#gimmethatwordtoday: Tampon

Wow! It’s been a long time since I’ve done #gimmethatwordtoday! I actually checked and it’s been since May 27, 2017. But I have a super funny story that happened yesterday and it reminded me of this. So here we go… (And Psst…I haven’t ever used this word in any of my books, but the short scene I picked kinda goes with it. lol)


“What’s bothering you?”

“Nothing. I swear.” Giving a small laugh, she decided she needed to throw him off a bit. Letting him know the real reason, or to continue to dig for the real reason was inexcusable. Dangerous. “I think that time of the month is coming. You know how women get.”

Surprised and slightly taken aback, he turned a little red and looked away. “Right. Are you sure you’re up for brunch?”

“I haven’t eaten, so, yes. Let’s go.” Pasting on a smile that didn’t reach her eyes, she looped her hand through his arm and steered him out of her bedroom.

From The Danger With Love


My seven year old daughter and I went to Target yesterday, and when we parked, I opened the door for her, and as she stepped out she saw something on the ground. Pointing at it, she asks, “What’s that, mom?” I turn and look down and just wanted to burst out laughing. “It’s a tampon.” (And thankfully this was not a used tampon or anything, but it was out of its package.) We started walking to the entrance of the store and she asks, “What’s a tampon?” Cue embarrassment and a talk I don’t wanna have yet! Seriously!!! “It’s a feminine product that you’ll need when you get older, but you don’t have to worry about it yet.” She looks at me…”What do you do with it?” I just couldn’t continue the conversation! *dies laughing* “Honestly, nothing for you to worry about yet. Trust me when I say that.” And we commenced to do our shopping with no more talk about tampons! OMG! Obviously a conversation we’ll have to have eventually, but right now…no thanks!

Hope you’re having a beautiful Wednesday! ♥


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