Flash Time!

So this may be the last we see of Kyle and Junelle for awhile. I did make it a happy one, just for Princess Jane, like she requested. *smiles* (Psst…Kyle and Junelle just might get their own book. I’m seriously starting to love them and want to fill in all the little pieces to their story.)

Without further ado…

Prompt: If that’s the case…

A dribble of coffee spilled down her chin as a loud knock rang throughout. Junelle wiped away the warm liquid, set her mug down and sighed heavily. Whoever was at the door didn’t sound happy.

Angry? Impatient?

She wasn’t quite sure how to rate the knock. All she knew was it didn’t sound like a knock she should answer.

A quick glance through the peephole and she knew she wouldn’t be answering the door. No way.

“June Bug, please…you left the party last night before…I just want to talk.” Kyle’s voice filtered through the door as did the anguish and sadness that mingled with his words.

Hesitating, her hand moved toward the knob and hovered.

She couldn’t let him in. Not after the way he broke her heart.

I didn’t break your heart. You broke mine.

That’s what he said. How did she break his? That isn’t the way she remembered anything.

A soft thump sounded, almost as if he rested his head against the door. His sweet voice floated to her. “Please, June Bug. I know you’re in there. Let’s talk…I’ve missed you.”

His forceful knocks did nothing like his soft, tender voice that spoke of such agony did.

She opened the door.

He stumbled inside into her arms, making her assumption correct. His head had been resting on the door.

Pulling her closer, he buried his face in the crook of her neck and placed a light kiss to the spot she always craved for. She sighed, contentment filling her aching heart. His touch always managed to make her feel better. It didn’t even matter he was the one who hurt her.

“Five years…is a damn long time to be away from you,” he whispered, still holding her deathly close.

Her arms slowly wrapped around him. She suddenly never wanted him to let go. Ever.

“Then why’d you leave?”

He lifted his head and grasped her cheeks gently. His thumbs slowly delivered tender strokes, drying away her tears she hadn’t realized had been falling.

“Because I’m a Goddamn idiot.” He kissed her lips. “And because I wanted you to be safe. I will remind you once again, you walked out that night. When I woke up and saw that you left…I thought I lost you. It seemed easier to just leave town instead of groveling and begging you to see how much I loved you.” He grabbed her face harder, yet with a gentleness that made her knees almost buckle. “June Bug, I’ve never stopped loving you. Everything that happened back then…there were things I couldn’t talk about. My job…”

She brushed her fingers over his mouth when he stopped speaking. Light, feathery kisses touched each finger. “I left that night because I was scared. I wanted to believe…no, I did believe that you didn’t sleep with that woman. But I was scared because I knew you were still holding something back. I was scared you didn’t care enough to tell me.”

His lips curled into that delicious grin of his. “Everything I do—did—is because I love you so much. I was holding back, but only to keep you safe. Undercover work is—”

She stopped his words with a touch of her hand to his mouth again. “Five years is a long time to be away from you.”

He slowly backed her up to the wall, crushing her body to his in all the right places. “I have to agree with those words. I couldn’t have said it better myself.”

Chuckling, she wove her fingers through his hair. “I think we have a lot to talk about.”

Kyle kissed her cheek and made a small path to her lips, kissing her intensely before pulling away. “I agree. We can do all the talking you want. As long as you’re in my arms while we do it.”

Grinning from ear to ear, she stroked her hands down his face to his chest to the top button of his shirt. “If that’s the case…” After unbuttoning his shirt, her hands slid down his chest, soaking up the way he shivered in her arms. “We should talk without these nasty barriers in the way. Five years…”

Kyle, like a panther on the prowl, scooped her into his arms without warning. “It’s been five years for me too, June Bug. You’ve always been the only one for me. You’ll always be the only one for me.”


I hope you enjoyed Kyle and Junelle:) ❤

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