his like a wrench clenching to a bolt.

The hospital.

He should feel blessed he made it out alive. He should feel happy that Jemma was safe, knowing she had to be the one clinging to him. He should feel joy that she sat by his side.

All he felt was emptiness. He had no idea how to fill the gaping hole, or how it even got there. He couldn’t even open his eyes yet, giving Jemma any clues that he was awake.

Why was she sitting by his bed?

Why did she break up with him, leave, and come back?

Was her father alive, too?

So many questions and no real strength to ask them. Yeah, his body felt weak, but it wasn’t that lack of strength. More like, mentally. Did he really want the answers to all those questions?

Well, shit. Of course he did. When did he become a chicken shit to hear the honest truth? Apparently, the day he got shot.

Perhaps that’s why he felt empty inside. If he couldn’t feel anything, nothing could hurt him. Jemma’s words couldn’t damage him once again.

Even knowing she didn’t love him, didn’t want him anymore, he’d still lay down his life to protect her. He’d die for her. Almost did. He wouldn’t change a thing.


He wanted to stiffen at the soft way she said his name, except his body already lay there rigid and unyielding. He wanted to open his eyes and savor the piercing emerald green eyes that would stare back. He wanted to profess his love and tell her never to leave him again.

Instead, he continued to lay there as if he were asleep, oblivious to everything around him. Yeah, maybe that made him a coward, but he couldn’t face rejection once again. Just because she sat next to his bed, holding his hand for dear life, didn’t mean she loved him and wanted to be with him.

Guilt. That’s all it had to be.

“Don’t leave me.” A heavy sigh. “I love you so much. I’m so sorry.”

The agony. The pain. The heartache in each word tore him apart inside. Worse than the damage the bullet inflicted.

He started to open his eyes as the sweetest pair of lips touched his. One kiss, as soft as a sigh. Sparkling like the most prized jewel in the world, her eyes glistened with unshed tears as she met his gaze.

The gaping hole filled instantly, the emptiness swept away as if it never existed. All his fear. All his anguish vanished without a trace. How could’ve he ever doubted her? Every time he looked into her eyes, despite the loyalty to her father, he saw the love.

Now he knew. Her loyalty lay with him, not her father.

“Abe, I—”

“I love you, too.”

“You heard me?”

Wrapping a hand around her neck, he pulled her closer, cringing in pain from the movement, but didn’t care. He’d endure any pain for her. His lips met hers once again. Soft and gentle. Resting his forehead against hers, he whispered, “Your father?”

“He’s dead. So are his goons. I…”

He pressed another tender kiss to her lips, telling her with that simple gesture everything would be okay. Everything was okay. He knew his bullet had to have killed her father. Which meant, she killed her father’s men.

“Marry me.”

“Sounds like you’re telling me, not asking.”

“You got a problem with that?”

“Only if you got a problem eloping.”

He laughed, wincing from the pain again. “Those are the best words I’ve ever heard.”

Another soft kiss landed on his lips. “Rest, Abe. You’re gonna need it.”


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