So, I’ve tried to do this several times since I first started writing, marketing, and all that fine jazz…my word of the day where I give you a word, like sweet, and use it from my book and also give you an example of something that happened in my life. I either use the word itself or the meaning of it somehow with the example. It’s just something fun I like to do. However, I always seem to slack on it and eventually stop doing it all together. Well, the third times the charm, right? Right? hahaha. I’m gonna try doing it one more time and stick with it. Although, I will pre-warn you now that it probably won’t be every day. That’s why I’ve named it #gimmethatwordtoday! Let’s start with today!



“Franklin has always been the creepy cousin. He looks at me like a piece of meat and it unnerves me every time. I’ve never liked him. And he’s a criminal.”

That perked Dax up. Don’t get excited. But damn if he couldn’t help it. Still earning the title of an asshole. He needed to coax more out of her.

“Criminal? What do you mean?”

From The Danger With Love


When I’m excited for this weekend!!! My husband and I are going to our first spring training game. Boston Red Sox vs Minnesota Twins. Go Twins!!!! Can you see my excitement? I could probably add a few more !!!! of these just to show you how excited I am. *chuckles*



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