#gimmethatwordtoday: Blink


His pants tightened as he moved around the booth one more time. Inappropriate thoughts of a woman he barely knew. And she loved Christmas. Huge, blinking, warning sign right there. He had no time for a woman, especially one that enjoyed Christmas. How in the world could he continue faking his enjoyment for the holiday when her enthusiasm lit up the room?

From Merry Me


When I’m trying to put my little guy for a nap/bedtime. Have you ever witnessed the ‘slow-blink’? Let me tell you what that is in case you never have. It’s where the eyes slowly close, you think, ‘good, he’s finally going down for the count’, and suddenly, his eyes pop open again. And let me tell you, my son has the biggest, brightest eyes ever! They are so watchful, curious, and beautiful. I love looking at them. ♥ But, boy, he gets me every time with that slow-blink. On occasion, he’ll even throw in a smile, like, “Psych! Gotcha, Mom.” lol.


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