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I recently started writing book 2 for the series, A Lucky Town Novel. Then, I set it aside to edit Sunrise Awakening, which will be coming soon. *Claps hands excitedly* This weeks flash fiction I thought I’d give you a taste of book 3 for the series, A McCord Family Novel. Deja and Emmett’s story. ♥ I’ve been debating on participating in NaNoWriMo. I have a lot going on, so we’ll see if it happens. Only less than 24 hours to decide. *laughs*

Without further ado…

Prompt: Thunder rolls in the distance

Throwing her phone, lipstick and keys in her purse, she took another scanning glance at her desk.

The present.

She couldn’t forget that.

Opening the top drawer, she yanked out the small gift bag hidden in the back and tossed it into her purse as well.

She had no idea why she hid it. It wasn’t as if Emmett went digging through her desk. He knew better. She’d likely bite his head off for doing such a thing.

So why did she hide it?

Pretending today wasn’t finally here, maybe.

She jumped as thunder echoed in the distance. Today, of all days, it had to storm out. It was a sign. A very bad sign. Today wasn’t going to be a happy, joyous day as she planned.

“Hey, Deja.”

Jumping again, this time almost falling backwards, she shivered at Emmett’s warm touch as he grabbed her arm, preventing her from falling on her ass.

“Are you okay? I didn’t mean to scare you.” He smiled. The really sweet one she wished she didn’t like.

“I’m fine. I’m running late, and I don’t want to be late.” She gently shrugged his hand off. She couldn’t stand when he touched her.

Not that he touched her often. But on rare occasions like this, when he did, his touch did things to her that were best not to think about. Those emotions needed to stay locked away. She didn’t deserve a good man like Emmett. She didn’t deserve to feel the aching need that rushed through her body.

“You work too much. I told you to take the entire day off. I have no idea why you came in today.”

She rolled her eyes. “Because I didn’t need the whole day off. Just the afternoon. And honestly, what would you do without me running the office? You’d be completely lost without me.” She grinned as she threw the strap of her purse over her shoulder.

His eyes sparkled with what she swore was heated desire. “I would be lost without you.” He cleared his throat as the desire melted away. Or maybe she just imagined it. “Where are you going again?”

“I have an appointment.” She averted her eyes, unwilling to share anymore.

He might think she was the best secretary he ever had to run his business as smoothly as possible, but if he really knew her, he wouldn’t like her. Most likely, he’d fire her without blinking an eye.

“Gotta run, E-man. See you tomorrow.” Walking around him as quickly as possible before he could say anything more, she prayed she wouldn’t be late.

“Have a great day, Deja.”

Her hand rested on the handle of the door. She turned around to look at him. He had that sweet smile back on his face. She really wished he’d stop looking at her like that.

“You, too, E-man.” She ran out of the building and ducked into her car before the rain decided to make its appearance. Bursts of thunder could still be heard in the distance. A nasty storm was headed their way.

How bad would the storm be when she arrived at her destination? Would he welcome her with open arms? Would he ignore her as he had the past 10 years? Would he like the little gift she bought him?

Well, she’d find out soon enough.

Turning out of the parking lot, more thunder rolled in the distance.

Yep, the storm was making its way with a vengeance. A very bad sign.

“He’ll be happy to see me. He will.” Or not.

No amount of pep talk would change the fact her brother didn’t want to see her. He certainly ignored her the past ten years while sitting behind bars.

Well, tough. He was her brother. He was finally free. She’d welcome him with open arms, whether he liked it or not.

Lightning flashed before her eyes, thunder crashing alongside it. She wished she could consider this the eye of the storm. It wasn’t.

Seeing her brother again would be the eye. The real test of her strength. She loved him. No matter what.

He killed their parents. But she still loved him.


Oh yeah, Happy Halloween!!!! Have a boooootacular day:)

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