#gimmethatwordtoday: Laugh

I really wanted to use the word exhausted today, because after a fun-filled weekend of baseball, beach, and alone time with my husband, I’m exhausted! The sun sure wears you out so easily, but oh, the fun we had! And the best part, the Twins won 13-0!!!! Such an awesome game. But anyhoos, on to the actual #gimmethatwordtoday. I give you…


While the pain of standing for nearly an hour next to such drool-worthy heaven, her face almost frozen in a smile, it had been a glorious time. Dax had whispered constantly into her ear, saying silly nonsense that made her want to laugh with a snort attached to it. He could say the most outrageous things that normally wouldn’t sound humorous from anyone else. It had to be the way it left his mouth in such a hot, erotic whisper, his warm breath tickling down her body as each word caressed her.

From The Danger With Love


When I’m making supper and listening to Pandora while cooking. My six-year-old comes into the kitchen as “Shut Up and Dance” by Walk The Moon starts to play. My husband is also with us, and when it comes to the chorus, she shakes her head and says, “That’s not very nice. That makes no sense to walk up and tell someone to shut up and just dance. That’s very rude.” My husband and I couldn’t help but laugh because she’s so right. We told her that we agreed with her. It is very rude to tell someone to shut up. And in our house, that’s a “bad” word. We don’t tell someone to shut up. While I do like the song because it’s fun and catchy, I do love that my daughter knows and understands it’s not very nice to tell someone to shut up. My day has been made. 🙂

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