Happy Mother’s Day…sale!

Ah, Mother’s Day. What a beautiful day to celebrate, although, I enjoy celebrating being a mother every single day. Just a sweet smile from any one of my kids is celebration to me. Each one is my world and I feel blessed to have three wonderful kids, crazy times and all. *chuckles*

I’ve been on this awesome ride of publishing for two years now. Like, what?! It’s really been that long! lol. Each day, I look forward to the next, to writing a story that hopefully touches your heart as it touches mine. The first book I ever published was Protecting You, but it was the second book I wrote. I love all my books, as if they were my children. It makes it hard to have a favorite. Because I love each one of my children so much. (Real and bookwise…*chuckles*) This week, though, Protecting You and Trust in Love are rocking my favorite boat. They recently had a facelift, getting new book covers. I had such sweet and positive comments about them, so thank you! In honor of Mother’s Day, and to the first baby I published, both books in the McCord Series will be only $.99!

(From 5/9/17 – 5/15/17)

Happy reading & Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful, wonderful mother’s out there!



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