Flash time!

Prompt: Kill me now

She sucked in a deep breath, holding in the tears as best as she could. Someone had to be strong. Bo was barely hanging on. The fear, the anguish etched everywhere. From the way he stood, hunched, his shoulders dipping with defeat, to the way his lips curled into a serious frown. He didn’t have any hope left. If he had no hope, then how could she?

“Kill me now. Just do it. It’s okay.”

His breath hitched. “I am not killing you. Don’t say shit like that.”

Aching to move even an inch, any which way, she held her body as still as possible. The bomb strapped to her chest could explode with the slightest movement. According to the bomb squad, who Bo talked to, the bomb was unstable. All the wires and c-4 didn’t concern them as much as the small vial filled with an unknown liquid did that was connected directly to a timer.

Bo wouldn’t go into specifics with her about what they exactly said, but that she couldn’t move a muscle.

He couldn’t even move near her. The bomber was watching them. He left a phone near her, not in reaching distance, but it didn’t matter. As soon as Bo realized she went missing, he had known where to look. How? She still couldn’t figure that out, and was too afraid to ask. He showed up within ten minutes of her regaining consciousness. The moment he arrived, the phone rang.

His face contorted into rage as he listened, but said nothing. The only words he spoke were, “You’ll die before the day ends.” Then he threw the phone down where it smashed into pieces, considering it was one of those cheap flip phones. Most likely a burner phone.

Bo had reassured her everything would be fine, then pelted her with questions. Who did this? What did they look like? How long had the timer been ticking?

She couldn’t answer any of it. She didn’t remember anything.

The last thing she remembered was leaving the precinct pissed at him, her words resonating in the air. “I can’t do this anymore. Just stay the hell away from me.”

As soon as she reached her car, she felt the worst jolt she ever experienced in her life. She figured she got tased. She felt a nasty pain in her back, probably after effects from the taser. Of course, did that really matter anymore? She had a bomb strapped to her chest, ticking away.


Almost less than 15 minutes before she would die.

Unless Bo killed her.

She managed, after he calmed down enough to speak, to persuade him to tell her what the man said.

Bo had to kill her, one shot to the head, because, of course, he couldn’t shoot her in the chest with a bomb in the way, or the bomb would explode, destroying everything in its path within a three-block radius. Which included a school nearby.

Five minutes had already gone by. Police were trying to evacuate the area, but she didn’t think they’d get everyone out in time. They were in a residential neighborhood. She was sitting in the home she and Bo were supposed to buy. To build a life.

Now, she’d die here.

The bomber said he could see everything. If Bo approached her, he’d blow everything with a touch of a button. No trying to diffuse the bomb. If Bo didn’t kill her before the time went up, the bomb would explode. As soon as she was dead, he’d disarm the bomb with a touch of a button. Everyone else would live.

One little button had all the control.

“Do it.”

“Goddamnit, sweetheart, I’m not killing you!”


Bo’s eyes filled with pain, even more than before, as he dropped to the ground to his knees. “What you said earlier…I know you meant it. But, baby, I love you. I’m sorry I screwed everything up. I’m sorry for everything.” His eyes said he wanted to come closer and pull her into his arms. “If that bomb explodes, we die together. What is not happening is I. Am. Not. Killing. You. Got it?”

“People will die, Bo. There’s no way—”

“Tell me you love me.”

Her eyes filled with tears. She did love him. So damn much. Which is why she had to end things before their love tore them apart.

“Tell me…”

She glanced at the timer.


Less than ten minutes to live.

Why would someone do this to her? To them? What did she do to deserve this?

“You don’t lo—”

“I love you!” She almost fell over in pain from the amount of love she had for him. “I forgive you. For everything. Now, pick up your weapon and kill me.”


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