Fun times ahead…

Eek! You know what I just realized today? It’s only a week away until two amazing events start! Woo hoo! Book sale events are always so much fun!!!

On July 1st, a super duper fun event with Support Indie Authors is going on. One day only sale! The #SIAFBB Beach Reads Title Wave will have 75 free & discounted books to choose from. Say what?! That’s a lot of books you need to have.

And you know what else #SIAFBB will be having that day, a super fun Facebook event featuring some of the authors offering free & discounted books. Make sure to mark your calendars!

Check out the SIAFBB Facebook event here!

The other awesome event going on the same weekend is the Summer Sizzling Reads with Love Indie Romance. Get a great selection of free & discounted romance reads on July 1st and July 2nd. A wonderful two day event!

They will also be hosting a fun Facebook event with some of the authors featured in the book sale in their Facebook Group, so join today!

Check out their Facebook Group right here!

I’m pretty excited about these two events. I bet you’re wondering what books I’ll be offering. Eek! Okay, I’ll tell you!!

One Taste of You (Book 1) will be free, and One Taste of Love (Book 2) will only be $.99! Awesome, right?! And hey, don’t forget that One Taste of Crazy (Book 3) is on pre-order right now for only $.99! That’s the entire series for only $1.98. Woo hoo!

I’ll also have Sunrise Awakening for free, and Sunset Darkening only $.99!

It’s gonna be a great weekend filled with fun, sales, and books, books, books! Doesn’t get any better than that. Save the dates and come join the fun!

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