#Flashfiction Day!

Yay! Another week finally passed. I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting for it to come around. I have been getting some requests to continue on with Junelle and Kyle, so that’s what you’re gonna get:) *smiles*

This was a little hard this week. Especially trying to come up with a way to show what transpired between them five years ago to break up. Just be warned. Nothing is ever what it seems….

*Prompt ~ Aww! You’re so cute when you…*


(Still in the past five years ago…)

Oh my.

The last month had been wonderful.


Not just wonderful. Fantastic. Spectacular. The best month of her entire life.

Her and Kyle had been inseparable. Mostly. Her brother had been around a few times and neither of them were quite comfortable sharing the news they were together.


She still couldn’t get over that. Her birthday, when he kissed her for the first time, was a memory she knew she’d never forget. Ever.

His touch. So sweet. So soft.

They hadn’t quite gone all the way yet. She was ready. She was positive he was ready. But something was holding him back. Every time it seemed like it was about to happen, he stopped. Backed away. Threw that charming grin of his at her and said, “It’s gotta be special. The time has to be right.”

Well, when would that be? That’s what she wanted to know.

Maybe it’s because they’d only been together for a month. Maybe he was treating her like a woman he just met instead of someone he’d known almost his entire life. Maybe he was nervous.

Maybe he didn’t want to sleep with her.

No. That wasn’t true.

His hands. His touch. His words. They all painted a picture that said he cared. Perhaps even that he loved her.

She hoped so anyway because she had loved him for so long she couldn’t even remember the exact moment she fell in love.

There was no point in pushing him or pressuring him. When Kyle got something stuck in his mind, there was no changing it. Stubborn.

But, oh so darn cute.

She’d wait. Not that she had a choice in the matter. She would patiently wait because he was worth the wait.

Truly worth it.

He’d be her first. That’s how much he meant to her. How much she loved him. She had never slept with a guy before. Always hoped Kyle would be the one. Lucky her, he would be.

“Thanks, Barney. You’re the best.” Junelle smiled at the best barista ever. She always came to the same coffee shop to get her coffee. And she always tried to come when she knew Barney would be working.

He winked. “Only the best for the sweetest woman I know.”

Chuckling, she waved and headed out the door.

She had about an hour before her afternoon class. She wasn’t too hungry, but perhaps she’d stop by Finnegan’s and grab one of their sandwiches. Oh, and they made the best sandwiches in the world.

Yeah, she’d do that and then head to class.

Her steps slowed as she neared the corner.


It couldn’t be.

He wouldn’t.

Yet, he was.

Slowly, she started to walk. Then the anger consumed her. How dare he!

“Kyle, what a surprise?” Junelle said in the sweetest tone she could manage, which was pretty darn sweet if anyone would’ve asked her.

Kyle turned around and dropped his hand that had been around the red head’s waist. “June Bug?”

“Aww! You’re so cute when you act surprised. This explains everything.” Junelle smiled sweetly.

Then, with a quick twist of her wrist, she took the cover off her coffee cup and tossed the contents at him.

“June Bug, wait!” Kyle shouted as he first jumped back from the coffee hitting him squarely in the chest, then rushed after her.


Who did he think he was? She wasn’t waiting on him for anything.

No sex. She got it now. Why would he want her when he clearly already had a beautiful woman?

And that red head had been gorgeous, the way her hair swept around her shoulders, the dress skin tight to her body showing all her delicious curves.

No. She wouldn’t think about it. Any of it.

“June Bugβ€””

She tore his hand off her arm. “Don’t talk to me. Don’t call me. Just don’t. I’d hate to have to tell Jason.”

His face became hard. “I don’t even get a chance to explain. That’s not right.”

“Neither was your arm around another woman.”

Looking guilty, he glanced behind him and then back at her. “I need to explain. I can’t right now, but later. Later we’ll talk.” He stepped forward and grabbed her arm. Gently, but still firmly. “We will talk. Go ahead and tell your brother. But nothing what you saw is what it seems.”


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