#gimmethatwordtoday: Vacuum


With the extra time off from work, she even stopped at Wacky Wowza’s. She had braved the sex aisle all by herself, purchasing a few items that she thought Elliot would enjoy. She could already see his expression, which instantly sent her body tingling with flames of desire. She needed him here. Now.

Except she still had to wait.

She shut the vacuum off and stood in the middle of the living room.


Maybe she’d bake a pie for tomorrow’s get-together. She just needed everything to be perfect. Elliot deserved the best. He always treated her that way. She wanted to reciprocate.

From Merry Me


When I cleaned the house from top to bottom, almost like a spring cleaning frenzy. My oldest daughter turns 7 this Friday and her party is on Saturday. So yeah, gotta clean the house. Which brings me to the word of the day…vacuum. Honest answer now. *looks around with a stern glare* How many times do you try to vacuum up something that would take you less time to just pick the damn thing up? *chuckles* Seriously? Serious question here. I was in our craft room, yeah I totally named it that because that’s what it is *grins*, and there were little pieces of paper on the floor from one of the girls’ projects they made. That vacuum just didn’t want to pick it up, but I was stubborn, wanting the vacuum to just suck it up! I won, by the way. *smiles wide*

So, tell me, how many times do run over something with a vacuum before you try to pick it up? Okay, I confess, I had to pick up a dry piece of play-doh that the vacuum refused to take. I swear I tried at least ten times before I got annoyed. hahaha.

Oh, and vacuum is such a strange word. I like it just because it has such a funny spelling, and because I used it in one of my novels. Just the one, too, I believe. *chuckles*


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