Flash time!

Prompt: Don’t apologize.

The tears ran steadily down her face. Silent. Soft. But deadly. She saw the fear in his eyes. The knowledge that something needed to be done or they would die. They would all die.

Or just her.

She was ready to die. Accepted it for what it was. Her tears weren’t of regret or fright. They were for Bo and what he needed to do. How would he live with himself? How would he ever come to terms with it?

Simple. He wouldn’t.

That’s what this madman wanted. Bo to feel the pain. To live with the horror of his actions. Why else would he be doing this? Why would he want Bo to kill her? What did she do to deserve this?

She might be ready to die, but the reason still confused her.

“I’m sorry. It’s okay, Bo. Truly, it is.”

“Don’t apologize.” His breath hitched. “And don’t say shit like that. It’s not okay. I’m not shooting you.”


She didn’t need to look down to see the timer slowly dwindling away. The dread in his eyes told her.

“There’s not much time.” Offering a smile that did nothing to soothe the wrinkles of terror on his forehead, she amped it up to a full-on sparkling smile. “You’re okay dying with me. I get that. But what about all those innocent people? Are you willing to sacrifice them? Just do it.”


“I love you, Belle. Please…I…can’t.”

With a slight nod, barely noticeable but enough for him to see. She knew he loved her. She couldn’t keep saying the words back. He was stalling. Wasting time. He had to pull the trigger.


“Bo…those people.”

His voice broke. “I can’t!”


“I love you, Bo.”

There. One last time to alleviate the ache in his chest. She knew he needed to hear it one more time.




Until next week…


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