Flash time!

I’m making great progress on NaNoWriMo. I’ve seen some people have already finished and it only motivates me more. I have about 10,000 more words to go. It will be done! Last week I gave you a glimpse of Ethan, Emmett’s brother. This week, I’m giving you a glimpse of Gabe, his other brother. He’s the baby in the family, and more shy than the rest. Hope you enjoy the prompt this week…

Prompt: Wait a minute

“You don’t look happy.”

The measuring cup nearly slipped through her fingers, sending flour everywhere. Almost afraid to look at Gabe, she steeled her spine anyway. She was no coward. “I’m fine.”

He set the few water bottles he had grabbed from the fridge onto the counter next to him. “You keep saying that, but I’m not seeing it.”

This was strange. She didn’t have these kinds of conversations with Gabe. He normally hung out in the background, speaking occasionally. He was shy, or more like, soft-spoken. He usually only said something when something needed to be said. Apparently, he felt like this was one of those times. She liked Gabe. He could be very funny, and was always a gentleman. Although, who was she kidding, all of the McCord men were gentlemen.

“I get it. You don’t want to talk about it. I hate it when my brothers goad me into talking. I didn’t mean to be so bold.” He smiled softly and started to grab the water bottles. “Emmett’s the happiest I’ve seen him in a long time. I just wished you matched his happiness.”

“It’s not real, Gabe. This is all a mistake.”

His hand paused, a slight quiver as he did. “Then why are you wearing that ring?”

Deja looked at the ring adorning her finger. Why was she wearing it? Because it looked good on her hand. Because she wanted to believe it was real. Because she loved Emmett. Those words would never come out of her mouth, though. He didn’t mean what he said last night. He couldn’t.

“We all make mistakes, Deja. I’m sorry you think being engaged to my brother is one of them.”

Her eyes popped up to Gabe. He didn’t look mad, but she didn’t miss the flicker of disappointment.

“He didn’t even ask me. He just shoved the ring on my finger.”

“Again, then why are you wearing it?” He took a few steps toward her. “You’ve made mistakes in your life. Things happen. You’re scared to open yourself up. I get it. We all make mistakes. But this isn’t one of them.”

Was she that easy to read? Even Gabe, someone she rarely saw, could tell she was scared. That wasn’t good. She lightly laughed. It sounded haughtier than she intended. “Like you’ve made mistakes like me. Get real.”

Gabe glanced around, his eyes darting to the door as if he didn’t want anyone to hear what he was about to say. “I have, actually. Do you want to know the colossal mistake I made? You have to promise to keep it to yourself.”

Intrigued by this, totally sure that he had never made the kind of mistakes she had, she nodded.

“When I went to Vegas with my buddies a few months ago, I got really wasted. I mean, it’s Vegas, right? You’re supposed to have fun.” He laughed and shook his head. “I guess I had a little too much fun. I woke up the next morning next to…she was beautiful. Long strawberry blonde hair. I had no idea who she was.”

“Wait a minute. Are you telling me, Gabe the shy goose, had a one night stand?”

His cheeks burned bright red. “I hate that nickname. I really wish Ethan had never told you that.” His eyes darted to the floor. “It was a little worse than that. I married her.”


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