Flash time…with a little surprise!

It’s flash fiction time again! I’m enjoying this little storyline. Abe and Jemma have a huge obstacle to overcome. Will it happen? lol. Well, you all know how I love happy endings. *wink* Doesn’t mean I can’t surprise you one day. hahaha. This weeks prompt looked hard at first, but once I started writing, it came pretty easy. Oh, and I have a special surprise for you at the end of the flash. Let’s read!

Prompt: Who knew tears could burn?

“I know what you’ve been doing.” He leaned back in his chair, crossing his arms. “Did you honestly think I wouldn’t find out?”

Jemma refused to lose her composure. Especially in front of her father. “I don’t see a problem.”

He stood up, his posture, his size, the fierce scowl on his face imposing. She wanted to back away, but she held her ground. Never in her life had she let her father intimidate her, and she wasn’t about to start now. He rounded his desk, inching closer to her.

“You insisted on going to that event. Surrounded by cops. And for—”

“I have many friends. I’m involved in many charities. Why does it matter? You have cop friends.” The muscle in his cheek ticked from her interrupting him. And probably from her words. Yeah, she was goading him. Testing him. Taunting him, even. But she wasn’t going to stand silently and let him get away with that. He had so many cops in his dirty pocket it wasn’t funny. Not that he’d ever admit that. No. To him, his life of crime wasn’t her business. She knew what kind of man her father was. A ruthless one. He was still her father. She loved him. But she’d never bow down to his demands.

He got into her space, his scowl even fiercer than before. “Listen well, Jemma, because I will not repeat myself. Stay away from that detective.” He stepped back and sat down. “End of discussion.”

“Or what?”

His brows puckered as his lips thinned. “You won’t like the outcome.”

“Promise me you won’t hurt him.” She tried so hard to keep the desperation out of her voice, but she knew she failed. She almost slipped out, “I love him” as well. It wouldn’t do well for her father to know that. He probably already figured it out, anyway.

“This conversation is over.”

“He’s a good man. If you just gave him a chance—”

His hand slammed down on the desk. “You want a promise, Jemma. I promise you that if you don’t stay away from that detective, you will cry. And I hate seeing my little girl cry.”

She knew then she lost the battle with her father. Why did he care she was dating a detective? Probably because he knew Abe would never turn dirty for him. Abe wasn’t useful for anything in her father’s eyes.

God, what would Abe say? She tried to tell him her father wouldn’t like it. That he would hurt him. As long as she broke it off, he wouldn’t touch Abe.

“We’re done here, Jemma.” He flicked his hand with a small wave.

Just like that, the tears wanted to fall. She abruptly turned and walked out of her father’s office before the dam burst. How did her father even find out she was seeing Abe? They’d kept it from him for six months, and now he suddenly knows.

Her steps slowed. Or did he know all along? Did he only allow it so she could enjoy herself for a little while? That seemed like something her father would do. Why did it matter now? Was something going on she didn’t know about? Was he really going to hurt Abe regardless?

The tears came instantly, like a steady stream, then without warning, into a rough current. Even if she wanted to stop them, she couldn’t. Deep, retching sobs echoed around the quiet house. She couldn’t let her father hear. She wanted to hate him so badly.

Running outside, through the gardens in the backyard, she sank to the ground in front of the wrought iron bench her father had made for her mother before she passed away when she was a little girl. He had such love for her mother. Why did his love have to be so cruel with her? How could he take her only one true love away from her?

She didn’t want to let Abe go. She wasn’t even sure she could…no matter what her father said.

Her heavy cries ricocheted around the gardens. Who knew tears could burn? Like hot lava pouring in a steady stream down her face. The pain was so unbearable. She didn’t know how she would explain any of this to Abe.

Almost like a faucet, the tears stopped.


Would her father hurt him without giving her a chance to say goodbye? She had a sick feeling something else was going on and her father planned to hurt him despite everything he said.

Standing up, wiping the tearstains away, she straightened her spine and her heart. She needed to be strong. For herself. For Abe.

What she was about to do wouldn’t be easy.


Eek! I hope you enjoyed this weeks flash. And now for the surprise! Drum roll, please…

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