Flash time!

Prompt ~ What is my favorite drink?

The sweetest, most sensual kiss of his life and it ended before it could truly begin.

Almost the sad story of his life.

He died young. Too young.

He had hopes and dreams. Perhaps not as defined as some people, but enough where he knew what he eventually wanted in life. A homestead of his own. A wife. Kids. Just a place to call home with people he loved. Something he didn’t have growing up.

Now, here he sat on the ground in the middle of a cemetery, watching a beautiful woman run away from him after a kiss he didn’t want to end. A kiss that should’ve never happened.

How did it happen? He was dead.

Very true, but he wasn’t dumb.

Springing up to his feet, he ran after her. His legs ran as hard and as fast as they could. Her strides were purposeful and quick. Not to mention, she had a head start on him. If she made it through the cemetery gates, he’d lose his chance. He’d have to pray and hope and wish she came back.

And if she didn’t?

Well, that wasn’t something he wanted to contemplate.

Just a few more large steps and he’d catch up. He could grab her arm and stop her. Kiss her again, perhaps.

Except, she ran through the gates without stopping or looking back.

He couldn’t bear to watch her run out of his view, so he kept running after her, knowing quite well once he hit the gates, he’d be forced back to his grave without warning.

Three more steps and he’d vanish, unable to see her anymore.



His legs kept running right through the gates of the cemetery.


His loud shout to her worked surprisingly. He honestly didn’t think she would’ve stopped for anything. But what was most shocking was the fact he stood on the outside of the cemetery. How? Why? What was going on?

As he watched her face morph from agony to astonishment, he didn’t care what the reason might be. She was the key to it.

She was everything.

And he wasn’t about to lose her now.

He slowly approached her.

“How…” She shook her head as she took a step back from him. “You’ve never followed me before. Don’t.”

“I’ve never been able to before. I’ve never stepped through those gates.” He grinned. “Until now. Until you.”

Her eyebrows puckered low, as if wondering why her.

Hell, he was asking himself the same damn question. But he wasn’t about to argue with the gift given to him.

He was dead. He was a ghost. He would never live a long and happy life. But fate was throwing him a tiny piece of redemption, and she stood in the center of it all. He just had to figure out what to do now.

“Please…don’t run from me.” He took a small step toward her. “I promise not to kiss you again…unless you want to.”

Hell, he was only a man. He had to throw that last bit in just in case. He really hoped she did.

“So what…you think because you can step through the cemetery gates, you’re just going to come home with me?”

She looked mystified by the prospect. He was finally free. So yeah, he wanted to go home with her. See the town. See more people. Pretend to be alive when he was anything but.

“If you’ll allow me the honor.”

A myriad of emotions touched her beautiful face. Then a slow smile emerged. “What do you like to drink?”

“What is my favorite drink?” he asked confused.

She slapped a hand to her mouth. “I forgot. You probably can’t…”

Drink. The unspoken word she couldn’t seem to say. Could he have a drink? A nice sip of whiskey sounded good.

“I didn’t think I could leave the cemetery,” he said as he took a tentative step closer to her, “or kiss a beautiful woman, but I did.”

Her small smile grew until her entire face lit up like an angel. So gorgeous. It was a picture he wanted to capture for eternity.

“Well, then. Let’s get you a drink.” She laughed merrily. “One for me, too. Because this has been the strangest thing to ever happen to me. I just kissed a ghost.”

“And?” He could see she didn’t finish that sentence.

“And I liked it. A little too much.”

Well, hallelujah. So did he.


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