Flash time!

Normally I switch POV every week, but for some reason I started writing in her POV (sorry, she has no name yet! lol) again, so I apologize if you were hoping for Jack’s (he has a name now! lol) POV this week. Hope you enjoy this week’s flash!

Prompt ~ Have your eye on the ball.

She sat down in the middle of the stands, close to the end of the row with a bag of popcorn and a small cup of pop. Sitting there for a moment, she tried to figure out where to put her drink. The stands were starting to get crowded for the little league baseball game about to start. Her nephew, or at least that’s what she called him, was on the team. Her best friend, Nancy, couldn’t make it and she said she’d step in and play the cheering roll for her son. She didn’t mind. She loved watching him play ball whenever she could make it.

“Would you like me to hold it?”

Her head whipped to the right, her eyes bulging at the sight.


Displaying his stalker abilities, apparently.

She had walked away that night three weeks ago with a plan in her head to play a game on him. Of course, she never ran into him to do anything. She had no problem admitting she was a coward. The thought of talking to Aaron to find out why he’d go along with such an idiotic plan wasn’t something she had the guts to do. Or ask him where in the building this arrogant man next to her worked.

“Or not. By the look on your face, I’m going to guess you still hate me. I was just trying to be polite.”

Her eyes narrowed. “Are you following me?”

“My nephew is on the team.”

“I’m not sure I believe you.”

He shrugged as a slow grin formed.  “It’s the truth.” He turned to the field and pointed to a little boy near first base. “That’s him right there.”

Maybe the two had it timed out perfectly, because the little boy turned at that exact moment, waved, and shouted, “Hey, Uncle Jack! You made it!”

He waved back, the brightest smile on his face as he did, then he turned toward her. “See. My nephew.”

“Or you paid him to do that.”

He placed a mock gesture across his heart. “Am I that devious to bribe a child?” The laughter in his eyes fell away. “His mother never makes a game, so I make sure I’m here for every single one. Perhaps you’re following me because I’ve never seen you at a game.”

She didn’t like how he stared at her so intently. She jerked her gaze away. Her hand shook in the process, spilling a bit of pop over the sides of the cup. “I usually don’t, but my friend couldn’t make it and I said I’d cheer on her son.”

A warm hand clasped around hers, which was wet and sticky from the soft drink, and pulled the cup gently out of her hand. He then set it between the two of them on the bench.

“They’re fun games. Enjoy your popcorn. Your drink is safe between us.”

She didn’t like his assumption that she wanted her drink there. Maybe she wanted it on the other side of her. Or on the floor near her feet.

Ugh. Get it together. Acting like a child. He was trying to be nice and so should she.

Her hand that held the popcorn reached toward him. “Would you like to share?”

His eyes twinkled with sudden desire at the question. She could feel the same intense flame of desire as he smiled and grabbed a small handful. “Thank you.”

From there, they fell into an easy conversation as the game started. Before long, she forgot how much he annoyed her. It was easy to enjoy the game and cheer on Nancy’s little boy.

“Have your eye on the ball. You can do it, Tuck,” she yelled, as Tuck, Nancy’s little boy, turned red in the face with her loud screaming.

Warm silky breath flowed down her neck in an erotic whisper as soft words filtered with. “I believe the saying is keep your eye on the ball, not have.”

She slowly turned, his eyes piercing her with a passionate hunger. “Baseball’s not my thing.”

He inched closer. “Are you going to slap me if I kiss you?”

She thought about it for less than a second. “No.”

His lips connected with hers, the world disappearing as all the heat that had been building since the moment they met swirled together into one hot, searing kiss. He may have acted like an ass in the beginning, but she had slowly come to forgive him during the game. Okay, so he could be an arrogant jerk. He could also be funny, endearing, and a gentleman when he put forth the effort. He deserved a kiss, as did she.

The kiss might’ve turned indecent except the roar of the crowd had them pulling apart very quickly. She looked at the ball field to see Tuck running the bases like his pants were on fire.

She popped up from her seat screaming like a devil as he ran all the way to third base, making it safely. Excited for him, wanting to share that excitement with Jack, she turned to him and then burst out laughing.

“Oops. I’m so sorry.”

He gave her a look that spoke of him doing very naughty, very erotic things to her as punishment. Because in her haste to cheer on Tuck, she had knocked over her drink, which then spilled all over Jack’s pants.

“I forgive you, my dear.” He stood up, placing a tender hand behind her neck as he pulled her in for a sweet, gentle kiss. “Let me take you to dinner…please.”

She sighed softly, unable to resist him any longer. Plus, she spilled a drink on him—again. Why was she always clumsy around this man?


He chuckled at her response, then dipped his tongue in for another panty-dropping kiss that had the crowd around them shouting for them to get a room.

Yes, a room sounded like a great plan. After the game, of course.


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