Gimme more…Okay! Flash time

This week had to be one of the fastest weeks I’ve had in a while. But that’s okay because you know what that means…it’s flash fiction time! And I’m giving you more of Kyle. *smiles*

Prompt: Little did he know…


Present time

A hand obstructed his view as a cold bottle of beer took its place. The tiny sprinkles of water running down the sides gave him a memory he normally reserved for when he was alone. In bed. No one else around to see his misery.

The delicious memory of holding her against the shower wall. The way she clung to him, almost desperately.

Just one of the many memories he tortured himself with.

And reliving moments about Junelle didn’t help him whatsoever.

“You gonna grab the damn thing or what?”

Kyle looked at Jason, grabbed the beer and took a long chug. It went down hollow, just like his heart felt. At least his view was back in focus. He could clearly see his June Bug across the yard mingling with people. Way across the yard. Far, far away. Clearly ignoring him, that’s for sure.

“What’s the deal between you two? She was totally pissed when I said I invited you. What happened?” Jason relaxed in the chair next to him, legs stretched out.

Kyle shrugged.

What could he honestly say to that?

A lot of things happened.

He fell in love.

He made love to the one woman he would always want.

He walked away.

He had accused her of walking away, but he did too. He should’ve stayed and fought for her. He could’ve kept her safe and showed her how much he truly cared instead of running.

Because that’s exactly what he did.

Ran. Like a scared little child.

He still wanted to run.

“Shit, dude. Give me more than a simple shrug. Clearly, something happened between you two. Is whatever happened the reason you up and ditched town for five Goddamn years? Do you know how hard it was to find you? Tell me what the hell is going on.”

Kyle turned to Jason, the pain written on his face.

Could Jason see the real reason? Could he see the pain of losing Junelle? Of still not having her as his?

He shrugged again. “Shit happened. It’s kinda hard to explain.”

One brow slowly inched up. “Try to explain. I’m sure I’ll understand.”

Kyle’s eyes beamed to Junelle. Her beautiful smile as she laughed at something her aunt said, lifted his heart for a brief moment.

Little did he know that it wasn’t something easily explained. Jason would kill him if he knew he took his sister’s virginity and then walked away. That he broke his sister’s heart. In the same way she broke his.

Little did he know.

Kyle shrugged. “I think I need another beer.”

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