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Happy Friday! It’s the new year, but I’m still on the same story from 2017! It’s a fun and exciting one to write. My daughter stumped me when she gave me the prompt yesterday. I was like, how in the world am I going to use that with the storyline I have right now? hahaha I made it work! Hope you enjoy it!

Writing prompt ~ Baseball is the best.

Her hand curled around the warm coffee cup as she attempted to listen to her best friend and fellow co-worker, Marcy, talk about something that happened over the weekend. Useless. She barely understood a word, her mind churning in every direction. Mostly, with questions about Gage. She saw no news reports that he was dead. Everything she did, walking out on him, worked.

Inhaling sharply at the intense pain that thought brought to her heart, she took a sip of coffee before tears decided to make an appearance. A nightly ritual she still couldn’t manage to stop.


If she were stronger, not so afraid of that man and his deadly words, she would give in and tell Gage what he said.

But the fear of losing him overrode that impulse.

“…and then he said…”

Marcy’s words just kept droning on and on. Her mind tried to catch every word she was saying, yet refused to focus as Gage always took front and center in her mind.

She needed to be at work. That was the only place where she was able to immerse herself into everything and forget about him.

But Marcy insisted she needed a break. Here they were, having a drink at the local coffee shop around the corner from the shop. Her shop.

Well, not her shop quite yet, but she knew Bernard, the owner and a grandfather figure to her, wanted to sign the flower shop over to her when he decided to retire. Which would be soon.

She couldn’t wait for the day. Then she’d be so busy, she wouldn’t have a moment to think about Gage.

“…I was like, you can’t…”

She blinked, trying to remember what Marcy was talking about. Stop being a terrible friend and listen. Focus!

Marcy finally stopped talking and smiled, as if waiting for her to make a comment like a normal person would do when two people were having a conversation.

“Yeah, wow, crazy. He’s so…funny. Baseball is the best.”

The wide-eyed look Marcy gave her told her she had gotten the conversation mixed up. She had started talking about her boyfriend and his aversion to baseball, when both of them loved it, and had obviously moved on to something else. Whoops. Still being a terrible friend.

Marcy’s shocked expression softened in understanding. “I thought this would help, getting you away from work, where you’re so focused you see nothing but what’s in front of you. Clearly, you’re still distracted.” She leaned forward, her features firm. “You broke it off, Chelsea. Stop acting like this. It was the best decision you ever made. He didn’t treat you good enough.”

Just one more reason she hated talking to Marcy about Gage. She always said that. She was always wrong. Gage had his faults, as did she. But he treated her just fine.

“I’m sorry, Marcy. I didn’t mean to zone out. You know I have no excuse, but I don’t want to talk about him.”

“Then quit thinking about him.”

Her true but harsh words, said in a tone that indicated she was upset, made her feel worse. She was an awful friend.

“I’m done. I’m ready to listen. Just give me a quick recap about what you were just saying.” She smiled brightly, hoping to ease her friend back into a good mood.

Marcy rolled her eyes before laughing. That’s the best friend she knew and loved. She never stayed irritated for long. “You’re buying me another coffee before we leave.” She checked her watch. “We have about ten more minutes before we should get back.”

“Deal. Now talk. I’m totally going to listen this time.”

A finger wagged in her face that said she better, then Marcy started talking once more about her boyfriend. Of course, her boyfriend. If she were truly honest with her friend, she’d tell her that’s part of the reason she zoned out. She didn’t want to hear about her friend’s boyfriend when her heart was split into two because of her ex-boyfriend.


Ugh. She hated that word. It sat like a pool of acid in the bottom of her stomach eating her insides away.

“Damn it. This is not happening.”

She blinked, trying to remember what Marcy just said. Horrible. She did it again. “I’m sorry—”

“Not you. Him.” Marcy pointed behind her.

Chelsea took her time to turn around in her chair, suddenly afraid to see who was behind her, yet knowing exactly who it was. Her body always tingled with anticipation and joy when he was around. She didn’t even need eyes on him for it to happen. A crazy sense of awareness when he was near always occurred. Since the first day she met him over eight months ago.

Her heart started to pound erratically when her eyes met his.


He was here. In the coffee shop she frequented regularly, but was nowhere near any place he needed to be.

He was heading directly to her table.

She knew this was inevitable. That he’d come looking for her.

Since she received that ridiculous text message from him earlier this morning, she knew he’d come for her. Her mind had been distracted all morning waiting for the moment.

Telling Marcy would’ve gotten her nowhere, except maybe smuggled out of town so he couldn’t find her. That’s how much Marcy hated him at the moment.

He stopped right in front of her, his eyes fierce with determination, his mouth in a thin line indicating how upset he was at her for leaving. Behind all of that, she saw his love. Even breaking his heart and walking out, he still loved her.

“Go away. She doesn’t want to talk to you,” Marcy said firmly.

Nobody responded.

He held his hand out. “We need to talk. Alone.” His eyes glittered with a demand she shouldn’t refuse. And desire. So much desire she knew she’d never resist him.

She placed her hand in his, shivering from the way his touch felt like home. Felt so right and perfect. His hand wrapped around hers tightly.

She stood up.

A shot rang out.

Both things happened simultaneously.

The pain that radiated around her back was intense. The look of shock in Gage’s eyes unmistakable.

She fell forward into his arms

She was just shot.

With a bullet meant for him.

“Get…down.” Those were her last words before she succumbed to the darkness.


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