#gimmethatwordtoday: Believe


“I’m here to work. Plus, she doesn’t seem to care that I’m not over by her. What’s her relationship with Travis?”

Ryan took another sip before responding. “I don’t believe there is one. She’s close to the family. That’s all.”

“Looked to me there was a lot more than being close to the family.”

“Well, if you’re not looking for a woman, especially Sarafina, why do you care?”

Dax tore his eyes away from her, not caring where he directed his stare, as long as it wasn’t on her. “I don’t care.”

From The Danger With Love


When the Tooth Fairy comes. Let me tell you, the Tooth Fairy that comes around here always has issues. *chuckles* Twice now, they couldn’t find the tooth, yet put the money under the pillow. My daughter wakes up the next morning, finding her money AND her tooth. “Mom, the Tooth fairy forgot my tooth.” Me: “Oh, I’ll make sure the Tooth Fairy gets it. Must’ve been a busy night.”

My daughter is losing her baby teeth left and right. Just this week, the Tooth Fairy had to visit again. She woke up and started to eat breakfast, and I looked at my husband, “Crap, did the Tooth Fairy come?” Needless to say, the Tooth Fairy slipped into her room while she ate breakfast.

Sure hope the Tooth Fairy starts to get their crap together. *laughs*

Oh, and you do believe in the Tooth Fairy, right? Just like Santa Claus. Love that jolly guy!


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